Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We're All Hezbollah

Whether we like it or not.

I woke up today thinking Barazil beat Luxemburg or some other soccer power with all the fireworks and honking I heard. It turns out it was something much less important.

Hezbollah did something this morning they've been promising to do for years, yet it caught millions of people by surprise.

Israel, expectedly after a huge military and moral blow, retaliated strongly by air and by sea.

Olmert is promising more hell, but I think it's just hot air.

Hezbollah did their thing in the morning and and then sat back and watched . Israel hit roads and nothing else.


Because any further escalation would give Hezbollah the right (per the April 1996 Agreement) to hit back.

Power station for power station. Tourist season for Tourist Season.

Israel knows Hezbollah rockets are in place, ready, aimed and can reach deep into Israel. 15,000 of them. And that's even before the "surprise".

Israel had to retaliate. No way they could let an act of aggression by Hezbollah go "unpunished." So they barked, hit roads, and killed civilians. In the end they will sit down and negotiate.

Hezbollah acted unilaterally and they will get some criticism for it in Lebanon, especially for endangering the precious tourist season. However, regionally they got millions of admirers for being the only group in the world to do something about the rape of Gaza. Sure, Nasrallah insists today was all about Lebanon and Lebanese POWs, but who is he kidding.
It wasn't and there is no shame in that.

At the end of the day Hezbollah proves they are strong, very strong actually, and Israel is not used to dealing with a strong foe.

Reel in the F-16s and start the negotiations, there just is no other option.


Wil said...

15,000 rockets? Where did you get that figure? Hezbollah sources? Come on, who is barking the loudest now, the one that can bite, or the one who pretends it can?

Anonymous said...

Do you REALLY beleive that Israel won't take any further actions, like bombing Beirut, because of fear of Hezbollah?!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't take this the wrong way (cuz you wear your sympathies on your sleeve), but the only thing you got right is that Brazil indeed did not beat Luxembourg. It is far too soon to expect negotiations of any kind, and Hezbo's 15,000 rockets, assuming that there are that many, do not manifest a strategic deterrant (contrary to the Hezb's propaganda). Israel's force of arms and strategic capability far exceeds anything Hezbo could hope to have, and Israel's own restraint is your greatest gift right now. I would be thanking god that you have it, not those stupid rockets.

Anonymous said...

Jamal, why on earth did Hezbo need to kidnap those soldier in the first place. The fact that they've been claiming it for years doesn't mean jack! So what! The only reason for doing it right now is that it will be the strongest blow to lebanon that Hezbo's syrian overlords could dream of. And prisoner swap my ass! Why now ? Why nobody speaks of the lebanese in syrian prisons ?

Lebanese Pride said...

"We're all Hezbollah" shut your mouth you damn monkey! i could care less about hezbollah, all i care about is Lebanon and hezbollah is killing everything in Lebanon. I hope that the USA or even Israel wipes Syria off the face of the map, and Hezbollah too! They Israeli's left in 2000 Hezbollah should have disarmed but they are the puppets for Syria and Iran (just like Lahoud the jackass is a syrian puppet for assad the dickhead!)

I could care less what Israel does to Hezbollah and i HOPE that they kick the living shit out of syria also. Obviously the coward syrians would never fight back beacuse they (and the WORLD) knows it would not be pretty! So go back to your pro syrian friends, gather them all up and get out of lebanon to your real country dirty Syria with the dirty syrians, you f'n ass.

GOD BLESS LEBANON, free of ALL pro syrians and dirty syrians!

padrino said...

Sometimes I wish the heebs would nuke the entire arab world moments before being pushed into the sea. I have travelled throughout the region...but never Israel. Many friends live there. It's easy to appreciate the arguments on both sides. It's sick on both sides.

Arab leadership has always been abysmal or worse. Heeb leadership has been inspired. Inspired by what? A greater gift from God? Bullshit! While the sand niggers were all saying "we'll win - Inshallah!!!", the heebs were busy getting nukes and more F-16s. The real enemy of the Palestinians has been the self-centered super-corrupt leadership of ALL the other Arab countries. Since 1948, every Palestinian could have been built a mansion and given a million dollars if a bunch of Arab rulers hadn't found keeping the wound festering more convenient for their local police state.

