Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Angry Olmert Days 28 & 29

The war rages on with no end or gas in sight. At this pace, sometime next week I'll have to start blogging using smoke signals.

Speaking of smoke, we have not even began to grasp the extent of lives that will be cut short by Israel's war crimes against Lebanon. When the dust and the other venomous substances in our air settle, the disease outbreaks will begin. With one million people living in places that are not meant to be human homes, we're going to have the normal airborne contagious diseases spreading widely. Medicine shortages caused by the Israeli enforced embargo will surely affect more than few people with chronic diseases, not to mention those in villages where roads have been erased off the map.

All that is before we go into the crazy scientist experiments being conducted on us. In all fairness though, Hezbollah fighters are using biological weapons too. Anyone who has tried Kibbeh Nayyeh Jnoubiyyeh knows what I'm talking about. The Israelis in their Merkavas expected a breeze instead they are ill sailing against a mighty wind.

Finally, on the subject of stinkers, the Israelis switched commanders for their war on Lebanon. I can't wait for my Israeli visitors to explain to me how this move is a sign that things are going according to plan.


Joel said...

Well, if you don't mind getting facts wrong, the IDF "switched" commanders. The truth is different.

Over in reality, the Deputy Chief of Staff was sent north to "augment" the Northern Commander. That could mean anything from sidelining (but not relieving) Udi Adam (most likely) to having him handle part of the front, while Kaplinsky handles the other. And much of it probably has to do with Olmert finally having decided that Adam was right: that hitting Hezbollah harder and driving further north was always necessary.

Most significantly: this "augmentation" of Adam, who had been arguing for a more aggressive strategy (but not, a la Ariel Sharon in his salad days, simply engaging in a more aggressive strategy on the grounds that with success comes forgiveness) coincides with the war cabinet approving what appears to be the more aggressive strategy that Adam has been arguing for.

With the Lebanese and their other Arab friends helpfully stalling a ceasefire resolution from the UN, this means that by the time any such hold-in-place happens, the IDF should be at the Litani.

Which, as some have argued, either was or should have been the plan initially -- much easier to play RidORat in the south when Hezbollah's cut off from reinforcements and retreat.

That said, there is at least a little to be said for having delayed almost as long; those noncombatant Lebanese who have fled the south have vastly diminished Hezbollah's stockpiles of human body armor.

Stay safe, please. While I know that folks are still enjoying their seaside coffee in the non-Hezbollah sections of Beirut, that may not last indefinitely.

Shabber said...

Can someone send me at, the full transcript of the speech by hassan nasrallah. Apparently I can't access the moqawama site, they ussually have it there.

Kind regards.

Ronen said...

Well Jamal - as per your question - the new orders are very simple - to take over the entire south until the Lytani river and annihilate all HA terrorists.

So Jamal - don't forget to thank Hassan tonight for bringing back the peace and the pride to your country.


ibn nagrela said...

ya 'new command.' perhaps idf should clone the dust of ben gurion. or undo the coma of sharon. assad is licking his chops. he could open another front. laf should join hizbollah now. egypt and jordan are watching very closely. regime suruval trumps peace agreements. plus, what does pan-arabism mean if you are not fighting zionist genocidal expansion? idf firepower is unsurpassed. but idf manpower is weaker than ever before. fight them. fight them hand to hand. fight and win. let us all join the fight. now.

today from irib -
At least fifteen Zionist soldiers were killed or wounded Wednesday when the regime's desperate army made a bungled attempt to advance in al-Qantrareh area south of Lebanon, Lebanese al-Minar TV network reported.

A heroic counter-attack by Hezbollah fighters forced the embattled soldiers to stick to the ground. A Merkawa modern tank was also destroyed in the fierce battle.

According to the source, the Zionist soldiers were trying to evacuate their wounded under the cover of heavy barrage. Al-Minar quoted sources within Hezbollah that four Merkawa tanks have already been destroyed since early Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah affirmed the its fighters are prepared for a prolonged war. Lebanese al-Nahar daily quoted sources within Hezbollah that unlike the allegations of the Zionist regime the missile capacity of the Lebanese resistance is untouched.

