Friday, August 11, 2006

Angry Olmert Days 30 & 31

Early wake up call today.

I counted over 20 blasts before 5:30 am, which shows you that after a month of Olmert war crimes his Israeli superior mass murdering machine is resorting to random bombing of buildings in hope of catching something in his line of fire. Anything.

All the Hezbollah legitimate targets that Israel knew of were targeted in the first couple of days of this killing campaign. Everything since then has been frustrated mass homicide. Israel did not just discover that the 20+ buildings targeted today were strategic targets that they have missed, they just wanted to bomb stuff.

The biggest sign of Israel's military inability to hit targets of value can be seen around the world 24 hours a day. Al Manar Television, whose home has been reduced to sand from numerous bombings since day 1 of this war, is still broadcasting 24 hours a day. Not only is it a constant taunt for Israeli's confused military intelligence, but it hosts live daily shows with visiting guests. If Israel can't find the studio of a fully staffed TV station that they've been trying to destroy for a month, how are they to be expected to find Hezbollah's top leadership? Oh wait they captured a Hassan Nasrallah in Baalbeck.

Speaking of press, or lack of press in this case, have you noticed that IDF casualties are always confirmed between 2 and 3 am local time. While the IDF insists on a daily basis that their battles in Lebanon are going smoothly and spend all day denying any losses, sometime before dawn when no one is listening they sneak out a report that reads something like that: "The IDF lost 3,5,8, or 15 soldiers in battles near Aita El Shaab." That report is buried into the back pages by the time the sun rises.

Just now, news reports of another war crime against civilians are coming in from Akkar. 12 reportedly died by Israeli F-16 bombs. For those of you not familiar with Lebanon, Akkar is the Northern most district in Lebanon. No Hezbollah, no Katyushas, so let's just call them Islamo-fascists with bottles of liquid and disposable cameras.


What is "Occupation" said...

wow, all those bombs and yet you still have internet.

i guess you have won.

enjoy hezbollah and your rubble.

Jamal said...

That's it? you can do better than that.

"occupation" my friend, what happened to the word by word dissection of my posts?

Dude, you're slacking, unacceptable, i think I might report you to Amir Gissin to deduct today off your paycheck.

hillz said...

خييبلك أمل ك هيداoccupation.
هو السابقون ويلحقه لاحقون..

Laila said...

Hi Jamal,

I found this statement of Justin Gaarder just today. It's really a must-read. I don't know you know him in Lebanon or not, but here he is very famous:

laila from Iran

Bashir said...

maybe they are targeting the "madrassas" in akar!
or some other variation of the 'kebbe'!
or the Iraqi WMD to pay back Bush's support!
oh hell, I'm just mad about the early wake up call.
Glad u r ok and still have ur wit and humor J.

randah said...

oh i'm sure "occupation" will get paid for today. He clocked in at least.
meanwhile, the others are busy digging into israeli b.s. archives for a reply to this one.

ropsucks said...

I am quite impressed by your inside knowledge of the day to day military operations carried out by the IDF. I don't know why the Israelis bombed the town of Akkar. It surely wasn't because they needed to lighten the aircrafts weight. Could be high value targets hiding out or maybe to send a message to others that wish to join the fray.
The brave warriors of Hezbollah hiding behind their parents and children while lobbing rockets upon civilians in Israel. The leaders of Hezbollah have fled the battlefield and left the footsoldiers and Lebanese citizens to face the Israeli army. The brave and powerful Nasrasshole cooly recites death threats to Israel. He can afford to be calm because this Iranian monkey hiding in Damascus is not in immediate danger. However this scum of the earth has a bullseye painted on him and he will soon meet the 72 virgins promised. The Lebanese people were suckers to allow the Hezbollah terrorist snakes to recide among them. You lie down with snakes you will get bitten

Kodder said...

anyone laying near israelies here?
anyway 7aram "occupation" khilso kil 2a3zaro.
ma ba2a 3indo shee jdeed.
shaghlto ya3mil refresh heh.