So, after 60 years of losing bigtime, humdalillah, what will we do? Oh we could go backwards 1394 years and get mean. Stupid. Imagine if the Husseins, Kasims, Saudis, etc. had said in 1948. "Fuck! we sure got our asses reamed on that war idea. Maybe we should cut a deal with these Zionist mothers so we can get on with a quiet and prosperous life in the post WWII world" Instead they said "Hate! Hate for now. Hate forever! Kill jews. Any jews. Spend everything on Russian tanks for the heebs to blow away like ducks!" I've seen it everywhere. Ultra mind control to keep generations of head bumpers hating heebs instead of the dudes in Damascus or Cairo with the dark glasses. Not worrying about their stomachs because of patriotic the need to buy bullets...and Mig-23s. Sick. Communal mental illness.

And then the intercommunal prejudices. Truly awesome. You think anyone East of Suez would want their daughter to marry an Egyptian? Get real. More shia vs. sunni idolaters have killed each other than christian, heeb, hindu, bhuddist, vs. moslem have killed each other in the last 1300 years. And the sick shia-sunni show goes on. Hezbollah is not part of the solution, they are a lot of the pollution. The heebs salivate over having an excuse to take the entire west bank and the pathetically mind-fucked macho fanatics only talk about pushing the heebs into the sea.

No. Go back to Medina in 622 to find the answer. Don't eat pork 'cause some camel-jockey 1300 years ago said we shouldn't. 2 billion chinks must be screwed with the supernatural. Hate. Kill. We can't have been mislead by our rulers and our religion. We cannot question such things because we've been brought up only to hate jews and zionism for generations to come.


Mo said...

Now you angered some out there Jamal.

How could you talk about Gaza (who is Gaza by the way and why are they raping her?) or defend those bearded pro syrians. You must be a dirty pro syrian yourself. And don't you think the lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons are terrorists? I mean why on hell would they be keeping them if they weren't?
Go argue with that!

Take good care of yourselves back home. Be well.

laila said...
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Kodder said...

:) interesting post jamal.

Disk on Key said...

Jamal, you've got it all wrong.

Here in Israel, what counts is not an agreemnt from 10 years ago nobody remembers. What counts is public opinion and the ability of the leadership to withstand it. Olmert is currently not strong enough. The result will be something close to an all out war. It will hurt us like hell. It will hurt you more.

Anonymous said...

Jamal - I expected better from you. We are all hezballah? hell no!! I will never be Hezballah and I want nothing to do with that group.

It is unfortunate that you went down that road!! I used to appreciate and enjoy your posts...

LadyBird said...

Good Jamal

Keep resisting the Zionists, make them pay. My hart and mind with you people of Lebanon

ramz said...

people of lebanon?

that wouldn't be hizbullah. hizbullah does nothing for lebanon. Iran is under pressure, hizbullah bombs israel, threatening lebanon's stability, in order to divert some attention from their overlords in persia. Syria feels like lebanon is on its way up, hassouna launches some missiles in order to destabilize the country...

how could they hurt israel? no... why do they want to? To help the palestinians?? those nice people that have brought nothing but harm for lebanon? sure... let lebanon burn in order to save some terrorists and allow them to build their bombs in peace in the gaza strip.

no lebanese can justify, accept or condone hizbullah. they may be based in lebanon, but they're the antithesis of everything lebanese.

lack of education or culture, fundamentalism, hatred and zero patriotism. that's the formula for creating a hizb thug.

ghassan karam said...

Opposing HA as an organization that is in essence a state within a state and that refuses to hold itself accountable to the law of the land has nothing to do with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Just because HA happens to support the Palestinian issue canno and must not entitle them to a carte blanche to act as they choose, when they will and to show noting but utter disdain to the state. Ina democracy people are free to think anyway they choose but not to act on behalf of everybodyelse or even worst to act as if nobody else matters. You must admit that one may be outraged by the tactics employed by HA and yet show concern for the rape of Gaza. (BTW, it was very clear to both Hamas and HA that their tactics of kidnapping Israeli soldiers will result in this kind of massive , unjust and inhumane Israeli reaction and yet they choose to proceed with this unproductive and very expensive ( to the Gazans and Lebanese) policy. This beggs the question why do it? What were the gains to either the Palestinians or the Lebanese? Do you suppose that both Hamas and HA have an inherent interest in making sure that the conflict goes on or are they Israeli agents? )

أمل said...

