Friday, July 21, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 10

I've been out and about all day today and I haven't had time to write something up. I do have a question for Olmert though.

After killing over 300 Lebanese Civilians and destroying the infrastructure a country, what have you accomplished?

How much closer are you to the Goals you set up for your war?

... Thought So.

I'll leave you with a song tune that will be annoyingly stuck in your head and that you will be humming all night long. Sorry.


What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing,Uh-huh


Laila said...

Another song tuned by your previous post:

Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

I was a member of a good platoon.
We were on maneuvers in-a Loozianna,
One night by the light of the moon.
The captain told us to ford a river,
That's how it all begun.
We were -- knee deep in the Big Muddy,
But the big fool said to push on.

The Sergeant said, "Sir, are you sure,
This is the best way back to the base?"
"Sergeant, go on! I forded this river
'Bout a mile above this place.
It'll be a little soggy but just keep slogging.
We'll soon be on dry ground."
We were -- waist deep in the Big Muddy
And the big fool said to push on.

The Sergeant said, "Sir, with all this equipment
No man will be able to swim."
"Sergeant, don't be a Nervous Nellie,"
The Captain said to him.
"All we need is a little determination;
Men, follow me, I'll lead on."
We were -- neck deep in the Big Muddy
And the big fool said to push on.

All at once, the moon clouded over,
We heard a gurgling cry.
A few seconds later, the captain's helmet
Was all that floated by.

Achillea said...

You've fallen for Nasrallah's agitprop again, I see.

Thought so.

Too bad.

What is "Occupation" said...

After killing over 300 Lebanese Civilians and destroying the infrastructure a country, what have you accomplished?

After attacking israel and killing 8 israelis and kidnapping two soldiers what has hezbollah accomplised?

they accomplished the death of 300 lebanese and 3 billion in damage to their country, hezbollah has killed an additional 27 israeli's (both arab and jew) and used up 1/2 their rockets and LOST hezbollah's threat of the destruction of israel..


If you MURDER a JEW, then 100 times of destruction will rain on you...

fair or unfair, it's a fact jack...

new rules, live by them or die...

Itai said...

anon 10:02

The damages are not to Hez country.
Hez country is Iran and Ahmadinagad is enjoying the situation. He sent today an "Appeasing" letter today to Germany's Kantzler suggesting the destruction of Israel as the solution.

I don't know what is Jamal's agenda exactly.
If he's all out against war then I can relate to that. War is good for absolutley nothing (great song btw, it did get stuck in my head, damn you Jamal)

Don't be naive it's not Olmert's or even Nasralah's war. It's not about wounded egos, pride or respect.

All of these play a part but the decisions are made by cool heads based on their calculations and interests. On BOTH sides btw.

If you really want to know what Isreal is trying to accomplish then I think you should take a different look at the situation.

The REAL issue hear is not a random provocation,not the prisoners and not the Sheba farms.

It's the materializing threat of a rogue Iranian backed militia growing stronger every year in Israel's backyard.

This militia doesn't report to the Lebanese government' in fact it imposes its own will on Lebanon.

And that's from Israel's narrow point of view.

when you widen the angle you can see that the conflicts between Shiites and Sunis, fundamentalists and moderate arabs are also intertwined.

Nasralah claims that the Arab governments encourage Israel's war and I think he's right. They are too, afraid of the mentioned above threat. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be happy to see Israel eliminate Hamas and Hez. especially Hamas because that movements has strong links to fanatic movements in their countries who jeopardize their regime.

And that is just on the regional level. When we start analyzing the world arena we can really see how deep goes the rabbit hole as Morpheus put it.

War IS hell, no doubt about that. Good people from both sides get crushed in the middle.

I'm certain Israel will win. I hope it will be with a minimal price from our side and from the Lebanese civilian side.

I also hope that in the aftermath Lebanon will become stronger and independent.

JMP said...

It continues to shock me at the lack of responsibility the Lebanese government is taking for this situation. It has allowed Hezbollah to remain in control of part of the country and launch attacks on Israel. You are being OCCUPIED and doing nothing about it!

