Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Window Shopper

In honor of the World's most decorated Rapper (9 Bullets and Counting) visiting Beirut, I will pay tribute to his latest hit song "Window Shopper". To my untrained ears it sounds exactly the same as his other songs "Magic Stick" and "Candy Shop" or was it "Magic Shop" and "Candy Stick." I'm sure the Connoisseur in you would disagree.Anyways, 50 will be culture shocked when he sees that a Window Shopper in Lebanon is not the same as a Window Shopper in the USA.

In Lebanon, people do literally shop out of their windows. 8 flights of stairs and no working elevator would make most people starve to death, but not the Lebanese. A long rope and a basket, plastic bag, or a Tatra Can reestablish the food supply route into any apartment.
Money down; Bread, Tomatoes, Newspapers, Stolen Appliances up. Veterans use impressive complex pulley systems to ease the exchange; however, amateur transactions are much more fun to watch. Vertical seperation does not impede salesmanship and price haggling but sorry no Visa or Mastercard.

Nigga you's a window shopper....


Anonymous said...

You should have added Michel Aoun to the list of Scams. Actually you should have added all the current political parties!

Fouad said...


Bashir said...

Complex pulley system was used by abu ribal to lift drinking water to the 8th floor, in haret hureik, back then. He was considered a genius by abu othman.

أمل said...

طيب الشعب العربي خلاق وين مشكلتك؟


Plus this post proves that the Lebanese old educational program is working fine.

Does anyone remember the simple instruments physics lesson?

Pulley wa akhawatuha ..

Anonymous said...

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happygames123 said...

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