Thursday, March 09, 2006

One More Week

You've been warned. If you wish to drive drunk make sure you do it before next Thursday.

Seriously though, the ISF deserves credit for their traffic safety campaign. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Sarcasim??? They should have started these campaines 10 years ago!

Jamal said...

For once, i'm not being sarcastic. There are a million things that should've been done years ago and yet nothing is being doneabout them. ISF is on an all out traffic safety awareness campaign,TV , Radio, and Print, heck even SMS.
The leaflet i scanned is actually being handed out by cops.

Anonymous said...

Only in Lebanon does a new law begin with "akhi L mwaten". How about "HEY YOU AND WE MEAN YOU!" I bet that would be listened to more readily. Or even remove "Akhi L mwaten" and just state the facts. It's like a mother saying, "habibi, please don't play with matches, ok? To'borni nhallah, ok habibi, ma tez3al, ok? baddak biscuit?"