Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unanswered Questions of the Day

1.) How does the U.S. expect to make friends in Lebanon by waking people up at 6 am to remove their cars out of Condy's way?

2.) Who decided that a pots and pans protest is a good idea?

3.) Why is Hassan Nasrallah inviting the Americans to our beaches, shouldn't that be the Minister of Tourism's job?

4.) Doesn't Al Manar know that when someone says it's a Surprise Visit you aren't supposed to announce it, it ruins the whole surprise part?

5.) How do U.S. Diplomats manage to answer all questions, no matter what the subject is, with "Democracy"?

6.) How enlightening and enriching would a Presidential Debate between Nayla Mouawad and Samir Geagea be?

7.) Did Siniora call the 7 ministers that did show up in Baabda today and say "Gotcha!"?

8.) Are we fools?


Lazarus said...

the answer to all your questions is ... "Democracy."

JoseyWales said...

No Laz,

You are right except for # 8.

The answer there is: NO. We need 100 years before we graduate to "fools".

Delirious said...

I totally agree with joseywales!

bashir said...

Can you make these questions multiple choice ones?

Ramzi said...

9) If Lahoud stays on as president, would you still believe in Karma?

Ms Levantine said...

Dear Chairman Jamal and al.

You are fools indeed. A distinguished visitor comes calling, and all you can do is complain like a bunch of Parisianus Vulgaris. What happened to our legendary Lebanese hospitality? Haven't you seen the future with Condi and Berri skiing in Shebaa, and Nasrallah the Great Helsman converted as the lift operator? Let a thousand tourists bloom.