Saturday, February 11, 2006

Religion Lesson

I'm no expert on Islam but I do know this. The Prophet Mohammad, the greatest man to ever live (I'll pimp up my genealogy ,why not), chose not to be iconized so that people don't idolize him, a mere man.
So in Islam, No man should be idolized, even Mohammad himself.

So what have Muslim leaders done to follow the prophet's example?

Money icons.


and Swimsuit calendars.

Well, I leave you trying to picture Hassan Nasrallah in Speedos.


Ramzi said...

All US currency carries the face of ex-presidents right?
And the queen is on the British Pound?

So I suppose the distinction here is that in the case of the Saudi and Syrian currency, the portraits are imposed by inflated egos.

But the billboard and the calendar? To use a currently popular slogan: FREE SPEECH!

Jamal said...

Ramzi- I'm with you on free speech, and everyone should be free to idolize whomever they like whether a politician, a soccer star, or a lingerie model.

I 'm just pointing out that man worship contradicts islamic teachings. So to use an always popular slogan: Hypocrisy! :o)

desmond said...

Aren't Speedos illegal?

Zanzounito said...

thanks for alluding to the nice image, now I will rest well tonight

Jamal said...

des- not if they're pork-free.

zanzoun- i see you went for the g-string.