Kodder said...

Thanks Laila for the amazing link :).

What is "Occupation" said...

Congrats to Hezbollah!

Congrats to Islam!

24 arrest in england trying to blow up airplanes

8 egyptians arrested in usa

arab mother and 5 yr old daughter killed by hez rockets in israel

wow.. you guys have been busy!

What is "Occupation" said...

really what kind of world jamal do you want?

At this rate, it will not be long before the entire world will react to islamic bullshit.

jamal, i'd leave beirut...

btw, i am not paid by the israelis, i am just a rich american that donates TO israel!

While my employees make ME money, I blog...

Got another fundraiser to help buy trees for israel that hezbollah burned down today!

laila said...

jamal, ye3teek el3afyeh. you are coping with all this with a lot of strength, i admire it really. and still you have the energy to update us and the patience for people such as the idiot above.

What is "Occupation" said...

Jamal aint in any danger, he lives war free zone of beirut, just look at the news reports 90% of lebanon is untouched.

it's all propaganda, hense the NAME of the blog..

Lebanese Meze said...

They've caught Hassan Nasrallah from Baalbeck? Shit, I was wondering why my "worlds finest" wasn't getting in. I promise you this Israelis, If you lay a finger on Hassan Nasrallah from Baalbeck, you'll have the whole of Amsterdam to answer to.

What is "Occupation" said...

newflash from jerusalem, the eternal captial of Israel, where jews have lived for thousands of years longer than mohammed was a glint in his daddy's eyes...

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old Italian student, planned to set up summer camp for Palestinians; He was attacked and murdered by Arab knifeman
Nir Magal

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman.

"He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others," a friend described him.

The website of Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that Frammartino was working for the setting up of a children's supper camp for Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, and was supposed to return to Italy on Friday.

The youth was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in the capital, near the Prahim Gate.

The attacker left the knife at the scene of the crime and fled.

congrats to the islamic army! another poor sucker that was stupid enough to support you dead by an arab knife.... lol now that's funny

Kodder said...

lol 90% of lebanon untouched. hahahaha
nice one...
tell that that 1 million people displayced 1/3 of the lebaneses.

Oh btw a rich american? hmm you posted a few days ago that you escape the hezbollah rockets... heh...
let me guess... an american living in israel?... with his whole family? :P...

jamal... baddak tjaninon? tenne blog post ktibba bil 3arabeh.
:P... that would be damn funny.

Kodder said...

about the italian student, it was an israely who murdered him...
just blamed it on a palestenian... heh

What is "Occupation" said...

Jamal - great news, Olmert is actually angry!

He is GREENLIGHTING the invasion!

Now you will be able to claim he is angry and that lebanon is burning!

Better get some Depends, Israel which has used about 2% of it's army is going to unleash at least 10% of it's might....

It going to happen!!!

Congrats, those 3900 hezbollah rockets finally pissed off Israel enough!

What is "Occupation" said...


keep dreaming

it was a palestinian...

too bad...

it's typical, cant bring yourself to understand you embrace a death cult?

What is "Occupation" said...

hey kodder,,
I bet you believe that jews did 9/11?

i bet you believe that jews did the london bombing?

ha ha ah aha h

what a joke

What is "Occupation" said...

Jamal - time to change the header..

how about "REALLY Angry Olmert, Day 1"

hillz said...

nice idea kodder!
يلا جمال. بوست بالعربي مكتوب بأحرف انكليزي.

خليهن يعوّو بالمقلوب.

What is "Occupation" said...


learn to read the actual words i wrote, not your make believe fantasies. Or is english to hard for you?

go ahead and re-read those words.. they are all true.

I don't NEED to lie to prove what murderers hezbollah are. I state truth, except for my photoshopped post about that stupid black meteor burning... Ya know the one, that all the pagan tribes used to worship? oh they still need to circle it and throw stones at the devil you say?

sounds pagan to me...

Ronen said...

So full of shit -
"random bombing of buildings in hope of catching something in his line of fire. Anything."