Even France had resistance fighters when they were occupied by the Germans. Where is the Lebanese resistance to the terrorists hijacking your country?

What is "Occupation" said...

I'm certain Israel will win. I hope it will be with a minimal price from our side and from the Lebanese civilian side.

I also hope that in the aftermath Lebanon will become stronger and independent.

actually, I hope that israel wins AND i hope for a fair, free and wealthy lebanon free of islamic and palestinian crazies.

I would love to visit lebanon and have coffee & lunch, without having my head cut off, simply because I am a jew or someone who supports lebanon, right now arab do eat lunch and sip coffee in tel aviv without that fear, ask the leader of hamas, whose sister lives in ISRAEL

What is "Occupation" said...

It continues to shock me at the lack of responsibility the Lebanese government is taking for this situation. It has allowed Hezbollah to remain in control of part of the country and launch attacks on Israel. You are being OCCUPIED and doing nothing about it!

as per my name IMPLIES........................

who is occupied...

Iranian Parliament Speaker: The Blood of Khomeini Rages in Nasrallah's Veins; The Confrontation is Not Only in Lebanon, But Deep Inside Occupied Palestine and Within the Range of the Lion Cubs of Hizbullah… No Place in Israel Will Be Safe

The following are excerpts from a speech given by Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad 'Adel, which aired on the Iranian News Channel (IRINN) on July 18, 2006.


Gholam-Ali Haddad
"The indigenous Muslim people of Palestine and the Arabs of the region have been here for over 1,400 years, since the advent of Islam

who is an occupier.....

is not all occupier by the peoples of arabia?

JMP said...


as per my name IMPLIES........................

who is occupied...

etc. etc.

What a bunch of jibberish. This equation is very simple. Hezbollah are terrorists. Terrorists that are the extension of the parriah Iranian and Syrian governments. Lebanon must rid themselves of these terrorists. It is your moral duty. Since the Lebanese government did not, others have taken the job on for you.

Again, even WWII France had a resistance group fighting for that country...where are the Lebanese resistance fighters?

Dovmearot said...

Sing this song to your terorist leader,because he brought it on your pepole and will continue to bring it while he's in power.
sing it to your war loving friends in Iran and Syrya.
Bettet yet,just shut up.

Dovmearot said...

By the way,you should call this blog "Angry Jamal"
Olmert is not angry,none of the Israelis are angry.
Israel is more sad about the lost of lives then anything else.
All Israel wants is to live and let live,but definatly will not be terorized by no one.NO ONE.
Got it? Angry Jamal?

Perplexed180 said...

Who knows what Israel's real goals are? They're going to say what sounds acceptable publicly (ie. kidnapped soldiers are a good excuse to create an offensive and call it self-defense), and then use that opportunity to clear out some problems that have been ticking them off for a while. Who knows, maybe a sub-goal is to get Hezbollah off the north border? Maybe they've been waiting for an opportunity to be created so that they could do this Maybe another sub-goal is to effectively say to Hezbollah, "This is what happens to your country when you kidnap only a couple soldiers. Now imagine if you did something that really pissed us off." Maybe another sub-goal is to say to Iran, Syria, and anyone else that might think of messing around, "Guess what, your country could be the next Lebanon."

Ramzi said...

Say it again y'all...

jooj said...

It seems a lot of the trollers are taking the day off.

What is "Occupation"
"I'm certain Israel will win."
Let's wait and see. Time will tell.

"I would love to visit lebanon and have coffee & lunch"
Good luck finding a cafe or a restaurant! Make no mistake: peace does not mean you can come and enjoy our food!

What is "Occupation" said...

"I would love to visit lebanon and have coffee & lunch"
Good luck finding a cafe or a restaurant! Make no mistake: peace does not mean you can come and enjoy our food!

Interesting, here is a list of islamic countries that would also not like me to visit..

Burkina Faso
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
United Arab Emirates
Western Sahara

Maxwell said...

Strange to see Israelis use justifications like nazis would. You decided to go all out on Lebanon over a few soldiers kidnapped? And you hold political prisoners and probably torture them too? You have a right to talk? You turn gaza in to prison and you think you have the high ground? You think it is cool to destroy a country? You sick, deluded freaks.

