Monday, May 08, 2006

Night Capper

I've been finally cleared of the Spam Charges, I doubt I will ever recover from this accusation. I could live with being labeled a Terrrorist, but a Spammer! That is just the low of lows. But back to business....

No matter what night and what club you chose for your "Sahra" in Lebanon, at some point during the evening the music will be halted mid beat for the "Congratulations and Celebrations" song. Along with its accompanying flares and champagne, the Unbekannt (yep that's their name) hit is the only way to celebrate a Birthday in the Beirut night life scene.

Who am I to go against tradition.

Congratulations and celebrations
When I tell everyone that you're in love
with me
Congratulations and jubilations
I want the world to know I'm happy as can be.


Bashir said...

Happy Birthday.

Ramzi said...

Last night at WokWok, the lights were dimmed 4 times (!!!) in the space of 2 hours for this 'tradition'.
Either May 8 is a very popular birthday, or some people just lurvvvv the attention.

Eve said...

So, I finally lifted my curse off your blog! :P
glad you had fun.

p.s. very nice poem! (did you say three days?)

Charles Malik said...

I'm so tired of that song. I'm tired of the hip, happy Happy Birthday song that they always blast, too. It happened six times in one night at Chili's. The chair of the meeting realized he should have taken my advice and held the meeting elsewhere. He just loves their desserts.

أمل said...

It's jsut like that music from "Conquest of Paradise 1492" is played in every wedding and in every graduation ceremony..

ma 7ada a7san min Columbus!

Anonymous said...

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happygames123 said...

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