If IL would have used random bombing in one air raid 1000 people could be dead and even much more.

When this blog started you had some sense. Now frustration from this war has made you like your blogs name which is quite pathetic. You dont need to be bigger than the age of 10 to realize what random bombing on Beirut can cause...

Joel said...

Well, let's be clear: rather more than 90% of even Beirut hasn't been hit. The damage has been carefully -- albeit apparently not perfectly -- focused.

But apparently you're going to see the difference shortly; the green light's been given today.

What a pity.

What is "Occupation" said...

jamal pontificates: Just now, news reports of another war crime against civilians are coming in from Akkar. 12 reportedly died by Israeli F-16 bombs. For those of you not familiar with Lebanon, Akkar is the Northern most district in Lebanon. No Hezbollah, no Katyushas,

ah but there was (ha ha, WAS is the IMPORTANT word) a bridge...

jamal: so let's just call them Islamo-fascists with bottles of liquid and disposable cameras.

well i got to had it to you, that's the paki-moslem way of blowing up airplanes...

are you saying the english arrests are bogus?

they say de nile aint just a river in egypt

Kodder said...

8:14, 17:23,17:27,18:13,18:51,19:04,19:05,19:06,19:14,19:25.19:36... my time anyway.
if its not your job I don't what is.

Kodder said...

Speaking of worshipping the black meteor... I wonder who goes and cries on a stupid wall, putting a ribbon around his arm like a sissy girl.
then move like if he is been electrocuted.
seems pagan to me.

What is "Occupation" said...


what is your job?

pulling your dong and hating jews?

kodder, it aint to late, get out, find yourself a women, get a job and dont advocate the deaths of jews.

then maybe you will learn you can have a decent life

What is "Occupation" said...

kodder: Speaking of worshipping the black meteor... I wonder who goes and cries on a stupid wall, putting a ribbon around his arm like a sissy girl.
then move like if he is been electrocuted.
seems pagan to me.

fair enough, you see these occupiers sit on top of the wall, they stole our lands and all we have is our wall, since the islamic theives stole our temple mount.

but we dont have a commandment to cry on our wall, we just remember when the hoards of moslems came to town and stole our lands.

hey kodder, what is occupation?

jews have lived in jerusalem for 3000 years, islam is barely 1400 yrs old....

can you say opps.....

Kodder said...

you always seem to escape a question by not answering, putting islam as evil. say jews are innocent.
wait at your computer refreshing, comment again, refreshing.. while probably archiving everything to your boss so he can pay you on each post.
you israely american half living in the US half living in israel escaping bombs with his entire family but manages to refresh jamal's blog every 3 mins and being the boss in the US at the time.Out of pretext so you started hezbollah, then lebanese, then arabs, then muslims, now islam itself.Amazing... tell your boss to fire you, you aren't doing your job correctly, your job was to show the world how innocent and peaceful you are, now they are seeing your true self.
if you speak french check this quote: qui va a la chasse perd sa place. you cant leave then claim after a few thousand years that its yours :).
how come you don't attack God too? He destroyed your temple when you killed his son. Evil God, He destroyed our temple, just because we killed his son. we are so innocent we didn't do anything :(, we just killed his son, its not important :(. poor us. snif snif.
If you want to open thousand of years of history, then so be it. it will be so much fun to dig out why jews were hated around the world since thousands of years.
not just muslims, also europeans who hate you being around europe with your stinginess and stinkiness and with your mutilated genitals (and before you say muslims too, its not part of islam), They kicked out of their countries and put you in a country of your own so you can put your stinkiness as far as possible.
that's why england immidiatly agreed to make some room for you in the middle east nothing else. they just want your weirdness out.
and what do you expect when people put their trash on other people's door steps. First they get of the trash then attack the offenders.
anything else?
Take care

What is "Occupation" said...

simple point...

g-d cannot have a child to kill, think so is pagan.

Kodder said...

Lol from all the points I said you picked this, the point I was being sarcastic about.
poor you.