Lucky for you guys all of our Presidents have been dumb enough to arm you. Boy, was that a bad idea. When we finally disconnect your lobby from my country (US), which after the American people realize the carnage this has caused, they will - we'll see if tough talk can get you anywhere then. But I'm sure the plan is to turn Lebanon into Iraq. You are just a midget copy of the US anyway. Aren't you?

By the way, from where we sit over here in North America, you Irsaelis don't look like you've accomplished much. Except go on a useless rampage and kill innocent people. Oh, I forgot, women and children are terrorists.And milk factories are dangerous! Some people have been saying you can't get out of this without looking kind of humiliated. So don't brag.

Jamal rules! You freaky pukes suck.

eli said...

Jamal, Your English is impeccable and you describe the plight of Lebanon eloquently
But eloquence doesn't necessarily turns wrong into right:

You (Hezbollah) are firing rockets into Israeli cities from Lebanon. You (H.) are targeting civilian pollution – the likes of women and children as exist on the Lebanese side – what exactly do you expert angry Mr. Olmert to do? I would expect him to do just that.

(BTW, frankly & honestly, I am heart broken by what's happening to Lebanon right now).

eli said...

Maxwell: before you comment about anything, should'n you be familiar with the facts first? For your information, just before the soldiers were kidnapped, H. launced rockets attacks from Lebanon into some villages in Israel, as a diversion. (OK? Forget the kidnapping; Mr. Ignoremous). BTW didn't your mother use to wash your mouth with soap when you used to swear?

Fearless said...

Do you really believe these figures are correct. Since when the Lebanese Government is strong on figures. Do you believe Hizboullah casuaties are Not included. How typical of the Arabs to attack and then play victims. Grow up guys!

chakeeb said...

Fearless said: "Lebanon is not the enemy"

It's a bit late for that isn't it, Hebrew ? You made it your enemy by intentionally targeting its civilian population and systematically destroying its infrastructure over the past 10 days.

I guess the Procter & Gamble warehouse you destroyed over the weekend in the town of Choueifat was a legitimate target by your twisted logic. And the bombed out Liban Lait milk plant in the bekaa valley was actually a camouflaged terrorist training camp according to your intelligence services. Surely, the tissue paper factory you destroyed in Sidon was a terrorist arm depot.

Your delusional leadership would make you believe you're wining a great victory on terrorism regardless of the fact that you're unable to dismantle the terrorist organization in your own backyard (Gaza) which is showering you with rockets on a daily basis. Keep on dreaming, Hebrew. Defeating Hezbollah would involve destroying the money and armament supply chains which lead straight to Damascus and Tehran. But you intentionally chose the wrong target. Your enemy was and has always been Lebanon. Not Syria, nor Iran.

The systematic destruction of Lebanon infrastructure was planned and staged for the past 6 years to settle score for the forced May 2000 withdrawal. The 2 soldier kidnapping on July 12 was just an excuse to execute your vindictive plan.

While you're scoring victory after victory in your war on terrorism by destroying bridges, roads, factories, and other civilian targets in Lebanon, the Hamas terror cells in your own Gaza and West Bank backyard are already infiltrated by both Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda. But you're too blind to see it. Suicide bombers and rockets keep streaming in from your own Gaza and West Bank backyard for the past 6 years and you're unable to stop them like the true losers that you are. And your pathetic army was bitch slapped by a ragtag band of Hizbollah militiamen at the vicinity of the Maroun el Ras village for the past three days. So spare us the empty jingoistic slogans.

eli said...
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eli said...

chakeeb afandi:
The Hezbollah is not a rag-tag band but a militia trained and armed to the teeth by Iran & Syria. These are Lebanese people (not counting Iranians who do some work for them even as we speak). It resides in Lebanon and is a part of the Lebanese parliament!
Now, what did you have in mind when you fired rockets from Lebanon onto villages in Israel as a prelude to kidnapping the 2 soldiers?

What did you really expect? "For they sow the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind"

Ronen said...

You keep talking about how Israel destroyed your the infrastructure.

