Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's Go to the Movies

3 of 5 Movies nominated for the Best picture Oscar will not be shown in Lebanese movie theaters.* One for Homophobia, one for Zionophobia, and one for Islamopyrophobia.

I have zero interest in watching Movie #1, not that there's anything wrong with that. Movie #2 seems to paint the Mossad as a bunch of Mother Teresas (the actual Mother Teresa Movie is showing now at Circuit Empire), so I think I'll pass on that one(and i'll pass on the actual Mother Teresa one for that matter).
I would watch #3 because I enjoyed "Traffic" and good conspiracy theories are always entertaining.

So... Let's go to the Bootleg DVD shops.

I love Lebanon.

*Ok I messed up, so let's all assume Syriana was nominated for Best Pic.


sam said...

I don't get it?? Which is #3?? Capote? Good night and good luck? or Crash?
How is any of these related to "Traffic" and might cause outrage??

By the way, Crash was shown in Lebanon (in Abraj to be specific). I don't know how it could have won Best Picture since it is a one-episode TV series for the big screen, and there were at least ten other more deserving American movies this year (three of which were also nominated for best picture).

Regarding movie #1, the fact that it breaks a taboo and treats a controversial subject has completely overshadowed its great qualities. People in Lebanon will never DARE watch it on dvd or cable (let alone movie theaters), they won't take it as just another movie that they could like or dislike, and your comment proves that. The first week it came out here, I went with a group of friends to the movies and saw it without even knowing what it was about. Even the most uptight were touched, and admitted liking the movie, some of us were even discretely drying their eyes.
It will not be shown in Lebanon, and even if it were to be shown no one would watch it, and even if they did they won't admit liking it so what's the use.

Jamal said...

My bad, i thought Syriana was nominated for Best picture. I'll blame it on the fact that the oscar's ceremony was at 3 am, and i dozed off a couple of minutes into it.

Chief said...

I think you'll be doing a mistake by not watching Brokeback mountain as it's one of the best movies of the last couple of years and the controversy regarding the subject has nothing to do with it.
Since Schindler's list, Speilberg thinks he has some divine mission to describe the suffering of people.. Still Munich is beautifull. And what's funny about it is that jewish lobbies critcized the movie for being too pro plaestinian.
Concerning Syriana, (#3?) i thought it wasn't going to be released, but i was surprised in the coming soon section of the movie guide (Circuit Empire official mag) last month.. so dunno

Jamal said...

As for Movie #1, I am sure it is an excellent movie. I also keep hearing that the Lord of the Rings series is great. I just personally have no interest in Hobbits or Cowboys. Or sinking ships for that matter.

Jamal said...

Chief- it was listed as coming soon on the website, and they did show previews, but it has been removed so I'm guessing it didn't clear "Amn El 3am".

Chief said...

Yeah probably.. too bad. And there's at least one more movie this year that we'll not see (in theaters at least); Da Vinci code...

PS i was reading my first comment and i seem to have forgotten bits and pieces of it. My mind is slipping.

Ramzi said...

I've seen Munich and I don't think it sanctifies the Mosad agents.
Sure it's a political movie but it humanizes both sides.

Besides, I can't fathom how killing Israeli athletes in Munich liberates Palestine, so why should I expect them to?

Chief said...

When it comes to Jewish issues our Censorship department or whatever its called (dunno why it even exists) is absolutely clueless about what its doing.. I remeber a couple of years ago they stormed Virgin to remove all "Zionist Propaganda"... the first movie out was Rabbie Jacob

Mo said...

oh come on
Rabbi Jacob shows a cool humourous Rabbi. However, as we all know, a Rabbi or a jew in general is a zionist dog.
SO it is the least they could do.

What preceded was sarcasm by the way

Munich is quite a good movie. and the only reason they may find to censor Syriana is that it depicts an ugly (true?) image of Oil sheikhs. Syriana is also a good movie. So if you get a chance

hillz said...

i agree with MO, Munich has some good scenes epecially in its second part..although inno 3am bi7awel yimsok el3asayeh min ennos :P

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