Kodder said...

so in other words all 3 religions are pagan...
so why are we fighting again?

What is "Occupation" said...


to think g-d can have a son is not monothiestic

islam doesnt think that

and certainly judaism doesnt think that...

to blame the jews for killing jesus is nonsense. I guess you never heard of the roman empire.

but the point i make, the islamic occupiers are the problem, just ask the berbers, the kurds and many more...

where do you think the arabs come from? tripoli?

jooj said...

Heik wlo Jamal, you made "occupation" forget to take his pills.

Rboto ya 3ammi

secular-arab said...

Such fragmentary records as we have indicate that the Jews were wandering nomads from Iraq who moved to southern Turkey, came south to Palestine, stayed there a short time, and then passed to Egypt, where they remained about 400 years. About 1300 BC (according to your calendar) they left Egypt and gradually conquered most—but not all—of the inhabitants of Palestine.

It is significant that the Philistines—not the Jews—gave their name to the country: "Palestine" is merely the Greek form of "Philistia."

Only once, during the empire of David and Solomon, did the Jews ever control nearly—but not all—the land which is today Palestine. This empire lasted only 70 years, ending in 926 BC. Only 250 years later the Kingdom of Judah had shrunk to a small province around Jerusalem, barely a quarter of modern Palestine.

In 63 BC the Jews were conquered by Roman Pompey, and never again had even the vestige of independence. The Roman Emperor Hadrian finally wiped them out about 135 AD. He utterly destroyed Jerusalem, rebuilt under another name, and for hundreds of years no Jew was permitted to enter it. A handful of Jews remained in Palestine but the vast majority were killed or scattered to other countries, in the Diaspora, or the Great Dispersion. From that time Palestine ceased to be a Jewish country, in any conceivable sense.

In any event, the great Moslem expansion about 650 AD finally settled things. It dominated Palestine completely. From that day on, Palestine was solidly Arabic in population, language, and religion. When British armies entered the country during the last war, they found 500,000 Arabs and only 65,000 Jews.

If solid, uninterrupted Arab occupation for nearly 1,300 years does not make a country "Arab", what does?

Kodder said...

I am gonna try to understand you now, as much objectivly as possible.
I have a few questions and please answer them without attacking nor anything at all just objectivily.

tell me the percentage of jews that came to israel in the last century?
after that tell me about the jews who are already living in jerusalem? how were they treated before 1919 please?

now tell me, if you had a house and inside the garden you had a holly place that muslims worship (imagine its time of peace).
imagine there are like 3 or 4 every months that come. I think you would tolerate them Right? you would probably drink tea with them right?
now imagine suddenly 500 came to the holly place, not only they want to live in the garden, but they want to take your house too.
if you are a saint, you would probably let them in and share the house with you. What if now not only they want to take the house but they want
you out. If you are a saint what would you do? anyway... its not important.

I hate all religions, I am atheist and happy about it, all I think about is sex and perversion (check past blogs)
for me religions is one of the weirdest things that men invented, purely opressive.

anyway enough of this...

I am gonna try to say objectivly the solution for this whole thing... israelies and arabs will not have peace anytime soon. maybe in 10 years or 20.
but now its impossible too much hate on both side.the best way is to seperate the two people complete speration by a 3rd neutral party (which is also kinda impossible).
so it has to be a force of multiple nationalities but the thing is not as they said it will be in the south of lebanon... but both in the south of leb and north of israel, there should be a no weapon zone unless its for them. no leb army, no israely army, no hezbollah, no nothing.
I am faily lucky that no body of my family was killed by israel that's why I can be sort of "objective" but I cannot say to the thousands of families who lost loved ones on both side... regardless of their ID. (I am objective here) that's why they have to be seperated so the all the hate can calm down.

