Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bleu , Blanc, Lose

I'm still shaking. I think I burnt off more calories than the actual players over the past 2 hours.
What a performance, what a Game, what a Win.

Final Score Lebanon 74 France 73.


hillz said...

occupation's comment will be:
"did u shake more than when kheeeeeezbollah fired rockets from inside civilian areas??"

ya36eehon el3afyeh eshabeib

Ms Levantine said...

This is something worth offering baklawa on the streets. This is nothing short of amazing.

Now if only we could have a decent national soccer team.

carine said...

omg i'm soooo happy... we couldn't watch at my office (meeting was going on in the room with the tv), but were following it online. haven't been in such a good mood since, um, before the war. god bless those guys!! :)

ps. you also should post this picture or one of the others like it. can't look at them without smiling!!

What is "Occupation" said...

Actually i am quite pleased that lebanon can win at something other than being a doormat for iran or syria. Maybe if lebanon had any personal backbone they could have stood up syria, the plo or iran.

congrats on the basketball win, may your non-lethal activies continue with success.

maybe when they have enough courage they can even play israel

Eve said...

bi3a2dooo! office and TV problems here too, but im sure kenet a3sabeh faratet 3al ekher!

Peter said...
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Peter said...

To What is Occupation,

"Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb" (Allen Ginsberg)

Kodder said...

Happeh happeh happeh :).
Go lebanon Go lebanon :).
weeeeeeee :) :) :).
Hilal hehe :P
Peter LOL :).
Occupation I concur with what Peter and Allen said. and I hope someday israel will win something in a non-lethal activity and stop being a doormat for USA.

What is "Occupation" said...

I love the way you cant comment on the point.

someday maybe the people lebanon will grow some courage and actually PLAY a game of basketball with israel.

but as of now, they are cowards and will not play against israel.

Kodder said...

poor you.
they didnt even qualify to the world championship so put a carrot in there.

What is "Occupation" said...

but if they had, would lebanon have played against them?

can you answer that?

can you answer this: does israel have a right to be a country?

What is "Occupation" said...


put it on the table..

does israel have the right to be a state?

does israel have the right to beat the crap out of anyone who showers 4000 rockets on her designed to kill civilians?

Kodder said...

no israel has no right to be a state, its even stated in your torah.(check with your orthodox jews that you people hate so much)
no it doesn't because they started the bombing on civilians, hezbollah attacked soldiers which is perfectally legal according to UN laws since israel still occupies part of lebanon.

What is "Occupation" said...

but the arab world doesnt respect the torah...

islam doesnt respect the jewish faith in anyway

as for the UN laws, the UN states israel has a right to be.

the UN certified that israel was NOT occupying any of Lebanon

and the UN blames hezbollah for starting this current conflict.

why quote the UN if you will not abide by the FIRST and MOST important security council resolution concerning israel?

the UN CREATED by legal right the Country of Israel, lebanon declared war on it and attacked.

Lebanon was the attacking ILLEGAL country, all ELSE at the UN follows that POINT, dont skip ahead 30 yrs and take other UN resolutions out of context.

Kodder said...

first thing, torah is your religion then you should abide by it, so Mr occupation claiming arabs dont respect the torah or do have nothing to do with jewish people doing what torah says. That you should remain scattered in the world.
and apparently you know shit about islam because only an idiot would something that islam doesn't respect the jewish faith. Check you stupid ignorant fool.
and you choose to like UN rules when it suits you, go count how many resolution israel hasnt followed.
look at 1701 its been broken by israel daily.

doha said...

nice title by the way,..

u see, arabs and especially lebanese can do their best,especially in the politics' field if they truly believed in themselves.
Anyway, Lebanon will always stay on top no matter what,at least in the bascket ball games:):):)