Saturday, July 15, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 4

I'll take time to address some of the issues that come up in the comments section of this blog. I'd like to thank all those participating. As a firm believer in free speech and exchange of opinions (and negotiations to resolve conflict for that matter), I appreciate those of you taking time to share your views without calling me or others monkeys.

First Issue: The State of Israel is a racist entity. For those of you trying to argue that it's less racist than Saudi Arabia I say nice choice of a role model. I don't think that's who you should be aspiring to emulate, but that's just me. To those calling me a hypocrite for only seeing Israel's faults, I refer you to the archives of this blog where you'll find plenty of criticism of what's wrong in Lebanon. I've been venting for a year about Lebanon while I'm just getting started on Israel so stay tuned for a lot of "surprises". More later.

As for today's killing campaign. Reports just in say that 12 civilians fleeing their village in the South were killed by missiles fired from an F-16. So Hezbollah last night dealt another blow to the Israeli Military by destroying one of its warships, Israel retaliates by killing defenselesss civilians. Nice use of the superior military machine.

Right now things seem to be heading towards a prolonged confrontation. Olmert promised a lot of things he can't fulfill which has him looking for a way to end this in way he could save face. The only thing he can brag about is wide destruction and killing of tens of civilian.

I just heard a loud explosion. Last night was relatively calm in Beirut which was good for catching up on sleep after a few sleepless nights. These 4 days have been exhausting which makes you feel for the people of Gaza who've been suffering this treatment for weeks. Well more like years. The goal is submission, but no human being likes to be bullied. There goes another loud explosion

Again I renew my earlier assertion to Rambo Olmert. You can negotiate today, or you can negotiate in a week, or you can negotiate in 3 months. In the end that's your only choice.


Anonymous said...

Your telling it only from one side. What about all the civilians the Lebanese have killed in Israel. So they sunk ONE ship. What about the fact that Lebanon is going to find it hard to find a slice of bread in no time because of a tremoudous blackade. Your negotaitors are going to be terribly hungary.

Anonymous said...


Why did Zidane Snap? - 60% for Zionist Conspiracy. That's nice.

Even if Israel is racist state (which is not in my opinion), why do you care about it and mainly about it? Why you cannot leave it alone? It seems like obsession to me.

Is it true that there are professions prohibited for Palestinians in Lebanon (I really do not know)?

How many religious Jews (if any) live in Lebanon? I do not ask about Israelis, but there were some Jewish communities in Lebanon long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I guess that by the end of this particular conflict events will prove that Hezbollah and its backers bit off a bit more than they could chew. Sadly civilians in Lebanon (and Gaza) and Israel must suffer as is the case with armed conflict universally. Muslim and Jew alike both die, all families mourn and refresh their stores of hate for the next round of violence.

Your comments from a day or 2 ago, "Olmert is promising more hell, but I think it's just hot air" weren't accurate at all und underestimated what he has to gain in this situation. Olmert is not cut from the same cloth as several of his predecessors nor does he carry the "Lebanese baggage" that Sharon did due to his invasion of Lebanon. Olmert is free to act and manuever as he wishes (at this point) and he has decided to try to change the landscape on Israel's norhern border, inflict some pain and losses on Hezbollah and show the world that the UN resolution to disarm Hezbollah needs to be inforced.

It sounds as if the populace in Lebanon is split over whether having an unaccountable armed force in their midst is a good thing or not. I think a few in Lebanon and the rest of the middle east are having a bit of a chuckle at the latest turn of events. They can privately relish the misfortune of the Shiite militia delivered via a proxy like Israel, while voicing public support for Hezbollah so that they look "united" to the rest of the Arab world. What a crazy place the middle east really is.

In any event I think Olmert will call the Syrian and Iranian bluff and figures now is as good a time as any to take the fight to the real enemies (Syria and Iran). This situation will escalate.

Wil said...

UA 210: yes, many jobs are forbidden to Palestinians in Lebanon. And Lebanese like to have in house maids from Sri Lanka or Philippines paid 100 dollars a month (pretty close to slavery). Apart from that, Israel is the one who is racist (I have no idea why, but anger does not help thinking)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you wouldn't know fascism if it bit you on the nose. But that's beside the point. THE ISSUE IS that Lebanon harbors Hezbollah, and Hezbollah attacked Israel.

Quit whining. You act like babies. Grow up and accept YOUR responsibility to control your government and get rid of Hezbollah.

You LET them start a fight and then whine and crybaby when Israel fights back.

lostbird said...

