Friday, February 24, 2006

Wag the Dog

Emile Lahoud has been as active as Ariel Sharon during the last month.

So why did he become priority number one on the March 14th Agenda? For the same reason insecure girls only keep ugly friends; It makes them look prettier.

How can you cover the fact that the government hasn't shown any progress on ... well anything since taking over? Showcase the person who's worse than you.

Be Careful what you wish for though.


Anonymous said...


According to the Lebanese constitution the government cannot really act without the support and consent of the President. Therefore I disagree with you that he has been fact, he has stone walled every effort the Sanioura government has tried to get the country moving by refusting to sign legistlation and delaying numerous assignments.

The only way the government can achieve any measurable success is through the removal of this obstacle.

jij said...

He has again become a priority because
a) The March 14 group regained some lost momentum after the February 14 demonstration
b) They probably got a green light from the Americans to push on with their agenda.
In any case, they rather stupidly overestimated their reach, and set deadlines and goals they can't realistically achieve. Lahoud has enough cover and won't be removed by next month. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Better stay with the status quo then move on to disaster (i.e. Hariri in control of the whole country).

Hisham said...

I just want to have a president who won't get snubbed by every diplomat that sets foot on Lebanese soil. It's fucking embarrassing for us as a nation!!!

bashir said...

According to the Lebanese constitution if the president does not sign a legistlation the gov't can pass it and make it law in 15 days. I have heard this argument about Lahoud's obstructions, but I have not heard of a solid instance where he was really an obstacle.
Excuses, excuses and whining from both sides, like middle school children. (Boo -hoo, s/he broke my pencil, waaaaaaaaa)

Jamal, you have a point.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Our hapless President has become the focus of Hariri’s attention simply because (with all his faults) Emile Lahoud has become the last dam protecting Lebanon from a complete takeover by the Hariris and their Wahhabi handlers.

Wahhabism a.k.a. Neo-Hambalism is the official dogma of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the main source of inspiration for numerous Islamist groups such as the Taleban or the “Jamaa Islamiyya”, the Lebanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Jamaa was founded by a certain professor Fathi Yakan, a pro-Saudi bigot described by Rafic Al-Hariri as “the greatest Lebanese Sunni theologian of the 20th century”. In case you wonder, this is the same Sheikh Fathi Yakan who called for the cleaning of Tripoli and North Lebanon from the sullying presence of “dirty Christians and Alawites” back in the 1970s…No doubt the man was a visionary thinker!

It should be clear by now that Lebanese Prime minister Fuad Saniura and majority leader MP Saad Al-Hariri are Wahhabi wolfes in pseudo-modernist clothes: they wear clean-cut ties and suits but, deep inside, they’re just like the Taleban- or even worse for that matter.

Hariri and Saniura were actually both seen several times (on Saudi Arabia’s Channel 1 TV) attending Friday prayer services at Jeddah’s Central Mosque, where the residing Hambali preacher regularly calls for the “extermination of idolatrous Shiite and Christian dogs” or “Tassfiyatt al kilâb al mushrikeen al matâweelah wal-nasârah” in Saudi parlance!

As long as they don’t RENOUNCE PUBLICLY (preferably on Saudi TV) the intolerance and perversions of Wahhabi theocratic fascism, the leaders of Lebanon’s ruling Future party will remain under suspicion in the West and in Lebanon itself.

Upon his return to Beirut a week ago, Saad Al-Hariri held a press conference during which he only had harsh criticisms for Syria, Iran and Gen. Michel Aoun, Lebanon’s leading Christian politician…Tellingly, his final tirade was sycophantic praise for his Wahhabi handlers:
“L’Saudiyyeh mâ betsadder ella kheir” which literally means that “Saudi [Arabia] only exports goodness”!

Sure Saad, but what about crude oil and Islamist terrorism??