Man, you get all the fun Jamal!

Daniel said...

Hey ladybird you nazi piece of crap, die of cancer.

As for the Lebanese people, I pray Hizbullah is slaughtered and no good people are killed.

laila said...

"lebanese pride" (yeah right) keep your insults to yourself. if you have a different opinion then say it but dont disrespect the blog owner. i checked out your blog and there's nothing "pride" worthy about it.

jamal, i'm afraid things are not as simple as you put them. do you really think the israelis are afraid of hizbollah? all what happened now is that we gave them an extra reason to flip on us. hizbollah is fighting a war but sadly its not a lebanese one anymore

neither jew nor arab said...

Jamal you really do not know how the west (including israel) wages war. Remember how U$A went into Iraq? They spent days telling everyone "get ready for us to bomb you back to the stone age." Then after about 5 days, BOOM - Iraq = Bedrock, Saddam = Fred Flintsone in a cave.

Israel bombed a few roads and things today. Meanwhile they're making all the right statements, as in "Lebanon is going back in time 20 years after the Israeli bombing." 7 Days from now, when the kassam's got shot at random into some olive grove in israel and the israelis are lobbing Tomahawks from their Dolphin Submarines with satellite gps precision at nasrallah's bathroom while he's sitting on the toilet, you're going to regret that comment.

Charles Malik said...


You've angered a lot of people. And there are people saying much more audacious things right now - just not online.

While you're at it: what do you think of Hugo Chavez?

jooj said...

WOW Jamal,

I guess this post won't get the usual comments complimenting your wit and sense of humour.

I share most of your opinion FYI.

I just hope Lebanon has seen all of Israel's raid, which is not only a retaliation but also an opportunity for Israel to show the lebanese how much Hezbollah does not care about Lebanon's safety. and it seems to work seeing from the comments on this post.

Jamal said...

LebProfile- It seems so, I'm getting hate mail.

mononoke and others- i don't think they're scared, but i know that they have to take into consideration HA ability to hit back and hard.

Ghassan- my analysis was of the situation as it stands now, but i think most here missed that my title was jab at HA for getting us all in this.

As for those hurling insults left and right, watch it or I'll zidane your asses.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are talking about a good game of "Gotcha" or how to make your sworn enemy look stupid, then yes, Hezbollah really pulled on over on Israel. It is quite a feat to sneak over the border of one of the most technologically advance military powers. Truly amazing.

But if you want to discuss how in any way this actually helps the situation. How it will save lives, improve the lives of Lebanese or any other people for that matter, then I would have to disagree. This does nothing. Nothing, except allowing Hezbollah to puff their chests up and say they fooled Israel. But its going to make hell for any Lebanese living near Israel. And I'm sure you don't care much for any Israelis, but it isn't going to help them either. At the least, it will cause damage to Lebanon's infrastructure in the South . At worst, it will kill people and possibly even ignite a new war. And I doubt it will help you any.

Anonymous said...

I liked this blog until now. We are all Hezbuallah ? No way. No way in hell.

AbdulKarim said...

I prefer your opinions on Elie Skaff more than yours on Hizbullah. Allah ysem7ak ya zalme,nza3ta :(

EDB said...

Hey Jamal,

You already know that I find your analysis optimistic; but I am grateful for it, because I think -- given from what I'm hearing in the Israeli news and from individuals-- that the Israelis are fully united behind an attempt to all out smash Hezbollah, and make the Lebanese government pay for its weakness. Even if this won't work, politically, I think they will still try, and we haven't seen the worst of it.
I would like to know why Hezbollah kidnapped the soldiers. I don't think that threatening for years is the answer. If it was because of Gaza, they knew that Israel would also retaliate harder because of Gaza.
And the Israelis are willing to suffer the casualties to inflict more damage. They always have been when it comes to attacks on their ground. Just because they pulled out in 2000,doesn't mean they are afraid of Hezbollah when Hezbollah attacks within Israel. I think we haven't seen the worst of it yet.
Let's not get ugly here, guys. This is Jamal's blog, and he made a valuable contribution by stating a bold opinion. You all need to get off your "you're-either-with-us-or-you're-against- us" March 14th high horse.

