Friday, May 12, 2006

Babysitting Saad

As long as the Secular Peace Loving citizens of Lebanon don't build a massive force to overthrow the multiheaded dictatorship we have, we are stuck with our current "Budding Democracy/Tri-theist Feudal System." A Lebanese citizen's fate is tied to the political decisions of the 3 Gods of the Sects that count. Recently 2 Gods started mounting an attack on the Third one, who currently holds more power than allowed by our delicate system of Checks and Balances.

They might actually succeed in crushing Lord Saad, but that too would violate our Sacred Checks and Balances which would be a very dangerous omen. Destroying a God causes a void that must be filled immediately. With the lack of a strong alternative to Lord Saad, that void might well be filled by another Lord Turbaned and Bearded. Can we afford that?

So with the lack of a decent replacement God, the Lebanese must babysit Lord Saad and make sure he keeps pace with the other 2.

Now if you think this is complicated, keep in mind this is still Lebanonology 101.


Anonymous said...

which reminds me, time to go make the daily human sacrifice for the Sect God!


Lazarus said...

sounds like a greek myth ;)

AbuKareem said...

More like a Greek tragedy.

Anonymous said...

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