As far as I know you have electritcity, telephony, runing water, gasoline, sewage, networking and internet, TV, radio.

The only infrastructure Israel targeted is the one that HA can use to attack Israel or to use in order to move the kidnapped soldiers to another country.

Thats why Israel hit the main road to damescus, the sea ports and airports.

I hope you don't consider the HA infrastructure in Beirut and southen Lebanon as YOUR infrastructure. And if you do - too bad for you.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi there,

Just a quick message to let you know that (what’s left of) the (civilized) world is with you.

Once again, take care of your family and of your loved ones: I’m confident you and the shurafâ’e freedom fighters of Lebanon will defeat the enemies of liberty who are trying to destroy your country.

As for the would-be collaborator-dogs of Koreytem and Riyadh who rejoiced at BUSHMERT’s atrocities, well, they will meet the retribution they deserve, for, as Winston Churchill famously said:

"You've been given a choice between dishonor and war. You've chosen dishonor and you shall have war."

Keep the spirits up!

Itai said...

chakeeb_afandi said... "And your pathetic army was bitch slapped by a ragtag band of Hizbollah militiamen at the vicinity of the Maroun el Ras village for the past three days."

chakeeb_afandi I'm happy to update you that Maroun el Ras is in IDF hands now and that 60 of your "ragtag band heroes" are getting a nap in cozy body bags

As for your "Losers" babble:

In 1948 there were 500,000 Jews in Israel/Palestine.
We agreed to this was the U.N. division which we agreed to:

Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Palestinians gangs went to war to “throw the Jews to the sea” as they put it. We kicked their combined 40,000,000 asses and now the borders looked like that:

At that time Israel had no tanks, a few WWII surplus planes and no American weapons.
The Arabs had regular mechanized armies.

In 1967 Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan went on another brilliant campaign to wipe us out which ended in six days leaving them with the following remarkable territorial achievement:

In 1973 Egypt and Syria managed to surprise us. Gained some territory in the first days then lost even more and the war were stopped by threats made by their ally the Soviet Union. This was the cease fire line:

As you can see Egypt and Syria actually lost MORE territory but for some reason this is presented as the greatest Arab victory to this day.

Today Israel has a population of 6 million Jews; it has 8,019 sq miles of land and a GDP of $23,416 per capita.

Egypt for instance has a population of 74,000; it occupies 386,560 sq miles and has a GDP of $4,072 per capita.

Israel’s GDP per capita is more than Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq combined.

(Maybe I should put it like this:
An average Israeli is more productive than a Lebanese, a Syrian, an Iraqi and an Egyptian together)

Israel doesn't have oil or any other natural resource. It has more engineers and doctors per capita than any other country in the world. I can go on but I think I can safely say Israel won.

And when you take a look at the facts it seems that all this hatred towards Israel is out of envy. It is NOT Israel's fault that the Arab world is retarded, poor and fanatic.

Itai said...

Egypt has a population of 74,000,000 of course

eli said...
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eli said...

Professor de la Vega: if you had lived in Churchill's time, you would have condemned him for being a warmonger – and you would have supported Chamberlain anyway. This does not give right to quote Churchill; please quote somebody else…

Mitrii said...


Lebanese citizens, members of the party which is part of the government, with Lebanese president endorsement, from Lebanese territory shoot long-range missiles into densely populated cities devoid of military targets, intentionally aiming at civilians and the civilians only and killing them. Doesn't this look like a grave breach of Geneva convention by Lebanon? By your country? Only do not cry "they started first" because this is not a childrengarden.

Either you are against HA, and then thank Israel which sacrifice its own citizens to do the dirty job instead of you. Or you are with HA and support the above missile attacks, but then do not complain when you get attacked back. Be honest once in a while.

Maxwell said...

Wrong. The rocket attacks on Israel itself came AFTER Israel starting bombing. Also, there is a story at about how israel plaaned this war well in advance, and was looking for a pretext. It appeared in a California newspaper.

Also, we learn today from the NYT that the US (DR. Evil) is rushing more bombs, including laser guided bunker busting bombs, to Israel(mini-me) as we speak. Also, it appears from multiple sources that Israel is directly targeting civilians.