Thanks, Jamal, for your very valuable posts.

As for the "who is more racist" debate, it's completly beside Jamal's point. He just said that throughout history, Israel has always imposed its word, wether it was suitable for Palestinians or not, simply because they were stronger. And it's EVIDENT that such a thing is not fair.

And if Lebanon and other Arab countries are highly racist and discriminatory, why should this stop Jamal from pointing out the evident discrimination the Arabs are facing in Israel ?
If Jamal posts one more time on this issue, I bit people will start accusing him of antisemitism in the comments.

Disk on Key said...

I appreciate your comments and website.

Racism: usually not an either-or quality. Some states were definitely racist (Nazi Germany). Others are on a scale from few to many racist practices. I regret to say that Israel, where I live, is pretty high up that scale. But as you say, it depends on who and what you compare it with. In the terms of this region we are not that bad.

Olmert: however this turns out, he has no choice but to do what he is doing. And yes, it will end with some kind of indirect negotiation.

Prediction: as the outcome will not be overwhelming in any way, both sides will claim victory. But HA are a lot better than us in PR jobs. Therefore, in the image war, they will win.

Anonymous said...

Israel is racist, so Hezbollah had to go across the border and attack them to make them less racist. It all makes sense now, thanks Jamal. The 800 amateur rockets lobbed into Israel from Gaza had “hey you stupid Jew, love us’ written on them. Arabs are of course not at all racist so I concede your superiority to the ‘sons of pigs and monkeys’ there.

Olmert will not negotiate. Arab terrorists released from Israeli jails go out and kill again. Get used to the fact that this war is on because evil fanatics in Tehran gave the order. It will not stop until they see some disadvantage in it. Your life is nothing to them, your country is nothing to them.

You think the masters of Hamas and Hezbollah in Syria and Tehran care that you had to have a cold shower, Jamal? Are they sorry your sister is scared? They must be, they’re not filthy racist Jews, right? Oh well. You are all Hezbollah now.

Kodder said...

damn alot of anonymouses...
I wonder why...

Christopher H said...

Hezbollah is not just standing up to the big bad Israelis. It is radical Islam. If you sympathise with them you deserve the VIOLENT, repressive, backward, cruel government they will bring. Radical Islam is savagely VIOLENT and has contributed NOTHING positive to the human race. Where would you be if Hezbollah could realise their dream of a world without Israel? For the vast majority of muslims, absolutely nothing would be different. You would still be behind the west in science, technology, literacy, human rights, women's rights, industry, standard of living, international sports,....shall I continue? And after Israel who will they blame? The Great Satan? Europe? They will call for more war because that is all they know. Wake up! It's not about Israel. Radical Islam is a cancer that threatens everyone.

Vox said...

"you can negotiate in a week, or you can negotiate in 3 months. In the end that's your only choice."

No I disagree. Should we live in a parking lot because of the folly of two men?

Anonymous said...

"we are all Hizbullah now" very efective words, don't know who said it though, maybe Jamal. for those who did not get it; it means we will all fight, with what ever tools we have, whether be it with fire or with just a pen and a paper. Hizbullah is the spirit of resistence and of freedom.
To state some facts; This last Israeli aggression on Lebanon was not the direct result of capturing the Israeli soldiers by Hizbullah, but it was decided more than 3 months ago by the Israeli government in colaboration with the American government. They were waiting for any excuse to go ahead with the plan, full capacity. They saw that was the only way to implement UN resolution 1559, and to get rid of Hizbullah. That's why we can see the Israeli retaliation was so much out of proportion.
The smart thing to do was to trade prisoners, but the Israeli agenda had bigger plans any hopes on it, which are breaking down by the hour.

Revolution won't be televised! said...

So the problem isn't that israel could be,or is stronger than hizbullah or any other mouvement of national resistance against the sionist agression.

What matters is that each time israël is physically hit- as in the warship example - its myth of invincibility is going more and more down in the bloody ground which is drinking the blood of innocents victims.

On a politic point of view, if you're strong you don't even have to use your force. More Israël uses its force more Israël is weak.

And the more you speak about its weakness, the more Isarël barks and shows its real face.

Let's make the masquerade of sionism over!

libnanews said...

syria has just been attacked

jooj said...

Vox, are you suggesting that HA comply with Israel? and then what?

How long would this stop Israel before another aggression?

Stan LS said...


"Another agression"? Hezbollah rockets Israel almost on weekly basis, and then kidnapped 2 soldiers. Who's the agressor here?

jij said...