They asserted that the movement is capable of firing missiles even in night. "Hezbollah holds the intitiative. It decides how many missiles it should fire a day," they underlined.

Joel said...

ibn negrala: if you're going to join the fight, you'll understand that I won't wish you luck, but could you please offer my condolences, in advance, to your family and loved ones, if any?

I know that Hezbollah's ability, with huge tactical advantages and heavy deployment of human body armor (more civlized societies than yours would think of such human body armor as "children" and attempt to keep them out of harms' way) have, alas, resulted in only around 10 Hezbollards killed for every IDF soldier, but you're right -- that is 'way too few Hezbollards per soldier.

With much of the human body armor out of the Litani-and-south, do you think that the number of dead Hezbollards isn't going to rise?

But, by all means, count on rescue by the might PanArab armies, and the UN. How's that working out for you?

What is "Occupation" said...


leave now...


What is "Occupation" said...


syria's 500 aging russian tanks sitting in a static line will take about 14 minutes to take out...

much different that the rat holes that hezbollah has dug.

and yes, thanks to the syrian puppet aka the lebenese prime minister, france and the arab league for being stupid, yes all a zionist plot..

Kodder said...

7aram el israeliyeh ra7 yjinnoh...

hillz said...

جمال، الصبي خيفان عليك.. قلبو رْهَـيـِّف وَأي

Joel said...

To the last two posters: gesundheit.

To Jamal -- you've gotten good advice. At some point, Israel is going to have to start holding all of Lebanon responsible, and the point is probably no later than August 22nd.

Meanwhile, I trust it isn't news to you that there's 40,000 IDF soldiers about ready to move to the Litani. If Kaplinsky has taken Arik Sharon as a model, I don't think you'd want to count on them to necessarily stop there. (They probably will, mind you, but betting on it would be foolish.)

randah said...

3m yef2a3o kil ma ti7ko 3annon w ma 3m yefhamo shoo 3m bit2ooloo :)

"At some point, Israel is going to hold all of Lebanon responsible"
What is it doing now when it's dropping missiles all over the place? Oh wait: that's right, if you wanted to "delete" Lebanon you could, but you're just giving us Lebanese a chance to yield to your authority. You peace-lovers you!

August 22nd, eh?

Here's something hilarious from As'ad AbuKhalil about this date.

Dania said...

viva Hassan Nasrallah
viva Ahmadinijad
viva George Galloway
viva Hugo Chavez
viva Jamal Ghosn:)

Gunpowder Monk said...

until now, it has been proven that none of the sites attacked by israel have had any wepons in them, not a depot, not a warehouse, not a missile podium...nada...(how do you say "nothing" in hebrew?).

what this means is that none of the innocent civilans killed to date were used as "human shields"...

please get your facts straight.

Gunpowder Monk said...

by the way...why the hell does israel attack television aerials? is it afraid that the television stations are reporting something they don't want them to report?

and noe more thing...what would happen if hezbollah attacked a television aerial (not "station", but "aerial") in israel? Would it be considered a savage act?

Joel said...

The notion that the sites that have had secondary explosions -- watch the videos -- didn't have weapons in them is silly, Monk. What do you think the secondaries were? Babaganoush?

Ditto for the garage that was destroyed moments after the Hezzies drove their launcher into it.

Just two examples; there's more.

As to the fatalities, it's worth looking at some historical comparisons -- compare the Lebanese bodycount (including the Hezzies) in this to, say, Dresden. Compare the bodycount in Beirut to, say, Berlin.

As to the notion that Israel is dropping missiles "all over the place", I think you're about to see a dramatic difference in the south between what has been and what will be; I hope that Beirut doesn't see it. Look at where the destruction in Beirut has been -- and where it hasn't been.

Is there anything in the above that you don't understand?

Joel said...

And you're curious as to why Israel might want to take Arab agitprop and C&C off the air for a time? Get a clue.

Meanwhile, read the reports -- there's 40,000 IDF troops at the southern border; Lebanon's probably gotten a 48-hour reprieve.

Use it wisely.

Marwa said...

I admire your writing. If only though it weren't about Angry Olmert. Hang in there. Keep strong. Long live Lebanon.

eli said...
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eli said...

