Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Drive By Protest

I was walking in the Sanayeh area today and I encountered a protest in front of the Interior Ministry. I'm not sure what the protest was about, but I am certain it was the Communist Party. Shocking, I know.

About 50 armed Policemen guarded the Ministry on full alert. The protesters were 10, 3 of which were undercover agents infiltrating the crowds. Here's how you spot undercover agents at a communist rally. One, they have used a razor within the past year (applies to both sexes). Two, they don't know the words to Sheikh Imam songs. Three, their red shirts are not washed out.

After I enjoyed a couple of Marcel Khalife classics by this enthusiastic chorus, I proceeded with my walk since I knew there will be no real action with the police outnumbering the protestors 5-1. I reach the corner and I saw 3 truckloads of Riot Police in a parking lot waiting for trouble to start.

"يا طخّو، يا بتكسر مخّو"


laila said...

man there's another "laila" out there!
the other laila

the perpetual refugee said...

All this for communists? in Lebanon?

Communism in Lebanon has as much chance of succeeding as Jumblatt walking a straight line. Unaided.

Mustapha said...

i wonder if hezbolla was staging a protest how many riot police we will have..

hind said...

hehe. thats a good one jamal. also, loved the line about jumblatt walking unaided, hehe. I guess i missed all the action today. oh well. knowing beirut, this is not the last excuse for a demonstration ever. i wonder if nine tv channels were also waiting around for something to happen. ha!

Laila said...

yes, this is another laila. Hi from Iran! :)

أمل said...

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Anonymous said...

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happygames123 said...

yes, this is another laila. he from Iran! :)
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