Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let it Fail, Let it Fail, Let it Fail

Here's to a failed national dialogue.

The best thing that could possibly come out of these people is a truce. Just as the Taef Accord was just a slicing of the Lebanon cake. This could never be more than a reslicing of Lebanon.
A week, a month, or a year from now we would still have the same cast of characters that have dragged this country into wars and then robbed it to the bone. The Truth will remain among the our Dons, and we, The People, will remain their ignorant hostage. .

Now look at the possibilities that a failed dialogue could bring us. Open files, Scandals, Gossip, Exposes. An Angry General, Naked Bald War Criminals, Men of the cloth losing their religion, Rich brats not getting their way for once, and Boutros Harb still managing not to piss off anyone.

Ok, I'm assuming We, The People, won't pick up guns and start killing each other in the name of these clowns. That's stupidly naive of me.

But it doesn't matter, unfortunately I think the dialogue will be successful, and we will be told that we can love each other again. Yippeee Yayyyy.

BREAKING NEWS: The Bearded one and the Goateed one met for 7 hours last night in Koraytem trying to set the stage for tomorrow's card game and dealing a huge blow to my hopes of failed dialogue.


wj said...

dude, I love your website, and I can't stop reading it. Please add one of those "create a link" things that is an oppion of blogger so I can link to your side directly...thanks!

ghassan said...

I wish that the Lebanese public will stop looking for a solution of whatever ails it to come from the gevernment. A democratic system rests on a healthy reciprocity between the governords and the governed.

As Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate and a major contributor to the theory of public choice has often argued good public policy is not limited to the actions of the government but requires also a well informed public that will hold the government accountable for its actions.

Unfortunately we have failed miserably in this regard. Let us not single out the politicians, who do have an atrocious record, because we are equally at fault for not providing them with an incentive to change their behavioutr. I believe, that you are right Jamal, the same politicians will go on singing the same tune if we do not ask them to stop.

answer-man said...

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