It looks to me like Israel still has their eye on the real-estate of south Lebanon. Either way, just like the US in Iraq, Israel is guilty of war crimes. Oh, by the way, they probably need thos new bombs because the air-war has accomplished nothing except misery for the common people.

I never believed that this whole American middle-east policy was being run by the Israel lobby as some on the Libertarian Right claimed. I believe it now.

Need I remind everyone again that just a few months ago the US was talking about how Lebanon was model democracy for the region. Bush can't have it both ways. He can't say the government of Lebanon should not be caused to fall, and then sell more bombs to Israel.

By the way, it seems that despite our US government and media brainwashing, it isn't clear that most Americans support this attack. And when they find out they've been had, they will turn against it like they have against the Iraq war. The real problem is that the US is a failed state.

As far as the tough talking Israeli warmongers go, you should be ashamed. Your haaretz Gideon Levy said you look like bullies. Nobody likes a bully. By the way, Churchill was the one being bombed to death by the nazis. Kind reminds you of what's happening to Lebanon. You see how those analogies don't work?

Jamal, you hang in there. The world is with you.

Itai said...

Maxwell said... all sorts of crap

1. Hezbollah attack on the first day was on Israeli territory and was covered by rocket and mortar barrages on Israeli villages.
The bottom line: Lebanon commited a Casus Belli.

2. Ofcourse Israel had plans for such a war. the Israelis are not stupid like Hezbollah. They anticipated such a situation. Any country in it's right mind would have done so.

3. Like you said: U.S. supllied laser guided bunker busting bombs. So what's the problem? you probably think IAF is looking for little children in deep underground shelters. idiot.

4. Israel has no teritorial interest in S. Lebanon. It's the opposite: Israel demands the deployment of the sovereign Lebanese army in S. Lebanon and the removal of Hezbollah. So there.

Other than that you just spit baseless propaganda mixed with antisemitic venom. Jews control the world and so on.

If we control the whole world how come we have so much grief trying to live in our small land under the sun???
Wouldn't we be able to solve such a small problem by now?

Israel's area is 22,000 square k"m
Arab countries area is 14,000,000 square k"m (500 times larger)!

Are you sure that if you will increase Arab territory by 0.2% and destroy the Israeli state the problems in the Arab world and its hatred towards the west would be over?

But after all, like you say the Jews control the world so maybe destroying Israel is not enough maybe killing all the Jews around the world is the final solution?
(sounds familiar? should i paint you a little moustache?)

Gideon Levy is a loony left idiot. He always represents our enemies agenda. Every nation has such people. But Israel is a free democracy and he can say and write what he wants.

Fearless said...

Brigitte Gabriel ( a Lebanese) on CNN

M. O’BRIEN: You wrote—it’s posted on your Web site. It’s You wrote a message to Israel. I want to share some of this with people so you get an idea of what you’re talking about here.
You say this, "Thank you, Israel. We urge you to hit them hard," of course referring to Hezbollah, "and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not only Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hezbollah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation."
When you write that, you write that with some degree of risk to yourself personally, don’t you?
GABRIEL: Absolutely. I receive death threats, but this is the time when people need to muster courage to stand up in the face of evil, and a hate ideology that now is not only affecting Lebanon and Israel, but this cancer of hatred has spread throughout the world.

I received a telephone call immediately after the interview telling me that my Lebanese citizenship will be revoked. (They can have it.)

Here are some of the letters I received from people in support of my message. For their security and protection, I will only use first names.

Hello, I'm a Maronite girl and I want to thank you for talking in the name of the Christian people whom they need someone like you to show and make the world give them some attention and to know what the Christian people are going through for almost 30 years since the war started in 1975, the Palestinian people with the help of Syria and the help of all Arab world drag us to this war and turned to a civil war between the Lebanese people even between Christian themselves.

We wish to hear more from your messages to the world specially to the American government and how much we need their support and help to get Lebanon out of this fundamentalist Islam, and most of all to stop Syria from helping these organization as Syria is the head of the snake as they say, we need your help in the United State and as an American myself I wish to see my country go back to the way it used to be before the war the way our parents used to tell us about, ....