Sky News: "police had disrupted a plot to cause mass murder on an unimaginable scale - the culmination of a covert counter-terrorist operation lasting several months".,,30000-1230417,00.html

So the plan of these muslims was not related to the war in Lebanon, then…
Could it have been related to the fact that *SOME* Muslims just live to kill?

Kodder said...

Same as some israelies live to kill too.

eli said...

Kodder, right as you may be, these Israelis are repulsive to me and to many other Israelis. However HA belongs to the first Muslim category, and yet no one of you guys seem to be having a problem with that; particularly not your compatriot Jamal W. A. Hezbollah :-(

What is "Occupation" said...

the black rock of the kaaba has been bombed!

What is "Occupation" said...

Lebanon is dead...

it died the moment they allowed the shia to create a virus called hezbollah, now the walking dead iranians control lebanon.


What is "Occupation" said...


just in...

Near London's Regent's Park, the copper dome of a new mosque is burning above the treetops. Above a busy street in Almelo, The Netherlands, the shape of a minaret stands sharp against the sky, it too is on fire. And in Munich and Manchester, Copenhagen and Coventry, the new mosques have been bombed.

These mosques, and others being all under attack in other European cities, reflect the anger of the west at the Muslim presence in the West, but also a final straw between Christianity and Islam. In London, this morning the arrest of 21 moslems trying to blow up American airliners has sparked the backlash.

Millions of moslems are fleeing europe as their self emposed ghettos are burning. Riots have broken out in Sweden, Germany, France and Norway, hundreds of moslems have been burned alive in their houses.

Just a prediction....

hillz said...

ولو جمال ! من وين قانيه هيدا الأوكيوبايشن ..

eli said...

"The top U.N. humanitarian official criticized Israel and Hezbollah on Thursday for hindering aid agencies' access to trapped civilians in southern Lebanon"

Why Israel I understand; being the murderous little devil. But Hezbollah?? The protector and savior of Lebanon???

אוקיופיישן, אכלת משהו חריף? שאינך מפסיק לברבר אפילו לרגע

Dania said...

fi nes rason 3atool byi3kof..3am yitla2o el zabzabet ma3koofeh killa
the anger of the Israelis is totally understandable...can you imagine a small group which could not be more than a qaurter of their national army in size, with much less technology and arms, is still giving them the hardest time of their life!! unacceptable! maybe we should start going to Israel to help them out, just to have a fair fight.

sun of a beach said...

dear jamal,
again, i write u from my lair in west herziliya city, israHELL.
there is a big cancer that started to evolve in our area. the doctoros really try hard to eliminate it. that cancer has lots of metastasis. the big one is in your country-hizzbolllllla...
our best docotors, f-16i doctor, f-15 docotor, really tries...
yesterday i sat with my friend ami in the beach of herzelia. among us lots of hot babes. suddenly , 2 helicopters interrupt my serenity.
i thought to myself:" why god why... this cancer is killing us.. why... our special doctors- the helicopters went again to do special quick surgery to eliminate the metastasis. lebanon metastasis.
u need to escape quickly...
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until our doctors will clean all the metastasis. i hope it will be fast cause they need to work in iran. there are lots of bad bad metastasis. this big cancer will never stop. i know... this cancer is very violent. it can harm your total organs.
so jamal my "sachback" .
please please please come.
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Ronen said...

ibn nagrela - you are welcomed to join the fight. I'll be watching you - through my Barret's eyepiece....

Asad is more than welcomed to join - Its much better to fight against an army and not against a terrorist organization fighting a garilla war from within populater areas..

If Asad will join Israel will not only destroy his army this time - it will destroy damescus as the people of Israel demand

Kodder said...

ronen so you are showing that even you as a civilian has a barret eyepiece...
that says alot about a "peaceful" people.

eh randah 7aram hinne. lezim ns3edon...
bass feeneh i2tol "occupation" ?
ma byistehal y3eesh.
3a2bel shee sarookh yifla3o.

randah said...

Joel, what point are you trying to make when you say this:

"As to the fatalities, it's worth looking at some historical comparisons -- compare the Lebanese bodycount (including the Hezzies) in this to, say, Dresden. Compare the bodycount in Beirut to, say, Berlin."

