Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lebanon 1-1 Kuwait

When attending a game at Beirut's Municipal Stadium, I recommend you watch the cheap bastards jumping the fence (about a 6-7 meter drop) to avoid paying admission. Always an interesting sight, a lot of times it provides more action then the actual game.
I'm not sure what the pre-game pissing match between the "Allah, Nasrallah, wel Dhahieh Kella" crowd and the "Allah, Hariri, Tarik Jdide" crowd had to do with the event. Also, It's a shame that a buffer zone is needed between Ansar and Nejmeh Fans(same as above to an extent) at a National Team match, but I guess you can never be too careful with all the love in the air these days.

I'm not very familiar with Lebanese football so I'll just relay the analysis I overheard. The Goalkeeper sucks. The Goalkeeper is a hero. Moussa Hjeij would never miss this. The referee sucks. Jordan Sucks. Jordan and Kuwait have a no-yellow card treaty. The referee sucks. Jordan sucks. Moussa Hjeij would've scored that. Moussa Hjeij smokes 4 packs a day. Goooaaaaal. Moussa Hjeij would've had a better celebration.
OK, I think this guy had a mancrush on Moussa Hjeij.

It was an exciting game but the final score was 1-1. Boring. What is the point of sports if no one can brag at the end of the game?

One Last thing , Do not drink a bottle of water on your way to the stadium unless you have one of these.


Raja said...

nice one jamal... nice one!

bashir said...

After the match, there was a raid on some parked cars breaking their windshields in inner streets in Beiruts. It was, and I shiver at the thought, sectarian. And that man insists that there is no sectarianism in Lebanon, only "wahdah wataniyah"

Eve said...

you know women are allowed in there for free? :p

you're right though: the whole thing of watching a game live on the stadium is a one of a kind experience!