Anonymous said...

heheheh jamal you da man!
You may be wrong but you're still da man!


laila said...

guys..didnt you get jamal's title yet?! read his comment for god's sake!

vdz said...


I'd like to thank you for your post, because through it I could see the opinions of the lebanese people. And I totally understand your opinion as well, even though I'm an israeli.

What I don't understand is how you see Hizbolla a part of your life.

I'll explain: suppose that everyone has a right to do what he thinks is right, but to every action there is a reaction. You see, Israel is a state of the people. People react: they hurt, bleed, cry and demand from their leaders to act in accord to what they feel. So after the yesterday's attack, justified or not (which is subjective, no matter how you look at it), israelis will demand their leaders to make lebanese people feel their pain, and more!

Now, I'm really grieved about this, especially after I read all the comments here. Lebanon is trying to pull itself together, to make it all better and boom you got ur airport damaged, bridges blown off, it's shitty.

So what I really want to ask is
are you really ready to sacrifice your country, your friends lives for … for what?

Fidelman, Jerusalem said...

We do hate war. We dont want any killings (our PM Golda Meir, said once "I can forgive them for killing our sons, i can never forgive them for turning them into a killers). And the unprovoked HA attack of our borders hurted bones, yes.
But to think we fear HA is just outright silly. Just look at our history. We withstanded much more. Our citizens are stoic, and the rockets will only enrage us. I know of many people asking to enlist now, trying to help protecting our country. Everybody supports a counter-attack. Including the peace organizations. We did withdrew from Lebanon six year ago, after all.

We WILL wipe Hizbullah out, Today, or in another twenty years. I only hope that this stupid " We're All Hezbollah" attitude will stop, wtill then.

We have no grudge with Lebanon. We will be glad to help you turning into a peacefull, democratic, rich and sucssesfull country - after all, it is a prime Israeli interest. But we will never let such attack go without an answer. Israel was created, after all, to give jews an opportunity to defend themselves.

Fuck the pigs said...

Negotiation for what? So next time the pigs from hisbollah will kidnap once again?
Return our soldiers and you get peace.

Death to nasrala said...

I hope soon some missile will make a hole in the pig nasralla head.
Pig nasralla must die!

BTW: do you know what is nasralla in russian? nassralla = shit yourself

Mif said...

First of all i want to say sorry to people of Lebanon for israeli bombings ...
Im israeli and live in Haifa .
Im realy getting angry when i hear in news about Lebanon civilians getting heart and killed .
I want to ask Lebanon for a favor - Help us get rid of hezbollah and Israel will help you to live long and in prosperity .
After all ,we sow how you dealt with sirians and we started to think that Lebanon is begining to look as a free country ,but now i see that all country is being held hostages in hezbollah`s hands.
Only becouse they arabs ,doesnt mean its your brothers ,look what they do to your beutifull country .
They dont give a shit about you or your family .
If they want to fight Israel so badly ,they should move their asses to place they wanted at (like Siria or Iran).
Why are they striking cowardly from the back and then fleeing deeply in your area ,cousing Israel to bomb your infrastucture ???
Why you have to pay for their sins ???
Think about it man ...

Pierre / Candide's Notebooks said...

Jamal, ya kheye, unless I'm missing something, your ironic "we're all Hezbollah" jibe is missing its mark: why the solodarity with executioners, whatever their stripes? That said, anyone insulting you for expressing an opinion isn't worth your time (thoguh even and especially here in the United States, formerly known as the home of the free, opinions that stray from convention are as good as liberal books in 1930s Germany). Anyway, be safe.

For those of you interested in Jama's reference to those Hezbollah rockets pointed at Israel, here's what the New York Times reported about that in 2002, in elaborate detail:

Anonymous said...

Every 20 years a new generation of Arabs grows up and needs to re-learn history the hard, painful way, by repeating it. Israel is not used to dealing with a strong foe?? Are you insane? Israel destroyed THE COMBINED ARMIES OF THE ENTIRE ARAB WORLD THREE TIMES.

What part of that don't you understand? You think they're afraid of Hezbollah's small, random rockets? Do you know what a cruise missile is? It's warhead comprises of ONE METRIC TON of high explosives, and, unlike the random, home-made rockets, the cruise missiles arrive dead on target. Powerplants, government buildings, television stations, military camps, bridges, sewage treatment works, airports, you're country is about to back to the stone age and you sit there boasting of how scared the Jews are of you.

