Sunday, August 13, 2006

Angry and Soon to be Unemployed Olmert Days 32 & 33

13 hours to go until the promised ceasefire.

Just over a month ago, a man by the name of Ehutzpanim Olmert declared war on Lebanon to send it back 20 years, to free 2 Israeli soldiers, and to destroy Hezbollah.

Instead he earned himself war criminal credentials, strengthened Hezbollah considerably, and caused damage to the Israeli army image that not even 20 years would fix. Not a very successful war, is it?

A couple of hours ago, Israeli F-16's bombed the hell out of another Beirut suburbs neighborhood. 11 high rise buildings were reduced to rubble. The scene is repeated throughout the country in a "final?" muscle flexing show of Israel's ability to destroy stuff and kill civilians. Bravo! Now someone throw Olmert a cookie, since he failed to earn a trophy or even a medal.

P.S. I want to point out that quote attributed to me in today's New York Times is a cut and paste job of different things I said during our conversation re-arranged conveniently out of context to make it "fit to print."


Zanzounito said...


I can't seem to find the article with your blog in it.

Would you send a link?

Kodder said...

I am starting to get worried(NOT) there is an importat person missing...
waynoooo? waynooo ma houwa el "i7tilal"? ayna houwa?
shoo awlkon? safa2oo? taradoo?

eli said...

Jamal, you can call Olmert a war criminal until you're blue in the lips – this alone will not make him a war criminal. I was never an Olmert aficionado or voted for him – so this makes me "kind of" objective. But do you honestly believe that a court will find him guilty? Just out of the context of this bloody war? Mind you that a war crimes court is not (hopefully) the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva which is governed by radical Arab countries. I dare you to sue and let's see.

One last thing, my dear Jamal. You remarked that IDF casualties are always confirmed between 2 and 3 am local time so that reports are buried into the back pages by the time the sun rises. Let me tell you that it was always a rule to notify the families first, before casualties are announced. Rest assured that by the time the sun rises the front pages of the morning papers carry all names and photos. So please stop dancing on the blood, my friend Jamal – this is much below your league.

And let's pray that your idol Nasrallah keeps the letter and spirit of the ceasefire resolution; otherwise the past 32 days will probably seem like a picnic.

Kodder said...

70 years...

FGA said...

Great posts Jamal. You deserve a pulitzer!!

Indeed, Omlertini-wini will be out of a job soon. Isrealis certainly deserve a more balanced leader.

Sikeen said...

By the way. Comment Joel is famous gun crusader.
Joel wears gun.
Joel wants everyone wear guns.
Joel is Joel Rosenberg.

Eve said...

badna 7ada yzalghetlo kamein la olmert afandi.

Nightstudies said...

So please stop dancing on the blood, my friend Jamal – this is much below your league.

No, "below his league" is precisely what it isn't.

xerajaldo said...

eli wrote:
> [...] the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva which is
> governed by radical Arab countries.


You drones never seize to amaze me.

al said...