I know one moderate israely in here,Eli, I don't really know him but he seems the most moderate around here, so hopefully he will try to reach the rest of his people.
and hopefully there will be moderate arab that will reach our people. this can ensure peace in like 20 years.other than that... if both people refuse to have peace the whole area will be destroyed and no body win even if an army destroyed an other army.
already the two countries lost ALOT. the more there is war the more there is hate, and the more there is hate the more there is war. you cannot in anyway blame one party or the other for this because its been a conflict since thousands of years.
In a weird dictatorship, I would make arab men marry jewish women and jewish men marry arab women, their kids will be mixed and there no way in hell that they will fight again.
anyway I am going to browse on suicidegirls...

sorry for everyone who is disapointed that my post wasnt aggressive and attacking but kinda fed up.
the comments were going no where, apparently it wasn't a debate it was each side saying what he lived thru his entire life and not listenning to the other side (because of too much hate), anyway it was just a piece of my mind.

hillz said...


ra7 essabeh.. ya de3an shabeibo.. sheeel!

Dania said...

at last my village was hit today!! i was starting to get worried. the impatience of waiting was killing me.
anyway..what was Kodder saying, i was a strong advocate of before we entered this war, with a few differences. i always thought, why don't Palestinians and Israelis live together with a state for both? but the real asnwer is Israelis will never accept that.
too much evidence to support this argument...first of all their prophecy has to be fullfilled, they want to rule, they want their Jewish state, and finally the 3000 year old plan of ruling the world which in the year 2000 was to have been accomplished.
furthermore, when one thinks about how they took the land of Palestine, and the mass murder, genocides they did, then those people are to be held responsible. for the least let us do what the Israelis have been campainging against the Holocaust. Palestine is the Holocaust done by the jews in particular the Israelis, who are still continuing to do.
every house and every piece of land has to be returned to it's owners..we will not ask for an appology like the Israelis are doing for the Holocaust..becuase we know it's bullshit. if this land is not returned there will be no peace for the Jews in Israel. nothing we do goes it on this earth or in another life. what we give we get back.
as Nasrallah says "al nasr atin atin atin".

Kodder said...

dania which is your village?

Joel said...

Welcome back, Kodder. :)

Looks like today isn't going to be a very good one, unfortunately. In the long run, though, it may end up being useful, if the Lebanese learn that they can't "service" Hezbollah without consequences.

It's such a pity, though.

secular-arab said...

hamas, funded and supported by israel.
hezballah, born out of israeli brutality.

israel tries to forget by blowing them up. by decimating lebanon.

bomb them, maybe the truth will go away.

bomb bomb bomb. make them go away. tell them to stop reminding us...

Kodder said...

hmm welcome back?
nothing good comes from war or destruction.

secular-arab said...

i agree.
im a pacifist.

Joel said...

Kodder, 'twas a joke. "Welcome Back Kotter" was an American TV show. You can google it.

I was showing some relief that you haven't been killed by the horrible, genocidal Israelis whose evil, wicked war machines have, in four weeks of unending attempts to destroy every last human being in Lebanon (as well as Hezbollah) left a mere 99.98% of them alive.

secular-arab said...

by this logic, Israel shouldnt complain about the 0.0000002% (mostly soldiers) of israel population killed by Khizballah.

Kodder said...

nice one secular-arab

Kodder said...

woah just checked joel's website
he is a guns crazy dude. all his site is about guns.
nice... I thought we are getting preached by some peace loving dude...
the right to bare arms for "self" defense...yeah right.

Joel said...

"About guns"? Read more carefully, Kodder -- I'm the guy who quite literally wrote the book on carrying a handgun in Minnesota, and I've trained hundreds of people to do so.

I'm very peaceloving. :)

Kodder said...


Dania said...

the Israeli goals have changed quite a bit since the beginning of this war. now almost towards the end, their goal is to touch the litani river at it's nearest end from the borders and then retreat.
i think there should be someone waiting for them at the finish line cheering them on. and don't forget the ribons!

eli said...


Jamal, looks like Lebanon War II is nearing its end.
Here is a suggestion for the last war's day's log:
As the 12 July log started with an amused description of Hezbollah's naughty (wink; wink), but audacious (smile; smile), attack, the last day may start with "…after 30 something days, hundreds dead, and Lebanon taken 20 years back… " please fill out the remaining space.

