Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From Lebanon IIIII or IIIIII (I lost track)


An effortless, magnificent, efficient, martial arts move.

A "Tozz"'s pleasure is how it automatically twitches the face of a braggart into a look of disappointment and anger.

A gravitational pull brings things down back to earth. A "Tozz" brings them crashing down, humiliated, buries them, and pisses on them. No matter how high you get you are always within reach for a "Tozz." Actually a "Tozz" relishes the extra height.

The keys to a perfect "Tozz" are timing and delivery. Wait for it, do not force it, but always be ready to perform. Too many "Tozz"s can weaken its effect so invest them wisely.

Yet another proud tradition from my rich land; "Tozz."


euroarabe said...


linalone said...

Hahahaha, 3ajabetne.
Anjade, this expression used appropriately and when needed is a great releif and give lot of pleasure.

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Delirious said...


Toz w tozzein w tleiteh! Oops...did I exceed the maximum toz quota allowed?