Every time there's a war we hear the arabs puffing out their chests and crowing about how strong they are and how their enemies fear them. And every time the arabs get massicred. 1948, 1967, 1973 1982, 1990, 2002.. we heard all the treats and boasts then too, didn't we?

And what happened?

Anonymous said...

A Message About Damascus
23 Concerning Damascus:
"Hamath and Arpad are dismayed,
for they have heard bad news.
They are disheartened,
troubled like [c] the restless sea.
24 Damascus has become feeble,
she has turned to flee
and panic has gripped her;
anguish and pain have seized her,
pain like that of a woman in labor.

25 Why has the city of renown not been abandoned,
the town in which I delight?

26 Surely, her young men will fall in the streets;
all her soldiers will be silenced in that day,"
declares the LORD Almighty.

27 "I will set fire to the walls of Damascus;
it will consume the fortresses of Ben-Hadad."

Anonymous said...

I agree. Arabs always boast how strong they are, and act without wisdom. And then they learn reality. Also, no matter how mired down Dubya is in Iraq, he would help Israel in a moment if he thought they were in trouble. So, it isn't just Israel's missles that are in play. Most Americans are tired of seeing Arabs in thug facemasks, and this is why few complain when these thugs are hit.

Mif said...

Jamal answer us something ,i realy care of what you think about my previus post ! and so ,i think, do all others ...

Anonymous said...

And another thing, why do people keep saying the Americans are mired in Iraq? Many American infantry combat units and armor units are engaged in Iraql Almost the entire American naval fleet is doing nothing, and that's the platform that projects strategic power.

You think just because the Rangers are patrolling Ar Ramadi the aircraft carriers can't flatten Beirut and Damascus? How stupid are you people?

Oh wait, I forgot. Stupid enough to start a war with Israel AND America.

You better pray to Allah that Olmet is as big a coward and fool as everybody thinks, because he's the only thing standing between you and utter destruction.

a h m a d said...

Oh Jamal, you angered a lot of people. :)

Don't let anything prevent you from expressing your opinion, as usual. :)

Uri said...

Hello Friend
you did'nt see that's one coming.
hope we can stay friends.
A friend

Anonymous said...

what an idiot! do u really think Isreal is not gonna hit anyting else!!! did u see what they did to Gaza? 57 dead so far! what was stupid nasrallah thinking? the idiot did it on purpose. he wanted the summer tourist season to become a complete bust and he wanted to show everybody that he has the power. he doesn't care if there is no power n lebanon is isolated from the rest of the world. i think he wants it this way. Chauvinist pigs like him thrives in the darkages. if that's what he wants why doesnt he n his followers go to syria and leave the modern world to us! or if he feels so bad for the palestenian why doesn't he just go live in Gaza? maybe a rocket will get him n then he can be a martyr n go get his sicty virgins.

Anonymous said...

Upfront I'm Jewish.

I hope Lebanon doesn't lose too much of its infrastructure.

I hope decent Lebanese are not hurt or injured.

I also hope Nasrallah gets whats coming.

As for the man in the street in Lebanon, I wish him well.

I also wish Lebanon would take back their own country and stop allowing the Hizbollah thugs from intimidating you guys.

Syria is pulling your strings, they're using you as the face of a hammer smashing into a brick wall.

Who do you think killed Rafiq Hariri?

Basher Assad is laughing at you.

Ask yourself what has Israel got to gain? Nothing

What has Hizbollah got to gain - more radicals, more support, justify keeping their weapons.

What has Syria got to gain?
The most.

Josh Scholar said...

Anyone who’s followed middle eastern wars at all has come to realize that Arab is all bound up in winning and being stronger - so Arabs ALWAY lie. They always say they’re too strong to hit and that they’re winning, even as their last man is dying. Even the military leaders lie to each other.

No, I think that Israel is blockaiding Lebanon because she wants to see political pressure to end the attacks on Israel. Hezbollah can’t change it’s stance anymore than Hamas can. Only the Lebanese can shoot that dog.