All what the Christian want is to live in peace, and have a good relation with our neighbor, wish you luck and progress with your mission....

Thank you, Fadia

My name is Lina. I am a Lebanese American. I was so glad to hear you on CNN. You said what so many of us Lebanese Christians want to say. We need a strong voice like yours to represent us and show the world that we are peace lovers and do not support terrorists, but actually, we ourselves were and still are victims of the terrorists. I pray that this battle will be the end of Hezbollah, but I am afraid this will not happen as long as the present regimes in Iran and Syria are still in existence.

May God bless you and bless our dear Lebanon. Keep the good work.


Thank you for your message Ms. Gabriel.

I watched your interview this morning on CNN and was extremely moved and equally impressed.

I am a 32 year old Christian Lebanese professional woman and I am one of the fortunate ones whose family was able to move out of Lebanon in the mid-80s providing us with a more secure life in Montreal, Canada. I now live in the US and work in the defense/pharmaceutical industry and I like to believe that, through my work, I'm helping make the world a slightly better and safer place.

During your brief statement on CNN this morning, you pretty much described my life and my feelings - my home in Achrafieh was also bombed by Muslim animals when I was 10. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to stand up in front of the entire world and state that the Lebanese Government and its leaders are nothing more than puppets to Syria; you did so knowing fully well what the implications to your personal security could be. You are right: now is the time to stand up and tell the world what is really happening in Lebanon and how further terrorist acts are only around the corner here in the US and around the world.

To hear you say that the extremist Muslims have multiple marriages and pro-create fast enough to produce generations of extremists is commendable. It seams that people in our beloved Lebanon are too afraid to state this painful truth from fear of retaliation and us, "Westerners", are too afraid to be labeled as politically incorrect!

God bless you and give you strength. I am so proud to see an intelligent Lebanese woman make the statements you're making and I look forward to reading your book "Because They Hate" very soon.

Thank you for the goose-bumps you gave me this morning!


I am a Christian Lebanese-Canadian living in Montreal. I just watched your interview
with Miles O'Brien on CNN and was not surprised to see that we share the same opinion
about Hezbollah and Muslim extremism. I feel that most Christians like us in Lebanon
feel the same but are unable to air their opinion. The sad reality is that Hezbollah has
proven once again to be in charge of the destiny of Lebanon, which means that they are the
undeclared authority and not the shadow government in place there.

We simply cannot cohabitate with Muslims. It is a shame but that is the fact of matter.
Bashir Gemanyel's cooperation with Israel was the only way to get Lebanon out of the
claws of Muslims' influence of Syria and Iran. In my opinion the only way for the
Christians to survive in the Lebanon is by dividing the country. In such a case it would
be in out best interest, as a Christian community in the middle east, to make Israel our
first and foremost ally. We both are civilized, westernized minorities surrounded by a
sea of Muslims.

I have always said that Israel and Israelis are a blessing to the West because they are
the only people fighting the Islamists tidal wave. They deserve all our support and

I still have family in Lebanon, therefore I won't disclose my identity by fear of reprisal.

I hear you this morning say 10x to Israel and maybe I agree with you , coz since it is begin the war and nobody was waiting it , and after all the destroy of Lebanon, I think Israel should not stop, till they end the Islamic movement...

Am not with Israel against Lebanon, but with them against the terrorism Islamic. I wish to live in peace in Lebanon, like Bachir wanted it, right now we need someone like Bachir to get us out of this situation.

Thank you, Geo.

What an outstanding report on CNN this morning. I am a Lebanese Christian, from Zahle, left Lebanon after Bashir Jamail was assassinated, also was a member OUR Lebanese forces in Zahle. You fought them in South Lebanon, and we fought them in Zahle. You were isolated in the south, and as you know we were isolated, surrounded, and at the Syrian mercy for YEARS!!!

You have represented extremely well the struggle of every Lebanese Christian of our past, and current era. No one in this country will ever understand, or comprehend what we have gone through, and the scars of war we will carry in our hearts, and souls forever. The American foreign policy, thinking, and approach is WEAK, and Illiterate at best.

