Monday, June 26, 2006

Job Searching is a Piece of Baklava

Job searching in Lebanon is very easy. Grab As-Safir for example which is one of the Top 3 dailies in Beirut. Look for the job listings . On a good day you'll find 3 jobs listed, two of which are in the gulf so that leaves you with one ad which you excitedly circle.

"Office in need of a Dactylo-savvy female secretary, submit photos to Mr. Sleaze."

You don't remember what a Dactylo looks like so Voila , your search is done.

I didnt' say finding a job was easy, that's of the 7th impossibilities*.

*If you happen to know what the 7th impossiblities are , please do feel free to share that knowledge.


Kodder said...

hmm there alot of impossibilities in lebanon... 7 are not enough.

you said the first 1) finding a job in lebanon.
2)openning something new for the public without someone with power tries to take a cut from the profit.
3)That this post will have more comments than the sex posts :P. 88+
4)That syria says that they killed hariri.
5)Driving 30 mins in beirut without seeing someone driving/riding the wrong way.
6)Not hearing a car's horn for 5 mins in beirut.(unless after 3 am)
7)Having a good internet connection anytime soon :P

vox p said...

Men can't type on a keyboard? This is another example of the sexual discrimination against malekind in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

The BBC are asking for interns at their new Beirut office. You might want to try that. Here's the information in more detail:

The BBC is offering training placements for young Lebanese broadcast journalists in memory of Abed Takkoush, the BBC driver who was killed by an artillery shell while driving a BBC news crew in southern Lebanon in May 2000.

The placements, developed in partnership between BBC News and the World Service Trust, are being launched to coincide with the opening of the new BBC office in Beirut.

The journalists will be offered training by senior journalists from the Trust and work experience in the BBC's Beirut office.

The placements are being targeted at young bjs who are new to the profession but can show a commitment to journalism.
Applicants should have between 6-12 months experience of working in radio or television, be fluent in English and have a high standard of written Arabic. During the placement, the trainees will cover news and current affairs for Lebanese-based media outlets.

Anonymous said...

"young bjs"?

Sign me up.

أمل said...

بلا معلمية

عادة يقال من "رابع" المستحيلات

لانه المستحيلات الثلاث بحسب الروايات العربية التاريخية هي

الغول و العنقاء و الخل الوفي

The goule, the pheonix and a loyal friend

اما التعبير الآخر فهو "ثامن العجائب" لان هناك سبع عجائب في الدنيا

للمزيد من الانفووو

w hakaza ... hope that was useful ..

Now ... where's that newspaper?

linalone said...

I'm expert in job searching in Lebanon, the best opportunities are found on Annahar Newspaper, specially on Mondays and fridays.
Bas within 2 years of search, I was told that eather I am overqualified, or not sufficiently experienced or too young or (once) fat... This is in the rare cases, i've got an answer. It has been around 2 months i've been interviewing for job at Google Corporate, today i've been told I do not have the experience necessary for the job i was applying for....So back to local searching ... and depression....

Jamal said...

أمل ، كمان بتدقّي عل دكتيلو؟
لا عن جد ملتيتالنتد

lin- i'm sorry to hear about the google job, bas sma3i minne bala el depression, shu baddik bi hal shaghleh

First anon- thanks for the Heads up.

Fares said...

where is the arab brain:adding logic into the Arab/Israeli conflict and arab leaders

Expat in Beirut said...

2 jobs available at the Australain Embassy that I know of. The last day for applications is July 14th so still plenty of time.

for details

There are also 2 jobs going at the British Embassy. No further details sorry but you could try calling them or finding the add in the Daily Star (think it was about a week ago). Pretty sure this one closes on Friday so you will have to hurry.

PS. The best place to look for English Speaking Embassy jobs (USA, British, Australian etc) is in the Daily Star. They are sometimes republished in An-Nahar, but they want to check your English reading ability so they publish them in English in the Daily Star :)

expat in beirut said...

Oh, you forgot to put in your ad.

Must be 18-25yrs old with 30 years of experience and a Master's Degree, Phd would be better....