Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quick Sports Update

Congratulations to Lebanese Skier Shirine Njeim for competing in the Olympics. She came in 34th out of 45 in the Ladies' Downhill Competition. She couldn't finish in the Super G.

Patrick Antaki finished 27th* in the skeleton competition. What do you call the athletes that make up the Skeleton competition? Boners?

Also take a break from politics on Wednesday and support the Lebanese National Football Team.
We host** Kuwait in Asian Cup qualifiers.

*out of 27
**Well I'm not sure who hosts whom. It is in Beirut. But the Stadium was built by the Kuwaitis. Well, it was built by Syrian construction workers but with Kuwaiti money.***
***I really have nothing to say today.

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Anonymous said...

too bad you have nothing to say. reading your blog has became a daily activity for me. scratch your head harder next time.