Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We've been promised an eventful March regionally and locally, and so far I can't say anything but that it has lived up to expectations.

Locally, and I will only look locally because that's all I care about, we had a little get-together downtown. Well, it has failed (YESS!!) and now the Blame Propaganda machine is out in full force. Both teams are digging deep to try to come up with as much ammunition against the other team as they can. But do they really need it?

Future's Newscaster could just say "Cheese!" for 30 minutes, and that group will blame Nasrallah for everything that went or will go wrong.

Almanar's dude could shave his balls on air at 7:30 and you'll hear the people say the next day,"Did you see that! It's all Jumblatt's fault!"

On the bright side, this was just the appetizers. Starting next week the juicy steak will be served. There is still however that pesky Monday session that could starve us from the Truthsssssss.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't mention shaving balls, appetizers and juicy steak in the same blog. Yuck but I get your point. Well done on the visual front. All served on one platter.