Friday, June 16, 2006

Expectations vs. Reality

Red= Expected Route, Agreed upon drop off point, 10 minutes, 1000LL
Blue= Actual Route, "Lucky I was Dropped off alive" point, 30 minutes, 0 LL


hind said...

that was hilarious. I loved it. As somoene who suffers the wrath of service drivers daily, i understand this perfectly and laugh as tears trickle all the way down to my tired feet that will now prefer to walk than argue with the hacking coughing old man who insists on spiting everywhere as he complains to me about everything under the sun...RUN! this was very funny jamal, thanks.

Anonymous said...

In the states, we pay around $30 bucks to visit an amusement park...whereas in Leb, it's a real-life thrill-seeking adventure..