Saturday, June 03, 2006

بيضات بلادي

Abu Fares was a Peaceful, Healthy Farmer
One Day, While working the field. He stepped on a landmine...
He couldn't work anymore or earn his family's living.

The World Rehabilitation Fund helped him build a chicken den
to raise and produce home grown eggs, in spite of that pesky little kid.

Pesky little kid chases a hen.

The Hens lay eggs, the rooster brags about his fertility.

That's why when you buy Shouman's eggs... can fry them or soft boil them...

pesky little kid gets what he deserves after making a move on a chick,

and everyone lives happily ever after.


hillz said...

innno shoo ya3neh..
mwassleh mwaseelak la beit chouman kaman?

hashem said...


Eve said...

وعاشوا بسعادة ونبات وخلّفوا صبيان وبنات!

Anonymous said...

I think they missed the caption where the WRF liberate Shoman's farm from the Zionist yoke.

hind said...

heh. quite funny. And yet i feel like crying. pesky little kid being cute notwithstanding.

أمل said...

What were you thinking? :D

And look at Hilal commenting first.

That's even funnier!


linalone said...

Shou hal el 3enwen :D???

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“Shou hal el 3enwen?”

The lady has a point Jamie: you could have tried something bolder, like a cryptic homage to Le Coq Sportif and Quentin Tarantino along the lines of “it’s a story about a big Deeq”
or something

Anonymous said...

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