Friday, February 10, 2006

On Second Thought... BOYCOTT DENMARK!!!!

Well not KDD's Passion Fruit Juice or LEGO, but do boycott their dairy products.
First, I had to survey the supermarket aisles for alernatives before I decided on that.
After a week of taste testing and 2 kilos gained, I have reached the conclusion that we should boycott Lurpak, Puck, and Dano not because of some silly doodles, but because we have better alternatives MADE IN LEBANON.

Addicted to Lurpak, I suggest you try Zibdet Jarjoura El Mashhoura Made in Chtaura. Tastier, Cheaper, and Fresh.

Havarti Cheese!? You probably never had it, who are you kidding. We have Halloum, Akkawi, Baladi, Karishe, etc.... Don't worry. You'll get you'll cheese fix. Jdita Products are A++.

Who still drinks powdered milk? We drank it during the war because there was no way to get fresh milk. Go to Taanayel, they'll let you suck the milk straight out of the cow's tit.

Don't Boycott Lebanon.


Eve said...

Love the ending! it has such a strong impact..
btw, judging from your posts, I say you should go for the adverstisement field. (if you're still a job-hopper, that is :)

Edward Ott said...

very nice piece of writing the bog is good. and i will not be buying any of those danish cookies in a tin. Something my doctor wants me to do anyway.

Delirious said...

I like! I like!
And I agree!

Jamal said...

eve- i'd be terrible in advertising, i don't know how to lie.

edward- i forgot those, i love the sugar coated rectangles.

del- thx :o)

Ramzi said...

I try to buy Lebanese whenver I can, but do you think it's that hard for Sanita to keep a hundred tissues from jumping out when all you need is one?

callipyge said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I miss cheap Halloum.
I have to pay $6.99 each time for just one pack :-( *waaa*

Jamal said...

ramzi- and when you do get one out, you don't get a replacement to stick out of the box, you have to reach in for another. :o)

call- make your own, need a recipe?