Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just when you thought it's a slow Day

Here come the Hezbollahis to prove they have the sense of humor of a Pea by burning shit. Now I would never ever watch the show in question because..., well, it's stupid. I have seen a different cinematographic gem by Charbel Khalil though that proves that he's a bigotted idiot, but he has the right to freely express his bigotry just like you have the right to TURN OFF THE TV!!!

Anyways, I hope the anti-riot force that was prepared for the commies yesterday is still awake tonight. Yalla, Good Night.


hillz said...

what was the content of the scketch?? i don't watch it here..
as for what happened and with the litle information i have about, here how i see it:
- Hezbollah fans went out to protest against a scketch.
- *the place*: the borders of their district (da7yeh).
- *the cause*: somebody criticized someone that should not be criticized.. it is not about it is stinky scketch or not.. it is just the act of CRITICIZING that pisses them off!
- *the rule*:
لا صوت يعلو فوق صوت المعركة .. وصوت السيد.
- *future steps to be taken by hizbollah towards their supporters*: calm down.. we'll see how to deal with it..
(in other words.. he should not be criticized.. u r right in burning tires.. but u r making it difficult for our poltical relations with other parties)
- *Question*:
I wonder what's the opinion of mr. aoun... oh wait wait.. it was not done in a christian district.
- *PS.* LBCI declared yesterday it's no more a lebanese forces television (??)
- Wait for lot of action yet to follow..

G.C.C.United said...

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Eve said...

يعني لو العالم كلها بتستنفر بهل الهمة عقضايا حرزانة!

Mo said...

?سعر ربطة الخبز مثلا

تحية للغيارى على لحية السيد في لبنان و بلاد العرب
و ما تصبرنيش

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is anything called the right to freely express bigotry. Unless, there is also the right to freely express anger.

Laila said...


Sombody is sharing this logo of yours here in Iran:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this episode of bass met watan is to be found anywhere on the internet? (youtube or other...)


أمل said...

Fi3lan yalla, goodnight.

linalone said...

Jamal bi kel mouzahara elou ejer, chou el essa. Chaklak 3onsor moukharib, beb3atlak mouzakarit jaleb....

Anonymous said...

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happygames123 said...

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