Friday, August 04, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 24

I lost my internet connection, so I'm checking in from a smokey dungeon that happens to be conveniently equipped with Commodore 64s.

I have to get out of this place as soon as possible since the odor of this place is already invading my clothes, and with that showing better military offensive skills than Olmert's Elite. I can't exactly make it out, but I can tell it has a heavy dose of Marlboro and Gauloises, a few Gitanes and Winstons thrown in, and a hint of Hermel's finest.

Speaking of Hermel, that was the site of Olmert's massacre du jour but no one will care about those killed since they are mostly poor kurdish farmers. However, Olmert really pissed off the Saudis today by bombing the Casino du Liban road. Upon hearing the news Saud Al Faysal said he'll head to Beirut on Monday to work on immediate ceasefire.

I really need to get away from this cloud of cancer.

Heading straight to the shower.


What is "Occupation" said...

sorry to hear your conditions, with 230 rockets a day hitting civilians on purpose it too has it's hell like quality.

I guess if israel loses were to act the way hezbollah was you'd have 2,000 a day killed.

count yourself lucky you are not fighting the russians, french, spanish, turks, americans, indians, or the british..

your choice of enemy is quite amazing actually, do you think this conflict would have gone on this long with the 3 or 5th largest/strongest armies in the world?

just a thought

laila said...

kiss immo.


Zanzounito said...

hal kharrah mah yhel 3annak..

hillz said...

ya jamei3a..
kill ma 6awwalit kill ma 7a ymoot 3alam.
bas kill ma 6awwlit kill ma le3bo bil bernay6a w 3el2o bein ba3od..

w lok shoo ya jamal keef iltammo kil hala kharaweit hon?

ak6ar min ghaymit essaa6an elleh kint 2a3ed feeha.

mikealpha said...

No shaving cream, weight loss, then power interruptions and now a lost internet connection. Gosh this total war stuff sure is tough.

Good thing that genius Nazrallah is defending Lebanon so well. I imagine it's only a matter of time until he will have cleverly ceded all the land south of the Litani,sucked Israel up into the Bekka valley, and made the vast majority of his adherents homeless and destitute.

Eve said...

jamal's mighty connection is down? shu hal hakeh!

oh and toz bi olmert!

ropsucks said...

I am sure Al falafel from Saudi Arabia will give Olmert quite a dressing down, not. The Saudi monarchy is threatened by a strengthened Iranian theocracy with mad Nasrasshole running amock with his legions of crazed fanatics. Yeah that will be just great for the entire middle east. Let us not forget mini asshole Sadr in Iraq calling up his gang of murderers, thieves and religious nut bags in white drapes ready for their share of virgins. So spare me the poor Kurdish farmers as well as the rigimortis bodies of children held aloft for hours by varied propogandist's in the most ghoulish fashion. Hezbollah cares not a whit about Lebanese casualties, in fact their goal is to have more Lebanese innocents preferably children die so that they may manipulate a willing media. The Israelis have shown Lebanon much more mercy than they seem to deserve. Your weak and corrupt government are lackeys to the Iranians and until the people of Lebanon stand up to them then Nazrallah will be glad to lead you to your deaths.

hashem said...

I really feel bad for the Saudi Emirs....what will Lebanon mean to them without the casino and lm3amelteen?

eli said...

Nasrallah on TV: "…if they hit Beirut, we'll hit Tel Aviv…"
Israeli military source: "…if Tel Aviv is hit, Lebanon's whole infrastructure will be destroyed…"

I dread either possibility; Jamal "we're all Hezbollah", please do something :-(

Anonomous said...

If Lebanon's whole infrastructure is hit then how is hizbollah destroyed?

randah said...

hayda "occupation" il hay2a 2a3ed lail wara nhar eddem il computer 3m ya3mil refresh lal blog taba3 jamal mishen yred 3laih..
miskeen..heh heh

eli said...

Anonymous, I don’t have a clear answer to that. I guess this is intended to be a message that if a neighbouring country launches rockets at Tel Aviv it must bear the consequences.

This is a case where are no winners. Let's pray that it will not come to this; let's pray that it will all be over as soon as possible.

Kodder said...

randah... haydah occupation wa7ad min l 5000 israeliyeh yalleh shaghletton heke.
yfooto 3ala el internet wo ya3mlo mashikil wo y7awlo inno yfarjo inno 7aram hinne msekeen.
7aram ma 3am 7a3mlo shee, bass 3am ysi3do libnen min 7izib allah... 7aram...
(end of sarcasm)
eh kiss immo... nshallah yfoot sarookh btimmo wo yitla3 min tizzo.
bass lil assaf, ma ra7 ymoot la2anno manno insein.

Anonomous said...

If Lebanon's whole infrastructure is hit then that is a blow on the civillians...especially if theyre is not a clear answer! ... really it seems like it is almost all destruction 2 civillians in Lebanon! as theyre really hasn't been many reports on damage 2 Hizbollah!

padrino said...

One would think Lebanon's shelters would be non-smoking like in other so-called civilized countries.

It sure sucks that the Lebanon must rebuild once again.

Do the believers there ever wonder why they keep getting blitzed by what must, therefore, be the wrath of God? What else could it be to a true believer?

andy12489 said...

Hey sorry to hear about loss of your internet connection.

