Friday, May 19, 2006

Sense of Urgency

I love our Government's and our Dialoguers' Composure.

In a country rich in its problems, most people would go crazy and panic trying to solve everything at once. Instead our leaders always keep their heads on straight. They take their time and work elaborately on each individual trouble spot. Step by step, one by one. Complete undivided attention to the details of each issue no matter how irrelevant it is.

I think I will adopt the same approach in my life, I will dedicate the next 4 months (extendable if necessary) exclusively to decide whether I should've gone with Cheerios instead of Sunnyside Up Fried eggs for breakfast this morning.


Doha said...

Jamal, you are sooooo funny!

laila said...

awesome :)

the perpetual refugee said...

Honestly, you shouldn't have gone with either. Why are you supporting the Zionist pigs with your Cheerios anyways? And where did your eggs come from? Was it a Sunni, Shiite, Druze or Christian poultry farmer? Or were they Syrian eggs? Foul medammas is where it's at. We should have a dialogue session to ensure that there is consensus the next time you have breakfast.

Charles Malik said...


The Egyptians claim foul as their own, and they have already shown a bias in Lebanese affairs. Cheerios and the very term "Sunny Side Up" are Western creations noting Jamal's direct bias on behalf of Western powers.

In our sister country Syria, the majority of the population cannot afford to eat. I say we take the Syrians as our role model. I say, Hassan Nasrallah and Walid Muallem should go on the Syrian worker's diet. Nasrallah used to be svelt. Now, he fulls a room with his presence, and I'm not talking about charisma or his beard. I don't know how Muallem hasn't had a heart attack. I guess that something regional leaders have in common. Sharon lasted into his 70s.

BTW, the Israelis claim hommos, falafel, shawarma, et al as their own. What are we left to do? Khanzeer berri from the Chouf!!!

Anonymous said...

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