Angry and Soon to be irrelevant Jamal
Granted, Israel did not do its best neither militarily nor politically. Granted, Olmert did not predict situation clearly. Did you?
Just over a month ago, a man by the name of Jamal wrote:
“Olmert is promising more hell, but I think it's just hot air.
Hezbollah did their thing in the morning and and then sat back and watched . Israel hit roads and nothing else.
Because any further escalation would give Hezbollah the right (per the April 1996 Agreement) to hit back.”
At least both of you, Olmert and you, Jamal, were wrong.
Let us look at the results of the war, which is far from over yet, by the way:
30 000 IDF troops surrounded HEZ on the Lebanon’s territory( better late than never).
Lebanon is ruined ( unfortunate but logical repercussions for starting an aggression)
Lebanon’s army is nowhere to be found during entire war, neither disarming HEZ (inability to do which caused entire conflict) nor defending country against Israel( what any real army in any real country would do).
Lebanon’s government is trying to extort Sheba farms from Israel for Syria and child killer Shamir Quntar for HEZ . Head of the government is crying like a woman and does not give a damn about citizens in the same time.
So let us conclude: you have no army, you have no government, you have no infrastructure. HEZ , who are puppets of Iran and Syria, are using you as puppets for themselves and you are still convinced that you all are HEZBOLLA?
I did not have a good opinion about Israel before this conflict started anyway but I am amazed how low Lebanon went in this conflict morally.
What amazes me is that you still do not admit your share of responsibilities for this horrific event. None!!
What are you celebrating anyway?
You are mentioned in NYT? Was loosing your country worth it? During this war, you produced no single original thought in your blog, you are an interesting feature in the context of this conflict. Your input in the resolution of this conflict is zero. Unlike many other Lebanese and Israeli bloggers, who were trying to think through the situation objectively, you verbalized your hatred and your inability to think. I am sorry for everything you had to go through, but do you still think that you, Lebanese, have no share of responsibility for what happened?
About military results of the war: again, it is far from over yet, I would agree that Israel did its worst, in the meantime HEZ did its best. Know this: Israel under no circumstances can do worse than that. Next government of Israel will be no longer thinking of giving away lands for “ peace” and will think militarily, as it always did. Hezbollah, if it will try again to do anything, will be vaporized together with country it will use as a launch pad. I have no doubts you will celebrate your “victory.” No wonder, you still celebrate Yom Kipur war as a victory! For you guys, everything where you survive is a victory. If you think it is a victory, would you like to be victorious like this every other year?

hillz said...

جمال ين المقال؟
عنوان معقول . بس كان لازم تقول : أولمرت: رجل التنظيفات" بما إنن عم ينضفو هلأ.

أو خلينا دقيقين. عم يحاولو ينضفو بما إنو كل يوم بيوطى سقف أهدافن

hillz said...

Iy's not hizbollah. it is KHEEZZBOLLAH.

as u r expert in "islamic terrorsim". oh.. let's stick to bush's new phrase..

roo7o shoofo blog "al". bi7alleh w bisalleh w bi6a3meh el7mar..
yonsa7 bitanawol 7abbat daghot qabl eddokhool w 7abbeh ta7t ellsei ba3d elkhroog.. min elblog.

andy12489 said...

hilal and your esteemed point is?

حزب الله
"Party of God"

whatever u call it is still a terrorist organization and as such if they all die tomorrow more intelligent people will be happy then sad

It may even provide a start for the peace in Middle East.

Have a nice day.


eli said...

hillz said...

calm down intellectual-andy.. and continue ur "calm" day

andy12489 said...

hey hilal

none of your business if I am intellectual or not. U know (or maybe not) that here in the West it is one man (woman) one vote. If you are PhD or high school dropout - same thing. One vote. If u make $10 million / year or $10 /year same thing, one vote.

Oh and when u actually have something to say please be a man - likely not a woman huh?

Please do not waste my - or this blog readers' time with irrelevant postings. I and only I decide when I get really angry and really calm. That is what we do in the civilized West.

Maybe that was Arab custom in 1300's when actually there was some intelligentsia in Middle East, too. But if it ever was it is gone now - same as any sign of sanity in the Middle East. Except for Israel of course but I'd agree with Jamal that Ehud is a wrong guy for the job. I just wish Arik could have ran this war, Mr. MoHamHead - Iranian President - sorry for incorrect spelling - would have a fit. I am sure he is not happy right now as his external Army (Hezbollah for those of you with same intelligence as our friend hilal) lost at least half of the rockets Iran paid soo much to give them..

Now - please give me a coherent reply - or go f*k yourself and get out of my life 4 ever, ok? PLEASE.


PS Yes I can be more polite but I sense it makes no sense. In a way, brutes do not really hear polite dissent, do they?

PPS Hey I said PLEASE.