Just a thought: If IAF was as indiscriminate as our "friendly" Islamist murderers (Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaeda, Lashkar e-Toiba, Abu Sayyaf - just to name a few) there would no living soul south of Litani River and in whole Bekaa valley. And Beirut would look like Dresden in February 1945. Or Hiroshima. Or maybe worse.

Lebanon has to understand that she is either in bed with Hezbollah - and thus a legitimate target as per Geneva convention - or on side of freedom - but then Resolution 1559 would have been accomplished long time ago, right?

Look I visited in Beirut, and Bekaa valley few years back. People I dealt with in Lebanon were marvellous.

But were they majority? I don't know. I doubt it, but I do hope I am wrong.

What do you think would happen if Sheikh Nasrallah (may he die soon, or better yet be kidnapped by IDF) had a nuke and a delivery capability?

Would Tel Aviv still stand? And how about London or Paris?


Rebel said...

North Korea has nuke and they don't give a sh*t about the west, why aren't they using them?

Because they have it, so nobody can mess with them! If Nasrallah had it, Israel would think twice before attacking Lebanon. Nasrallah have nothing but Ak-47, and homemade rockets and that's why Israel can do whatever they want or can they? Seems like they on a free-roll on killing civilians and chokin hard on Ak-47s and homemade rockets...tsk tsk tsk*

P.S: If Hezbollah wanted, they could taken out approximately 1.55M Christians(39%, according to CIA factbook) living in Lebanon, but they did not, and they will not. I do not think they have anything against Christians but foreign governments who threatens them and are threatened by them. There are over 50 million Christians living on muslim lands.

andy12489 said...

Hey rebel - pls compare apples and oranges ok? Based on your comment I believe you should hit books and study before you actually try to put together a coherent sentence.

North Korea's goal is not to kill Jews. Yes it is a quagmire regime - I was there few years ago. But as soon as Chinese (PRC) decide that Pyong Yang is liability to them, the current regime and Dear Leader will be gone before you can say Hezbollah. Nukes or not.

And please do not give me this stupid crap about IAF atacking civilians. Hezzies violate basic Geneva convention rules (no uniforms, hiding among civilians, preventing civilians from fleeing areas IAF aanouced it would bomb). Why did Saudis, Egyptians - no friends of Israel - denounce Hezzies? Because they know that once Israel is demolished - it is their turn.

When u grow up (let us hope u do) u will find out that this is Iran - Israel war. Iran does not give a sh*t about Lebanese Christians right now, her #1 enemy is Israel. And Hezzies are Iran proxy (just aside I was fortunate enough to visit Bekaa Valley and thus had a chance to observe peace loving Hezzies firsthand back in 2001). Not a friendly bunch for sure.

And last - if u thikn that this is AK47 then I really do not know:

Oh and btw - for people with your amazing understanding of world affairs, I have this offer: to help you learn more, I can offer you a ticket to PyongYang (u have to go via Beijing) or to Beirut (via Tehran lol). No strings attached, but it is a one way ticket. Let me know Offer good for 3 months.

OK enough time, b4 making comments next time please make sure u know what u talking about. Save bandwidth :-)

Have a nice day

PS Am on the road next week, no replies to this post anymore. Thread closed.

PPS Where the f*k u get this amazing number of 50 million Christians living on "muslim lands"??? Maybe Darfur before friendly black Muslims decided ot kill all black non-Muslims? And since when is land defined by religion??? Is America protestant land and catholics, sikhs, jews, atheists, muslims, and others are "tolerated"? That is f*ing news to me.

It has indeed been a long time since I saw so much false/misleading/stupid info packed in one post. CONGRATS buddy.

Get a life. And education. PLEASE.

Ronen said...

very well spoken Andy. you expressed many of my thoughts that I am not able to express since my English is not so good. Thanks.

andy12489 said...

Ronen, my friend - command of English is irrevelant, it is all content no format as far as I am conncerned. u know I can make myself understood in 7 languages so I know I am not perfect in most of them. All I want is to get my point across. Das ist alles was ich wunsche.

And I add to my last post - even though it is from hotel in Miami.

F*k the Hezbollah. Let them all die.
Now. Please! PLEASE!

And for increasing the chances of civilization (Israel, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada) survival let me say this.

Please please make Tehran next Hiroshima. NOW!!! The Hezzies will be F**ed for good. And many but not all ISlamist motherfuck*s will hopefully get scared to death!

And am not going to reply to all u stupid Liberals/Dems/Islamofascists. Please go f^k yourselves... NOW.

Here is a really nice thread:

Click on Martyr Machine please...
And click on Meet the Taliban.

May peace be on all Islamic rejecters.

May all Islamofascists please DIE ASAP. It wil save us here in West A LOT OF TIME, EFFORT AND AMMO.

Oh and master of this blog- Jamal - get a life or education - or please check urself in Gitmo where u belong.

If u ban me from ur blog that is OK - no problem here. I do understand Islamofasist desire to silence their opposition... IQ and reason is not a relevant issue when dealing with Islamofascist pigs.

But if u do indeed ban me - please go get urself killed by a pig.

That is all.


happygames123 said...

yes.some as me.very well spoken Andy. you expressed many of my thoughts that I am not able to express since my English is not so good. Thanks. power leveling

Anonymous said...

this guy andy is f***k*n insane .. yu pig