Saturday, July 29, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 18

"Ummm, It's essential, uhhhh, that we do what's, ahhhhhh, right -- not necessarily, ummmm, what appears to be, ohhhhh, immediately popular."

George Bush stuttered these words yesterday as he stood next to his loyal alibi from the land of royals with cool accents. What's the definition of Democracy again? Never mind.

I must say thank God and all his annointed men on earth that we have a man in Washington DC that is willing to decide what is Right for us in Lebanon and impose it on us dumb fucks. A "peace proposal" will fall from the sky tomorrow and land in our bombed out airport. We must accept it and kiss it on both cheeks because that is what's right.

Do what we say is right, or have nothing left. Don't be naughty, listen to Rice. All sort of offers we can't refuse, yet the self-righteous one does not bring up the obvious solution according to 99% of the civilized 21st century humans on this globe.

Immediate cease-fire and peaceful negotiations.

Alas, that is just not, umm, ahhh, oohhh, ummm, uhh... Right.


Jamal said...

YO "Fearless"


I know you're fulfilling your dutis, but if you have nothing original to say then take your act elsewhere.

John Smith said...

The ultimate goal of an Israeli soldier is to finish his 3 years duty without getting himself killed, go to that one year trip to South America, study computer software in the Technion university, get a nice job in CheckPoint, marry Bar Refaeli and have 3 cute kids.

The ultimate goal of a Hezbullah fighter is to die as a martyr.

What the hell is wrong with these guys?

Maxwell said...

Let me explain to the trolls the real goings on now. You see, Comrade Putin is a very clever man. This isn't a "Terrorist" group funded by Iran It looks more like a resistance group funded by Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and who knows- maybe china. Hasn't it sunk in yet that you've been had.

Fact: While the conflagration is building - Russia breaks American blockade to arm Chavez with fighter jets. hmm. fact: The prime minister of Iraq claims that he is on the front line of terror, and is critical of the US stance on Lebanon. Fact: Hezzballah represents 1/3 of the population of Lebanon. Fact: Iran has thousands of American soldiers hostage in Iraq. hmm. Fact: An Englishman was arrested in Turkey, because they thought he was Isaeli. hmm. Fact: Bush/Saud's real fear is the rise of a "shiite crescent" stretching across that territory. Fact: Alquada doesn't like Hezzballah. Fact: Al Quada has no problem with Bush being in office, because it makes thing unstable. Fact: dido bush-makes oil expensive. Fact: Chavez has more oil anyway.

Who turned on that mike at the conference? hmmm. Could it have benn ex-KGB man Putin. Nah! That would be a conspiracy theory.

The war was over when your air campaign failed. Anything else is stupid cruelty. The media takes the most blame, otherwise Americans would know that this is a US attack, more than an Israeli attack.

Bush has a conflated policy by default. He has to choose, and quickly - anf his choice has to be the Iraqi Shiite.

أمل said...

Fearless, leave all Matars and Manars alone and go check out what the Olmerts are doing.

For further help, see the title of this post.

Lebanese W Bass said...

Jamal and his idiotic Hizballah mercenaries are extinct. But like chickens with their heads cut off, they still run around like rats, thinking their still alive.

eli said...

Guys, please don't forget to thank Nasrallah each morning for his recklessness, for the desctruction he triggered in Lebanon. How come it's been a long time since Hasrallah's clever statemanship had been praised on this forum.

What is "Occupation" said...

jamal: A "peace proposal" will fall from the sky tomorrow and land in our bombed out airport. We must accept it and kiss it on both cheeks because that is what's right.

your airport aint bombout out, c41's landed and took off with usa aid today..

the terminals are not bombed

the runways are...

yes israel has killed most of your runways...

as long as hezbollah lobs 100's of missiles at civilians on purpose you will have war...

really simple

What is "Occupation" said...

jamal what are your requirements for true peace?

can you tell us, or is this a state secret?

bangkokbuddy said...

it's none of my business. but with all the craziness going on in the middle east, I thought that it would be good if I knew what is really going on. towards that goal, I searched the internet for information on the palestinian/israeli conflict.

I found this one site that seem to give a good breakdown of the historical events leading to the creation of the state of israel.

could someone tell me if the events described in the website is true? it would help me to better understand what is going on. thanks.

ibn nagrela said...

who is this "fearless" spouter of zionist blather?

this is fearless before fearless changed his profile to smear, attack, slander as a fearless zionist coward.

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Kiru said...

