Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sausage Fest - The Final Day Maybe

I was duped. I must admit when they first announced the National Dialogue I thought they were gonna throw all these people in one room with Elie Skaff, no food, and no showers until they resolve their issues. I thought maybe after a while they would SMS vote people out. I dreamt that they would be forever locked in and we'd never ever hear of them again.

Alas, none of that happened.

However, we must appreciate and reward the efforts and the risks that our leaders went through to save us from a civil war in which they would kill us.

The highest honor bestowed, the John Bolton Cedar Shield, for the biggest and only winner in the conference goes to Hassan Nasrallah. Dude was like Michael Jackson serving milk and cookies to the kids around the table. Too easy.

The Black and Decker irrelevant tool award is shared by Nabih Berri and Fouad Siniora.

The Google.com Map Reader award goes to the Beik, and Kiwi's Shiniest head to the Doc.

The Michel El Murr tightest jaw award goes to ,.... Drum roll.... Michel El Murr.

A Gold Star and a Smiley face for Elie Skaff. Bravo ya Batal!

A Silver spoon goes to ... nah, he doesn't need it.

As for the rest, well, you still have today to try to earn something.


Ramzi said...

How about the Florida Orange award for the juciest news leaks, awarded to...

Doha said...

I liked the Michael Jackson "milk and cookies" part.

Bashir said...

Don't say "fool" until it is in the "mak-youl".
[Don't ask, I thought this was relevant here.]

Charles Malik said...

That's seriously one of the funniest and innovative posts I've read in awhile.

You know, your idea of putting all of them in a room and making them compete for national popularity is actually a fantastic idea.

It was brilliant when LBC came up with "Miss Lebanon." Now, they should have "President," "Prime Minister," and "Speaker." Jumblatt would be a judge on all programs because he's so damn entertaining. He'd be harsher and funnier than Simon Cowell!