Because of this weak and ignorant approach, the RADICAL Muslims are making a mockery of this SUPER POWER all over the world. Everyone must understand that these RADICAL Muslims do not understand civilization, and you cannot treat them softly. I always referred to them as wild barking dogs, where these dogs will shut up, and run away if you attack them, and hit them HARD...

All of us Lebanese Christians wish to have hundreds as your here, in order to turn the tide in ALL the TRUE Lebanese favor.

Million thanks for your talk this morning brought me back to 1982's happiness when our beloved Bashir was elected as a president.

Have a great week.


I was delighted and thrilled to see you on CNN this morning, it is high time the truth is told, and we as free Lebanese are always willing to go the extra mile to tell it. I wish you all the best of luck and please continue to raise the heads of all Lebanese and tell the world that not all of us subscribe to the extremism of Hezbollah.

Yours truly,


I am Lebanese Christian, and am horrified by what appears to be overwhelming support of the terrorists by people of Middle Eastern ancestry. Your web site is a necessary counterpoint to these terribly naïve and dangerous people. Good luck on your web site and with your work.


I saw your interview on CNN. I was very impressed with what you said. I agree with you 100%. Can I add the following:
The Lebanese politicians are all responsible for what is happening in Lebanon between Hezbollah & Israel because none of the politicians did what they promised in their election campaign pledges to the Lebanese people & to the UN & USA. They promised to fulfill UN resolution 1559 but when Syria left Lebanon none of them ever mentioned the disarming of Hezbollah. They are all hypocrites & they possess double standards.
Best regards, P........

I just saw your interview with Miles O'Brien on CNN. Thank you for finally bringing to light the facts of this war that most people refuse to speak about.

Most Americans believe that all Lebanese are in favor of Hizbullah and what they do. Thank you for speaking clearly about the Christian history of this country and how it developed into a country of bedlame due to the violent hatred of some Muslims who are now the majority in Lebanon.


Just today I saw the interview of Ms Bridget and I am so glad that there is one Lady who has the integrity and intellectual honesty to speak out the truth even at the cost of her own life. I think she is the Man of our times, when so many politicians play the game of political correctness and shy away from the truth. She has also intellectually gifted to understand the intricate politics of radical Islam and articulate the same in simple words for the benefit of the people all around the world where many innocent people are hoodwinked into believing the Islamic propaganda. I am so glad that I came to know of your organization. I would do my best to do whatever I could do to support your organization.

God bless you! Please keep up the good work.

Maxwell said...

Well, I never said jews ruled the world, or whatever. I said the Israel AIPAC lobby controls congress. That is a different thing. Please don't hide your war crimes behind the claim of anti-semiticism. Won't work anymore. Your crimes are too blatant. Maybe you've been hearing the word "disproportionate" a lot lately.

I don't want to give away too much about my personal me, but let's just say I've seen the inside of a temple often.

How come everyone seems to hate you? See: Gaza, West Bank.

I'm talking about the main rocket attacks on Israeli soil. Not some incursion to capture two soldiers. (To exchange for Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners being held in Israel) but, ok, maybe that counts then. I can concede that point.

Also, if you were to look into it, if the Israeli ministry of propaganda would let you know such a thing, Israel has made incursions into the border also.

What is wrong with more US arms? Because the story line is that Iran or Syria or Satan is arming the other side. Don't use that line if the US is arming you. But frankly, I'm sick of the Israeli government using our tax $, and our bombs (made in USA, one of the few things that still is) to kill innocent people.

OK, the rest of you, why did Israel attack Christian areas too. Huh? Thought so. This is an attempt to divide your country by the US. See: Iraq. Is that what you want? To be Iraq? Don't let them divide you with this silly propaganda.

Jamal still rules! "And if you go carrying pictures of chairman mao..."

ps to your ps. We have those kind, too. But ours are better. Have you ever heard of Noam Chomsky? It would be good for the entire nation of Israel to read Chomsky about now. Oh, and if you really want to get to the truth, read Gore Vidal.