Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tale of Two Cities

Curitiba, Brazil (Last Night)

The streets were as timid as the Win

"Just a few motorists hoisted flags, and only a handful honked their horns.
No fireworks were wasted after this unsatisfying display.
Before the game the atmosphere at bars was animated ...... after barely a 1-0, dissappointment was the only thing present as people paid their bills."

Beirut, Lebanon (Last Night)

5 pm (5 hours before kickoff) Cars Honking, Firecrackers cracking, Flags Waving, Chants of "Ba Ra Zil" all over town.

8 pm Cars Honking, Fire crackers cracking, Flags Waving, Chant of "Ba Ra Zil" all over town

10 pm (Gametime) People still on the streets, Cars Honking, Flags Waving, "Ba Ra Zil"etc...

Midnight (Final Whistle) Fireworks, Heavy artillery fire, Cars Honking, Flags Waving, "Ba Ra Zil" all over town

1 am Normal people Trying to sleep, Fireworks still going strong, Car Honking increasing, Flags Waving, "Ba Ra Zil"

2 am Normal people still trying to sleep, Car honking not showing any signs of slowing down, Flags Waving, "Ba Ra Zil"

3 am "Kiss Emm El Ba Ra Zil Akhou Sharmouta!!!"


euroarabe said...

not's barely even Brazil, let alone South America...
some cold town 3,120 feet above sea level, populated by people who are practically Scandinavian in their disposition....they probably just clapped politely over there so as not to spill their Earl Grey in 2002.

Walaw ya Jamal! 3am tisliba 3ailaina? (hows my lebanese by the way?)

JoseyWales said...

Ba Ra Zil!
Ba Ra Zil!
Ba Ra Zil!

w'wezzz 3aynak

Ba Ra Zil!

(but good post Jam)

linalone said...

Ma3ak 7a2, badda el ossa!!

JoseyWales said...


If you're suggesting that we are more excited than the people directly concerned, you're damn right.

Like the Sayyed said, we'll be fighting Israel long after the Palis have settled (or given up). And then we'll liberate the Golan.

Yessir, that's the kind of people we are.

Anonymous said...

and even more importantly we'll annoy EVERYONE about it whether they give a damn or not, whether it's legal or not ...

Eve said...

I heard they started burning things in tripoli!
and you have here a specimen that proves why "na7na, 3an jad, bi alf kheir".

Laila said...

Great! I can't stop laughing. How beautifuly you picture the people in your country(and ours as well). We have a proverb:" The soup, hotter than the bowl!"

Kodder said...

hehe funny post.
Hate the stupidity in leb.
everything should be a personal fight, wether its a foreign country that we got nothing to do with, or whether when you want to talk to God you are on a chair or on your knees.
I bet sooner or later, people will start fighting about how they like their eggs? sunny side up or down?
don't laugh... I bet someone following this comment will say an egg making preference....

Zanzounito said...

a7em...sunny side :)

Laila said...

My comment from Iran:
First: please play democratically; you should mention all the possible options. How we are supposed to vote when you just limit our human right of free selection to the ones you like and prefer? Just like our mullahs who in every election force us to vote for one of the mullahs in the list.

Second: Boiled is better. Oil is damaging to health.

Kodder said...


أمل said...


Well.. it used to be " Ba RA Ze222!" in the good ol' days ..

Allah yer7am! :P

LooL said...

hahaahha...hilarious post, so true..and so pathetic..we are so damn busy rooting for others, and fighting for others, that we forget who we are, where we are and what we want

Anonymous said...

nice one