Besides, this isn’t only about Lebanon, it’s about showing middle easterners that the people will suffer whenever they attack Israel. That killing Jews isn’t just a harmless spectator sport, loved by all. That there will consequences, even to those who didn’t sign up to the Jew-killing team.

My reading is that if Israel really worried about the missile, she’d risk being hit by them now and launch a full scale invasion. Israelis really believe that their existance is threatened, not by Hezbollah, but by the war that never ends. Israelis think about the future, the far future. If the missiles were a real threat, she’d take them out now.

They’re not that bad after all. So far long range missiles from Hezbollah have killed 2 civilians. They’re still withing what Israel can absorb. They’re not nuclear tipped or anything intolerable. Which is a good thing, because if they were, then Lebanon would be in even greater danger.

And if they were so much stronger, you wouldn’t have Israel beat, you’d be hit by nukes and crying like babies. That's why these half-assed, “we’ve got them whipped now” poses are SO DAMN STUPID. For God’s sake, grow the fuck up!

Get it through your head, war isn’t about prestige, it’s not a shiny new car, it’s about killing innocent people. It’s about survival.

Now end this stupid war that can never be won. If you were so damn strong you still wouldn't win, instead you'd all die. Welcome to the fucking 21st century and welcome to the human race.

The People's Front of Judea said...

Anyone who’s followed middle eastern wars at all has come to realize that Arab is all bound up in winning and being stronger - so Arabs ALWAY lie.

josh did you use to say something similar about "negroes" too, or are you a selective racist?

Besides, this isn’t only about Lebanon, it’s about showing middle easterners that the people will suffer whenever they attack Israel.

Yes, but not the people who actually attack Israel, rather babies and housewives and such mostly. I guess being an anti-arab racist means you do not find this morally repugnant. Skinheads find killing darkies similarly empowering.

And if they were so much stronger, you wouldn’t have Israel beat, you’d be hit by nukes and crying like babies.

This must be the stupidest point made in an the avalanche of the mind-numbing hypernationalist/racist stupidity that has struck this blog these past few days. Firstly, should a nuclear bomb be dropped in Lebanon, neither a baby nor much of anything would be left to be heard in Lebanon.
Secondly, there's no way to detonate a nuclear bomb in Lebanon without rendering much of Israel a similarly uninhabitable radioactive wasteland.

Get it through your head, war isn’t about prestige, it’s not a shiny new car, it’s about killing innocent people. It’s about survival.

You know lecturing a guy in Lebanon about war and what it's about, is so presumptuous that it becomes self-parodying - unless you're living in Afghanistan or something. Especially when he has said nothing to suggest that he has any problem distinguishing between a shiny new car and war.

Most of the rest of the Lord's fighters here: I didn't really expect that you would be able to tell the difference between a declarative sentence and a statement of fact, but the very patient owner of this blog actually spelled it out for you, in his *only comment in this thread for chrissakes*. I quote: "[Jamal]: my analysis was of the situation as it stands now, but i think most here missed that my title was jab at HA for getting us all in this."

Having said that, the idea that HA is some sort of "outside" force in Lebanon, that can be driven out, is laughable. Regardless of what one thinks of them, they have a huge local base of support - not least because they contributed greatly to pushing Israel out of the country. And, as Olmert knows perfectly well (I hope - otherwise he is an idiot), this latest Israeli attack will quite probably strengthen their appeal to their backers... Which leads one to the question of why the Israelis are doing what they're doing, and there the possibilities are really scary.

Jamal, great blog by the way, I hope you and all of your family stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Won't argue too much with the first points - having lived in the middle east, I never take an arab that accuses someone else of racism seriously... pure hypocrasy, I'm afraid!

Killing innocents? Sure, it's a terrible thing, but then again... they're the ones that voted the morons into the parliament in the first place. You're actually responsible for the actions of your state, in case you didn't know...?!?

Nukes vary in size - you could easily hit Lebanon without affecting Israel... Hopefully this will be a mute point, but nevertheless...

Just because you have grown up with war doesn't mean you s... about the ethics (or lack of same) of war. Rather, you're tainted by it and cannot see things from a different perspective, hmmm...?

He didn't do a very good job, as most people took his words as a (reluctant) support to Hizbollah. Most of his latter posts show that this is indeed his stance.

Your last comment is the saddest of all - you actually suggest that the lebanese population supports a terrorist group, that time and again brings doom to their front door? I hope you're wrong - oh, I do hope you're wrong!!!