So if the fatalities are not of World War caliber, they are not significant to you?

Did you see the 10-day-old baby that died in her mother's arms a few days ago? To me she alone is worth thousands of the likes of the israeli pilot who killed her. And all the other babies, they are worth a lot more.

To you, she is just a number, but to God, it's as if you have murdered the entire human race by killing an innocent soul.

"من قتل نفسا بغير نفس أو فساد في الأرض فكأنما قتل الناس جميعا ومن أحياها فكأنما أحيا الناس جميعا"

eh Kodder, when a Hizballah rocket wipes ronen out, he will be mourned as an "innocent civilian", just like the rest of the israeli innocent civilian soldiers.

Joel said...

randah, you're missing my point. It isn't that a small number of fatalities aren't important. One is.

It's horrible, and it's incomprehensible. Why did the mother tolerate being anywhere near the Hezbollah?

Why didn't she leave her husband if he wouldn't act like a man, and pick up a gun and kill the Hezbollard cowering next to her and her baby, using them like they were nothing more than human body armor, endangering them so that if the IDF hit him, he'd at least score a proganda victory.

What's happening in Lebanon is a tragedy, in the classical sense: the Lebanese sold their collective soul to the Hezbollah devil;, and they are getting a taste of hell. . . . including the children who didn't understand what their parents were agreeing to, and in many cases, enthusing over.

The notion that Israel is trying to up the Lebanese bodycount is, well, just plain silly. One plane, one bomb, on one crowded neighborhood in Beirut (absent the warning flyers) would have likely have racked up more than 1000 dead by itself.

You can argue that Israel should have blown up the Hezzies without killing so much as one innocent Lebanese, and I'll certainly agree that it would have been a nice idea.

But it wasn't going to happen.

And it's going to get worse, alas. The IDF is killing the Hezzies at about 10-to-1 in the south, apparently. That's too high -- hell, I think 1000 dead Hezzies for one dead Israeli is a good trade for the Hezzies -- and the public pressure in Israel isn't to let the Hezzies better employ their human body armor, but to handle them with firepower.

Hezbollah delenda est.

Kodder said...

7aram bi samouwon Hezzies
bta3rfo wa2et el wleed zghar ykhafo min shee? wo ahlon bi sammo el shaghleh el khayfeen minna ism ghinij?
el 3aw3aw, el bobie, el booboo, what ever...
nafess el shee hidoleh :P.

Joel said...

Gesundheit, kodder.

What is "Occupation" said...


please how can we make fun of you if you post in pig-arabic, your giberish wont even translate in google's arabic to english engine.

What is "Occupation" said...

Is it true? Medina is burning? I saw the photo....

Ronen said...

Kodder dear, as a reserve soldier I have, in my reserve army unit a barret.

By the way - can you elaborate on who was the peaceful organization who started this war by peacefully kidnapping two soldiers?

linalone said...

3ajbetne le3betkoun. Lezim ye3temdo hal lougha loughit moukhabarat. hehe.Yrou7o yfatcho bi kel el kwemisss...

Ronen said...

I almost forgot - I will be more than happy to hear the explanation on the new terrorists issue in the UK. Again and again Muslims prove that something has gone very wrong with them through the last couple of centuries - Islam is a nation of terror growing up and supporting terror everywhere in the world.

to be honest, I define myself today as a right wing politically, I was not like that at all. I supported the peace talks in Madrid, I supported Oslo agreements. Yet, somehow as years go by its getting obvious that the only way to get some peace and quite here in the Middle East is by using force. Druze people in Israel always said to us that the only language Arabs understand is the language of force - why is it that I am getting the feeling that the Druze are right?

Why the hell I couldn't almost find 3 Muslims who think that HA should be disarmed? how come people that see themselves as westerns agree to have a militia that is controlling vast parts of their country?

So dears, you can go on and support HA. You can admire Hassan the great. But once this war is done take a look at what you lost and what you gained with you approach towards HA.

and don't forget to thank Hassan, almost 1000 people are thanking him from the grave for starting this very patriotic, smart and just war....

