Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Food Questions

How many tables does the average "Meza Vegetable Bowl" visit?

Why do all Lebanese get an Ice Cream urge in the South Bound Lane of the Coastal Highway at the Jounieh-Kaslik Junction?

Same question but with Corn on the Cob and Manara Corniche?

Are we the only country in the world that wraps French Fries in bread?

What the heck is a Francisco and how did it become a staple of Lebanese cuisine?


Eve said...

baddeh efham where do you get those ideas from :)
I see you still haven't settled things with that ice-cream issue :p

Doha said...

Jamal, I think the Turks also serve potato sandwiches.

Oh and by the way, perhaps you should ask why the Lebanese, on the south bound lane of the coastal highway at the jounieh-kaslik junction, early in the morning, crave ka3k b-jibin from seasweet.

Anonymous said...

mmmm knefi...
I would stop my car in the middle of I-95 for a knefi right about now. Or some ashta ice-cream from Le Cremier.

Delirious said...

Lol. I swear I've always wondered that :)

You forgot the escalope! Are we the only country in the world that wraps it in bread?

Anonymous said...

You're not. In Israel french fries find their way into the pita or baguette together with shawarma or shnitzel.

Charles Malik said...

You've forgotten the ubiquitous faHita, spelled with an H. It's one of Lebanon's finest foods. Oh, yeah. There's also the famous Lebanese sandwich the filadelfia. Every restaurant serves the same stuff.

For some reason, everyone going toward the Phoenicia on the Corniche gets the urge for Nescafe at Uncle Deek. Avoid the road at all times of day.

Anonymous said...

The "chip butty" is a hearty staple of the British Fish and Chip shop. It simply consists of chips ('french fries'), bread and the condiment of your choice.

Mo said...

I think , and correct me if i'm wrong, the root of it all is 2al3a chicken near LAU.
My first fransisco was an 2al3a delivery back in 1996 (gosh 10 years).

you sure miss fransisco, filadelfia and fahita when you're abroad.

ps: and malik l batata
ps2: and knefi b jeben
ps3: and ka3ek
ps4: cut it off, i must go back there asap

Mo said...


Mustapha said...

How about Ketchup on Pizza + fries? I used to think the combination was perfectly normal until some ajaneb asked me: "why the hell do lebanese people do that?"

jooj said...

awesome blog!

Lebanese fast food places in Ottawa don't wrap French Fries in pita bread; well at least not yet.

But they serve shawarma plates with rice.

There are only one or two fine lebanese cuisine restaurants in Ottawa. All the rest are shawarma w la7m b3ajeen! Shee byil3i innafis