Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sausage Fest Day 4

I went downtown to get a glimpse of the action., and this is how it went:

Soldier #1: May I frisk you and squeeze your butt?

Me: Sure, since you asked so nicely.

A few meters later.

Soldier #2: May I frisk you and squeeze your butt?

Me: Do I have a choice?

A few meters down the road.

Soldier #3: May I frisk you and squeeze your butt?

Ok, when I called this thing a sausage fest I had no clue the extent of it, but I made it to downtown and what a pleasant place it is when there no cars or people around. You can actually hear birds chirping these days in Downtown Beirut. I say turn the whole place into a bird sanctuary, it will definitely be more profitable than the office business activity that is going on there.

I visited my boy at 3ezz Cafe for a coffee shot and I noticed that there are a lot of bored young army dudes horsing around with automatic assault rifles in their hands. A Very comforting sight; but at least these didn't frisk me and squeeze my butt.

There is nothing else to report since they made me take an oath not to leak anything, but I did notice some odd activity that needs to be mentioned. I saw an American looking dude that seems to share the same barber and optician with Drew Carey with a stethoscope against the wall of the parliament building. I just found that a tad odd.

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