Kodder said...

joel, occupation.. this a lebanese blog, we can talk how ever we want... you don't like it? go hang around israely blogs. oh I forgot you are hired to keep refreshing this blog.
Ronen... who is the peaceful country that keeps killing arabs and cross the blue line daily with its planes?
linalone, halla2 ra7 yjinno ma ra7 e7keh shee.. bass ra7 2ool asemiyon Ronen, Occupation, joel.
shoo fee keef ra7 yjinno halla2.
mish bass heik ra7 e7kee kteer, ra7 2ool ossit layla wool zi2ib wo 7ott asamiyon kill shway.

kein ya makein bi 2adim el zamein, "occupation" bint zghireh isma layla, ba3atita imma la 3ind sitta
la ta3teya ka3ek la2no sitta marida, Ronen.
Hiyeh wo ray7a 3al bayta ija zi2ib wo t7ashar fiya :P (heik shee ma bitzakkar keef el ossa). Joel, wouslit 3a beit sitta
wo fiteit 3al 2ooda kein el zi2ib akalla sitta wo libasla tyebah "Occupation", am sarit tis2alo as2illah 3an shar3ato wo iddeh, wo hajam 3laya
wo simi3 7attab sareekh wo si3ado wo 2as el zi2ib wo toul3eet sitta... Joel, Ronen, "occupation".
kinit hayde el ossa 3al saree3 ma3 kteer ikhtisarat, bass la jannin el isra2liyeh Joel, Ronen, "occupation"
nboosto wo tsallo.

357martini said...

Hezbollah must be like coke dealers in North America....nobody admits where or who they are .....until your neighbourhood is filled with junkies.

What is "Occupation" said...

are you on crack?

I aint hired by anyone... I am just a man, who is tired of arabs and islamists wanting to murder me...

and I am sorry I use this JEW and CHRISTIAN invention (computers, internet, browsers, integrated circuits, plastics etc) to express myself since i dont murder innocent children like hezbollah or the PLO or Hamas....

kodder, what does it feel like, to know the greatness of the arab mind that brought us a modern math, also brought the suicide bomber?

hillz said...

lol kodder,
7a moot min edde7ek ..

keef eshabeib: occupation, Ronen, Joel?

ahla ahla bishabeib e66aybeh.

shoo hayda? min wein deshreen hol: occupation w Ronen, Joel..

ya3neh allah ysei3dak! 7ameer 3am bina6en60 7awaleeik..

Kodder said...

7aram kholso el a3zar el 3indo "occupation"
ma ra7 ridd 3leih la inno hayda el baddo yeh.

What is "Occupation" said...

yep dont have the guts to speak a common language..


Fares said...

Israeli Arrogance and Bush latest Trick

Breaking the cycle of violence

RoxieAmerica said...

Please, may I offer to sift the fact from the fiction. Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization. They do not fit the United Nations definition of a terrorist organization, and the UN refused, when asked to list them as a terrorist organization. Hizbollah was birthed during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. It was birthed in resistance of the occupation of the land by a foreign power. This makes Hizbollah a resistance group, not a terrorist group.

I am not saying Hizbollah is the flower of perfection. Most resistance groups throughout history have not been flowers of perfection, but they have been praised by the nations for whom they fought. Remember the French Underground?

The "War on Terror," spawned by the Bush Administration is as successful as a war on drugs. The real far-right islamic fundamentalists who live to die have grown in numbers. The Bush Administration foreign policies have been a recruiting tool for such organizations.

The Bush Administrations "Democracy Building" has met with the following success. Palestine is a democracy, with Hamas in power. Now the Bush Administration won't talk to the democracy because a terror group is in power. Iraq is splitting apart and a new far-right Shiite government will most likely be in power soon. Lebanon is a democracy and Hizbollah has seats in the government, much to the dislike of Israel and the Bush Administration. One thing is obvious - The Bush Administration needs to give up democracy building - they don't quite have the nak for it.

Iran, a far-right islamic State has made progress with nuclear power while the Bush Administration was in power. North Korea expanded its nuclear program. Is the world any safer today than it was six years ago when the Bush Administration came to power?

American has the Eagle for the National symbol, but the way so many Americans eat from the spoon of one-sided news programs and fail to understand other cultures in the world, perhaps the ostridge would be more appropriate. American's tend to see the world though narrow eyes, then wonder why far-right islamic fundamentalists see the world though narrow eyes.