LMAO...Bush is one dum fuck

ibn nagrela said...
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ibn nagrela said...

here is a fair proposal to mitigate zionist hegemony:

* israel's return to 1967 borders; including return of shebaa farms to lebanon which syria has already agreed

* exchange of prisoners

* 25km buffer zone on both sizes of israeli-lebanon border monitored by un multinational force

* hibullah agreement to nationalise its military wing as a separate "command" within laf

* hizbullah agreement to sever military command & control ties to mugniyah

* hizbullah/nasrallah agreement to appoint new military leadership for laf hizbullah command, including a separate cic with rank equivalent to current cic michel sleiman

* hizbullah agreement to allow laf inventory of all munitions, place all such inventories under laf procurement & control

* admission by idf that the idf patrol ambushed by hizbullah reported on 12 jul was on the LEBANESE side of the israeli-lebanon border at or near aitaa al-shaab and that idf patrols ROUTINELY cross the border into lebanese territory on such patrols

* admission by hizbullah that killing and capturing idf forces on 12 jul was an unnecessary provocation despite idf's unauthorised incursion into lebanese territory

ran said...

ibn nargela, sounds like we have a good basis for agreement. a few comments though:
1. no need for buffer zones. if the laf takes responsibility of its side of the border israel doesn't require this.
2. arrange your army however you like, just understand that the laf will be responsible for any hizbullah provocation.
3. the israeli soldiers were not kidnapped from the shaba'a farms or any other lebanese land. it was truely around aita al-shaab, on the israeli side of the border (zariit). it is about 30 KM from the shaba'a farms. check your maps.
4. Let's make peace !!!

Zanzounito said...

I do appreciate your humour in this mess!

Fouad said...

You made my night :)

MERKOVA said...

JAMAL ...... Your damn right. You guys are a bunch of "DUMB FUCKS". You guys might as well commit suicide since the hizbolla is there to give you guys a help hand.

Sol said...


to quote you, yuo really are
a "dumb fuck", for putting up with all the shit Hizbollah and all the other Arab fanatics have dumped on you.

Move to Israel, or to any other Western country, and at least there you can belong to a political party with represntation in the Parliament, and speak your mind withou getting your throat slit by some ass-hole followers of some self appointed young fuck Imam.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

You mean like those other cease fires and negotiations that have worked so well before?

It would be nice if it were a solution, but it has never been one before.

sgJohnB said...

I am happy, many Labanese die. We have a right to self defense same as US. We don't run away, we will come and kill all Lebanese. It’ couldn’t be stop. I will make you like Hariri’s death. There will be no future for Lebanon. We will make our dream came true.
Don’t fight with Isreal, leave Lebanon now.

Chinese UN observer, Du Zhaoyu is friend of Hezbollah, he is terrorist. He should be kill. Our government will never pay any to him. So many problem with those UN observer. They all should leave or be kick out. We are going to take the land and make more settlement and peace.
We need more growing pro-Hezbollah sentiment going on, the story must be carry on no ending and more destruction can be made. The fight would be extend and new weapon will be on test. So far we are happy with the destruction. We will made sure some Hezbollah carry on the fight, there would be no end of story.

Our laser bomb is very accurate. We see you clear, we lock on you from sky like Da Zhaoyu. What UN resolutions are you looking at, this is Israel war resolutions. We control of U.Nations. We don't talk with Hezbollah, we don't hear from Hezbollah. Your bite, we attack and attack kill all. Amen…..

Never Heard Of It said...

This is not rocket science as to what is required for a cease fire. Finally a 48 hour cessation of air strike hostilities from the jackastors of the IDF. It took another egregious attack and 60 civilians losing their life for this to happen. The world has had enough.

Someone on the IDF side needs to look at how they target the Hezbollah jackastors because their military training is suspect. The Hezbollah are pusilanimous and the jackastors obviously do hide behind civilians for cover but that does not give the IDF the right to kill innocents. The Karma of Israel is getting worse, and they will have a big bulls eye on their chest now for more extremists.

Once again , it is not rocket science, the Hezbollah most be stopped by the Lebanese Gov't , Syria , and Iran.. US should give more diplomatic effort and a Nato force should be deployed immediately , and Israel must cease killing civilians ....

Fearless said...

Hizbullah planned the Qana thing to avoid being disarmed by the Siniora Governmenthcuta

Fearless said...

You say, Jamal:

"Immediate cease-fire and peaceful negotiations"

With whom, with Hizbullah? With the impotent Lebanese government?
With Emille Lahoud, Syrias agent in Lebanon- a puppet president?
Withj Michel Aoun -the traitor?