Sunday, May 28, 2006

Overheard Today

Abou Abed: Now let's see. Who fired First, What Retaliated and I don't know Re-retaliated.
Bou Stef: That's what I wanna find out.
Abou Abed: I say Who's firing.
Bou Stef: You know the fellows' names?
Abou Abed: Certainly
Bou Stef:Who fired First?
Abou Abed:Yes!
Bou Stef: I mean the fellow's name!
Abou Abed:Who!
Bou Stef: The guy on the Border!
Abou Abed: Who!
Bou Stef: The Rocketman!
Abou Abed: Who!
Bou Stef: The guy firing Rockets!
Abou Abed: Who fired first!
Bou Stef: Now whaddya askin' me for?
Abou Abed: I'm telling you Who fired first.
Bou Stef: Well, I'm asking YOU who's firing.!
Abou Abed: That's the man's name.
Bou Stef: That's who's name?
Abou Abed: Yes.
Bou Stef: Well go ahead and tell me.
Abou Abed: Who.
Bou Stef: The guy firing.
Abou Abed: Who!
Bou Stef: The Rocketman.
Abou Abed: Who fired!

Disclaimer: This post was 100% Plagiarized. Harvard here I come!


laila said...


Eve said...

that joke used to get on my nerves :p

Ramzi said...

Reminds me of an old dialogue in "Mind your language", something to do with "What is your name?".

But I have completely lost my sense of humor over what happened today.

hillz said...

yeh ramzi.. i guess pals have to mind their language from now on!

hind said...

hey jamal..i SHOULD stop by and say hey someday...but since i dont know where you are, what you look like, what you do or what your number is, it might be a little difficult. Knowing beirut, ill probably go see my best friend's boyfriends sister colleague and itll turn out to be you. hehe. but seriosuly, we should have a coffee or something more dangerous..who knows, maybe we can start our own revolution...cheers!

أمل said...

aiwa ...