Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I've always seen these enthusiastic young activists working the streets all over the world. I must admit I've always escaped their tentacles, sometimes rather rudely. So after almost two years of breathing clean Beirut air I decided maybe these kids deserve a couple of minutes of my time. After all Green is good and so is Peace.

So walking by their territory like I do almost daily, and just like clockwork this dude pounced on me. This time I didn't slither away and I think this dude was caught by surprise. Dude must've been shocked someone was eager to talk to him.

Dude ran through his script on how cool the environment is, and kept throwing at me questions that could only be answered with an approving nod.

-Do you breathe air?

-Do you like little birds?

-Do you want your kids to be born with a head?

-Do you hate one or both of our neighboring countries?

Dude is good, I couldn't disagree with anything he said. Dude whisked me away to a green heaven I was ready to marry Dude. Then he asks me for my bank account plus routing number. What the Heck!

Ohhh, I get it now, and all this time I thought Green stood for the environment. Stupid me.


Hind said...

Ok, i think you are a little bit of a genius. Thanks for adding fun internet fashat kholog online. Keep it up, very cool writing, and lets hope beirut retains a lot of its slowly seeping charm. Cheers.

Fouad said...

ditto :)

AbdulKarim said...

Your blog is so humorous. I normally end my Lebanese Blogs round with your blog just to try and lay off the depression and frustration that accumulate during the round. Keep up the good work buddy. Yalla cheers.

Eve said...

hehe, been there!

I tried to convince dude that one of my humble ways to preserve the environment is to consume less shopping bags in the supermarkets, but he didn't want to hear anything about it! hmmm.. wonder why...

Delirious said...


Thanx for expressing in your posts our everyday ravings and rantings in such a funny way!

Jamal said...

hind- Cheers.

Fouad- Ditto.

AK- yalla cheers.

Eve- I stuff things in my pockets at the supermarket, it saves me money AND saves the environment.

deli- Ahla w sahla:)

Lebspice said...

How did you answer the last question? Very funny post.

euroarabe said...

i was expecting them to cop a feel, re:your butt
but no such luck..