Sunday, May 21, 2006

Crazy Thought

I've always argued that the happiest people are kids and crazy folks. Therefore, I've set insanity as a life goal of mine.

Disney World markets itself as the "Happiest Place on Earth". I can't disagree with that. Disney has succeeded in convincing people that being a kid is a good thing, and Disney World is a place were you are encouraged to be a kid and you'd be accepted as one (after you pay the Adult admission fee of course).

The way I see it, Beirut can equally claim the "Happiest Place on Earth" title by virtue of insanity. No other place can drive you insane like Beirut. We only need a Walt Disney to convince the people of Beirut to accept insanity as a good thing and we'd be set.


Raja said...


Jamal... what we really need is for residents of beirut to concede that they are insane!

Once they have accomplished that, I presume their hypertension rates will decline, and smiles will shoot up!

Ramzi said...

I always felt this place was fun, and I always thought it was insane.
I never put the 2 together before!

Eve said...

iza 3endak block w heik :p
i still say we should go with "nahr el jounoun"

Anonymous said...

Just wondering......whose pictures are those at the top of your block?

Ramzi said...

Wow... the adoptive mother of all blogs called it a block! Hmmm... a Freudian slip if I ever saw one (Eve will get it).

Anyway, I think that's Mo, Larry and Curly?

Jamal said...

Good guess Ramzi, but these are referees training for the World Cup.

Eve,Bas ma ykoon mnashef mitl Nahr Beiru.

BOB said...

So i guess the next Minstry of Tourism ad should be something like this:
"Come to lebanon and forget your sanity!
Or welcome to the land of cedars, tabouleh and insanity
or maybe
you r fed up with life? contemplating sucied? then you have no choice but to come to lebanon and indugle in insanity!

so this is my contribution as a true patriote, hope you all do the same, cause you know the poor goverment and our leaders need us, so please lend a hand...

SH said...

I think that to live in Lebanon you must be insane, it's like the proverb that says
من عاشر قوم أربعين يوم يا أصبح منهم يا رحل عنهم.
Insanity in Lebanon is contagious.