If violence solved terrorism, Palestine and Lebanon would be the most peaceful places on earth. They are not peaceful because decades of war have stopped terrorism. This is lesson of the past decades. The policy of "We do not negotiate with terrorists," has lead to continued terrorism, not less terrorism. How does one expect to make peace if they exclude one of the two parties making war?

While I am simply a lowely citizen, not a political scholar, not an elected official, simply a secretary, I do understand and can separate common sense from nonsense. Decades have been wasted on nonsense when it comes to dealing with Middle East issues. I disagree with the Bush Administration; I do NOT believe in a NEW Middle East. I believe the OLD PROBLEMS in the Middle East need to resolved instead of continuing to neglected.

randah said...

roxieamerica, thank you very much for your coherent and intelligent thoughts.

To Joel, you said:

"Why didn't she leave her husband if he wouldn't act like a man, and pick up a gun and kill the Hezbollard cowering next to her and her baby, using them like they were nothing more than human body armor, endangering them so that if the IDF hit him, he'd at least score a proganda victory."

There are so many things wrong with what you wrote. You need to seriously start to educate yourself about the history of this region, and about who the Lebanese people are, and how they live. You make ignorant and misinformed statements.

First, you have believed the "hiding behind civilians" lie to the point where you are imagining they are infact hiding in the peoples' homes among the babies and women.
I am Lebanese, from Beirut, I can tell you this:
(I insist that the people commenting here are at most 13 years old, or have the minds of 13 year olds)
Second, if you know anything about Lebanon and what it has gone through, you would know that suggesting something like "pick up a gun and kill" would spark a civil war, something that the Lebanese learned how to avoid. They learned it the hard way.

"The notion that Israel is trying to up the Lebanese bodycount is, well, just plain silly. One plane, one bomb, on one crowded neighborhood in Beirut (absent the warning flyers) would have likely have racked up more than 1000 dead by itself."
Again, read some history, try to find out how many Lebanese civilians have been killed by Israel, even before there was such a thing as Hizballah.
And it was not "one plane, one bomb". What about Baalbek? What about the very north Qaa??

I do agree with you on one thing though. Why doesn't the IDF keep its fight with Hizballah along the border, where all the fighters are? They admit they can't see them because they hide very well in the MOUNTAINS, where there are no civilians. In Haaretz, one israeli soldier described them as "ghosts coming out from everywhere". So, IDF's arrogance gets the best of them and they can't take that, so it goes after civlians. It's that simple.

We want that to stop. Why is that so hard?
Stop flying over the civilian population and murdering the ones who have nothing to do with this war. Won't you agree that is a very simple request?

Poul said...

>> Second, if you know anything about Lebanon and what it has gone through, you would know that suggesting something like "pick up a gun and kill" would spark a civil war, something that the Lebanese learned how to avoid. They learned it the hard way.

well, you should learn to avoid picking fights with israel now. think the lesson will sink eventually?

>>We want that to stop. Why is that so hard?
Stop flying over the civilian population and murdering the ones who have nothing to do with this war. Won't you agree that is a very simple request?

sure thing - return kidnapped israeli soldiers and stop firing missiles to israel. or, alternatively, make hizballah stop fighting from behind civilians - deny it as you wish, there are plenty of videos to prove that it happens all the time.

Won't you agree that is a very simple request?

vrai14mars said...

"I can't wait for my Israeli visitors to explain to me how this move is a sign that things are going according to plan." I am no Israeli and I don't think there was more than a generic plan (the type any organization maintains in case "something" happens) ... which may indicate that Hezbollah's excuse that this thing was going to happen anyway is simply lame and the stuff of their ongoing fraud against the Lebanese, Shia and otherwise.

By the way, I love your wit and I bumped into your site googling "[antoine Zahra" killer] because he is on TV right now and I thought his name was familiar to me from wartime. Wasn't he murdering people at some Amchit checkpoint? Could you please tell me more about him. Thanks.

happygames123 said...

جمال، الصبي خيفان عليك.. قلبو رْهَـيـِّف وَأي ..power leveling