Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Just a quick post about my Mom.

My mom is a huge fan of Lebanese proverbs, she has read all of Salam El Rasi's books on the subject. Not only does she have a phrase for every situation, she also has the history and origin of the phrase.

But my favorite of Imm Jamal's proverbs is not published in any books. At least, I don't think it is.
Whenever one of us disagrees or argues with her, she drops at us this gem.
"بعد ناقص, بيطلع من طيزو و بيقلّو بع "

a rough translation would be:
"Comes out of your ass and tells you Boo!"

Happy Mother's day and بع !


Anonymous said...


Doha said...

funny :)

Eve said...

lol! nice one, Imm Jamal!

sam said...

Actually my mom has a more logical version of that proberb: "Ba3d na2es, shi byotla3 min tizna y3allemna lsbe7a." That at least gives us some credit: we did come out of your behind, but we know how to float in water and you don't. :-)