Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Let's see. You steal something daily over many many years. Finally, after these many many years, the rightful owner of what has been and continues to be stolen comes forward and asks you to stop. What do you do?

Run crying to the Lebanese government off course. They'll surely cover your ass. No one protects and encourages thieves like our esteemed government.

The Government brokered a deal between the owners of the pirated cable companies and ART so that the Pirated Cable operations can continue their robbery during World Cup season. Sure they'd have to pay a symbolic figure for the games, but yeah that should teach them not to steal ever again. Well, it sure helps the most these cable providers have close ties to those who cover their asses.

If you're a thief that is not associated with one of the ruling parties, you will still be treated better than honest citizens by this government but not as well as the loyalist thieves. Lebanoon is just like that, we love rewarding crime.

Oh wait, this was done so that the poor Lebanese people don't have to suffer without the games. How Noble.


Kodder said...

hehe. well said dude.

Ms Levantine said...

Come on guys, we don't have bread, but at least now we will have circus for a month.

And if ART agrees why complain? They got a good deal and they know it: in our "Khlue" tradition they should have paid us to pirate their transmission. Mr. Hamade created a dangerous precedent here.

Anyway, this is better than the official circus (aka Al Hiwar) which does not interest too many people.

I want my World Cup.

linalone said...

What about those who live in areas where there are not satellite providers?

Anonymous said...

copyright can kiss my behind

Kata said...

Some people have bigger worldcup problems than we do