Sunday, June 04, 2006

From Lebanon 18


No, not Michael Jordan. This is not LBC. Michael Jackson has enough plastic surgery to be an honorary Lebanese, but no, he is not MJ.

MJ is short for "Min Jamaetna" meaning "Our Folk".

The Lebanese express themselves differently when in mixed crowds as opposed to when they are surrounded exclusively by MJs. Amongst MJs there are no red lines, not Hariri, Not Nasrallah, and not the Patriarch; not even Jesus's and Mohammed's genitals.

Since most Lebanese feel overly burdened by having to act tolerant most of the day (at school, work, the supermarket,etc...), most MJ gatherings turn into non-MJ bashing sessions. These sessions serve as anger release therapy that contribute to the relative Peace we live in today.

Infiltrating MJ sessions is always fun. I personally have been mistakenly allowed in on almost all colors of MJ gatherings; the Armenian variety has been a lone exception due to the language barrier. They are all pretty much the same, "Our MJ are the better than the others for such and such reasons". Ironically the same exact resons are used by the other MJs to justify their superiority.

MJ, Two letters that make Two face-ness a cultural norm in Lebanon.


Kodder said...

hehe, I dont do MJ gatherings :P
sorry to disapoint you.
in fact all my friends except 1 have different sects/religions/what ever.
anyway I wouldn't know anything about my MJ or other MJs anyway, since I hate both
politics and religions.
I am a pervert who has only 1 thing on his mind :P.
I wish people just have sex more and stop the fighting...

Laila said...


...But having more sex would result to more MJs in your case, because those around you are from different sects/religions/what ever.

Solution: Stop having sex or do it with the same sect/religion/whatever. :))

Kodder said...

umm Condoms :P

Hassan said...


Solution: Stop having sex or do it with the same sect/religion/whatever. :))


Actually we need more people like kodder so if he resorts to reproductional rather than recreational sex, I think we will have a lot of small "kodders" running around and dividing all the groups!

Yalla kodder, you have to work on forming your own tribe of sons and daughters to fight the way this country thinks! Get moving!

Hassan said...


You have a "confusing" name! The first time I read it, not only wasn't I sure of your sect, I also failed to tell if you're a guy or a girl!

Bashir said...

Inta Min Jamaetna 3al Jamid ya Jamal.

Hassan said...

"3al jamid"?? :))

I think this is the best way to put it this MJ expression...

What about "3dam el ra2beh"??

Kodder said...

lol Hassan.
I would make sure I have sex with all MJs to divide them.
Kodder Jr, Kodderita... and so on :P.

mmm said...

I agree.
Less MJs.
More BJs.

Kodder said...

hahaha mmmm.
well said :P

linalone said...

Nsit el "Khatt" ya Jamal. Enta ma3 el Khat aw deddo?

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Lebanese Meze said...

Jamal, I assure you Armenians have MJ, superiority complex sessions also. I wish it wasn't so, coz I thought we are better than everyone else. But, low and behold to my surprise, we are just like the rest of you nut-jobs (Lebanese). :p

Anonymous said...

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