The People's Front of Judea said...

1. Dude, I'm not an Arab. Thus I can verily say that you are a racist. Every statement of the form [all [members of group A] are [something bad]] is racist.
2. 2 year old babies don't vote. According to the Geneva conventions targeting civilians is a war crime. If you think that the suicide bombers are immoral, surely you must agree that when someone else is having the exact same effect only on a grander scale, they're immoral as well.
3. Nukes: No, not really, trigger happy Generals say stuff like that, but their knowledge of radiological contamination is miniscule. Winds do blow. There is no strategic advantage to a so-called "mini-bomb" anyway. It would just lead to international isolation and have very little effect except pissing even more people off.

4. War ethics: Conrary to your belief, the vast majority of civilians affected by a war are not at all eager to reinvolve themselves in one. Talk of the ethics of war from an apologist of the IDF's daily barbarism, is rather problematic.

5. Reading the damned thread: He did a very good job. Poor reading comprehension is lamentable but really not the writers problem.

6. My last statement was not an opinion, but a statement of fact. See poll about who wants HA to disarm in Lebanon. As is the fact that Nasrallah is possibly the most popular (in the Arab world) Arab political personality alive today, (he's possibly more popular outside Lebanon than inside Lebanon).
Note this following description from the Head Heeb's excellent Lebanese political party summary:

Hizbullah is the largest of Lebanon's parties with 12 parliamentary seats, but it's also a state within a state. Unlike the other militias, Hizbullah didn't disarm after Taif, and refused to do so even after the IDF quit southern Lebanon in 2000. It is virtually autonomous in parts of southern Lebanon even while taking part in national politics, and has been used by Syria and Iran to enforce their regional policies.

At the same time, Hizbullah has increasingly acquired Lebanese nationalist credentials. The Israeli withdrawal greatly enhanced Hizbullah's prestige, and it has also developed a track record as a reformist party in municipal government. This has given it a certain freedom of action from Syria and Iran, and, as evidenced by its neutrality in the post-Hariri crisis, it has shown signs of pursuing a more independent policy. It has also begun to build alliances beyond its traditional base; its representatives in the current parliament include Sunnis and Christians. It is somewhat ironic that an Islamist militia might be the closest thing Lebanon has to a multi-confessional reformist faction.

What is a terrorist group to you (and a mostly rather unpleasant bunch of wingnuts to me), is apparently seen (not without reason) by a substantial fraction of the Lebanese, as their only defense against Israel's aggression - and as the guys who kicked the Israeli's out of Southern Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

1. Oh, so because you are not an arab you have the all-knowing power to declare people racists? You need to get back to school, buddy! A racist is someone who thinks a 'race' of humans are worth less than other races. Period! If you want to call me something, call me a culturacist... I certainly find the current arab/muslim culture to be far inferior to the western. I do not know alot of arabs but many of those I do know are quite sensible people and certainly not inferiror to me or anyone else in the least.
2. No, but their parents do. Sorry, but war doesn't discriminate. I'm sure thousands of german babies died tduring WW2 but that doesn't mean I condemn the allies for defeating the nazis. If anyone should be blamed for the death of civilians, it would have to be Hizbollah/Hamas, who hide behind the civilian population of their countries.
3. Agreed.
4. Arab reality seems to contradict you, but in theory I would agree with you here. Israeli barbarism, however, are a product of the mindless bloodthirst of it's neighbours. Would the israeli attack you if you didn't encourage them with countless minor acts of terrorism and demands of their destruction? I don't think so...
5. Gradeschool insults have no other effect than degrading your own argumentative credibility.
6. I never implied that it was your opinion, as you can easily read from my post. I merely point out that this information, if true, is the saddest part of the conflict. It will only guarantee further arab suffering and continued unrest in the region.

Please read this letter - it says it all:

Believe me, the west (and probably Israel as well) would like nothing better than to see the arab world accept Israel as a state and enter the peacefull co-existance that most of the rest of the world is enjoying... We don't want to see the arab people suffer, but neither do we wish to suffer because the arabs refuse to live in peace with everyone else!

Al Ases Bin Dover En Takit said...

A word of advice stay out of politics, if you don't have anything intelligent to say.

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