You can aptly entitle it "How did I enjoy my summer war".

JD said...

Condemning the attacks is good, it is a duty if we have a sense of decency. However this is not enough.
A country or a nation will never progress thanks to the pitty of others. We need to work hard, we need to condemn those who acted wrong in the Arab world and we need to change our political system to represent the arab youth. I am lebanese and I know that progress in my country is hampered by the “feudalistic” structure. Mr. X can change 180 degrees without much fear on his political base. I am mentionning this cause these days we are all pleading for the west but if we have learned our lesson, it is time for self critic… Time for the wind of change that has been knocking so long, and which scares Oh so much most of our “leaders”…THANK YOU for the opportunity JD from the new blog –>

randah said...

Wow, looks like I missed a party in the comments section!

Joel, you continue to undermine the losses we have suffered as Lebanese. It's a small percentage yes, but the families who died have their bloods on israeli hands alone. Admit that israel has murdered innocents who were not involved with Hizballah.
Before July, there were fathers, mothers, and their children enjoying their summer in Lebanon. They have ceased to exist. Can you take one minute and picture that? Can you take a few minutes and imagine that happening to you? Imagine that tonight a bomb falls on your safe home, and by tomorrow, you have stopped existing in this world. Then imagine that you sruvived and pulled yourself out of the rubble, while knowing that your small children have been crushed by ceilings and walls, imagine that you are bleeding and it is impossible for you to reach a hospital or any kind of medical aid.

Let's not forget this part, please.

eli said...

Randah, I read what you say with empathy and agree with every word. Our way (in Israel) of dealing with this is thinking of our dead instead. Believe it or not, we have the same story. The fact that the numbers are "disproportionate" is irrelevant and its use was silly in the first place. All these dead should be mourned. It's a shame that those who started this war acted so recklessly without the least consideration for the consequences.

Kodder said...

50 years...

randah said...

eli, I agree with you. We're making progress here. :)

There is suffering on both sides.

BUT... why, oh why won't the air raids across Lebanon stop?? Why did they have to bomb the red cross? Why are they still bombing fleeing villagers? Can you agree with me that Israel is committing war crimes? Hizballah is not holding Israel under siege. You are free to leave the country if you like. Aid can reach Israeli citizens. You can drive a truck safely in Israel.
I think that is the "disproportionate" part.
I would like to know your thoughts about this.

eli said...

Hi Randah, I'll tell you my thoughts frankly. They are my personal thoughts, but they are very much alike those of many Israelis: We do feel that HA was holding Israel under siege, being able to perpetrate incursions across the border from Lebanon at will. (BTW the July 12 incursion was also preceded by Katyusha launching as a diversion). Most people in Israel understand that HA is not the entire Lebanese people. Most people in Israel were honestly looking forward to seeing a prosperous Lebanon. I cannot speak for our military or politicians (personally I even didn't vote for this government). But I understand that they were in a difficult (if not impossible) position. How do you answer HA's actions, when they are perpetrated from across Lebanon, w/o affecting non-combatants who reside in the same neighbourhood (I am not using the human shield cliché here. I just echo interviews which I read in newspapers with Israeli soldiers who had been in Lebanese villages in the south – some, probably not all, houses have bunkers where arms and rockets were stored).
I would like to think that what you call war crimes were accidents. You would probably say that I am deceiving myself but I refuse to believe that we commit such acts on purpose (well, at least Olmert apologized for this "mistakes" – the double quotes are used to humor you – but Nasrallah boasts as Israeli civilians are hit; in one interview he even claimed that the civilian casualties were higher than we reported; How would you call this?).
Well let's hope that this nightmare will come to end tomorrow; that there be one Lebanese government and one Lebanon. And may you prosper and live in peace. Please take care of yourself.

Sikeen said...

Joel is famous gun crusader.
Joel wears gun.
Joel wants everyone wear guns.
Joel is Joel Rosenberg.