I just find it disgusting that our country is bring attacked and the only thing so many Lebanese have to say is the usual shit about Hizbollah. The capital is being bombed and there's no national unity against the ennemy. This is a battle of who cracks first, and the Lebanese people don't have the will to fight. Wait, there is no Lebanese people. Some Lebanese are giving advice to Israel on how to best use its weapons. Some people are openly cheering the end of Hizbollah. I read comments and I can't figure out if it was written by an Israeli or a Lebanese. Shame on us. You're doing a great job Jamal, I agree with everything you say, I just wish there were more descent people like you, cos if there isn't then we're doomed.

Neither Jew nor Arab said...

Well this site is starting to disgust me, but isn't it ironic that a (newly minted) pro-Islamist such as Jamal gets international attention for his views thanks to an invention known as the "Internet" created by America, Israel and their 'satanic' allies.

PS. I'd love to hear the HA's Koranic fantasy explanation of how Allah & Mohammed actually invented the internet.

jooj said...

Why does every argument at to who the initiator is go back as far Hizbulah kidnapping the two soldiers?

Does the word occupation ring a bell? Are decades of aggression and humiliation not relevant anymore?

Anonymous said...

Occupation? Of Lebanon and Gaza you mean? The Israelis withdrew and this is their reward. Rockets fired over the border and kidnapping. So why would they withdraw from anywhwere else if this is what happens?

Anyway enough talk. This is the last thing I'll post here. Death to the arabs.

al said...

May be Israel is racist state, but it is not a reason why those for whom you provided comfort in your country are willing to destroy this state and not the reason why they deny this legitimately by UN created state the very right to exist. They want Jewish state and Jews to die not because the are racist or because they are bad, They want them dad because they are Jews, aren’t they ? So you are calling Israel a racist state and support those who want to kill this state not matter what ? So let us say tomorrow Israel will not be racist state what will changed? Hezbollah will stop attacks? You will turn against Hezbollah fulfilling promises to control boarders? I bet you not! You now what? You can claim nothing from people who in your view does nor deserve to be alive. They are killing civilians and it is really horrific. Tell what they should do if your cowards Hezbollah hiding themselves between civilians? Just watch how form your country devoted enemy declaring as goal elimination of the state of Israel? Why you do not claim it form any other countries? I bet if entire Europe would tomorrow decide that France does not have right to exist and will start firing rockets on France EVEN France would respond recklessly. Chirac DID proclaim he will use NUKES if anybody will attack that and nobody outrage. You are thinking as an racist yourself denying to Israelis the right exist . this logic would not be applicable to any other country only form Israel is the world expect to accept negotiations with those who going to kill them anyway.

bjbarron said...

For your info, guys, Al Gore invented the Internet.

Hizballah is a non-state actor comfortably resting in a state. This cannot be a permanent situation...either they get absorbed into the state or become the state (as Hamas).

We all were cheered by the Cedar Revolution...but Hizballah has it's own agenda and timetable. I'm sure you wished for another couple of decades to strengthen up, but Syria and Iran, thru their proxies, didn't allow it.

I don't believe that Lebanon is not strong enough to remove could be done if the will was there...

And thinking that the shooting of hundreds of missiles into Israel is just payment for actions of 2 decades ago (which were payment for prior actions) just stupid.

Someone finally has to stop it. You had a good chance and let it slip away by supporting Hizballah. Freedom isn't free. We've learned that lesson well.

You haven't.

AL said...

to jooj
It is not about two soldiers. You forgot already about kidnapped civilian settlements? One of these 18th years old was killed EXECUTED.
it is about rocket attacks on civilian targets. It is, first of all, about devotion to destroy Israel and denying right to exist
Occupation? All occupied territories was gained after Arab’s aggression or to prevent aggression. Nobody claiming from Russia Kaliningrad district ( Prussia) which was taken form Germans after WW2 nobody claiming French territories form that before WW1 and WW2 did belong to Germany because it was German’s aggression and they paid price.
why Arabs can be aggressors for free? It was a buffer zone not an occupation.,. And what happening now is direct result of softening rules and ending "occupation".

Anonymous said...

"You can negotiate today, or you can negotiate in a week, or you can negotiate in 3 months. In the end that's your only choice."
I say - "you could have taken over south lebanon instead of hizbolla yesterday, but you preferred to undergo all of this to do it tomorrow. in the end, that's your only choice"

Anonymous said...

Why do you say Israel is a racist country?
I live in Israel. Racism means that one group thinks it is better, therefore they deserve more rights, they believe the otheres are inferior to them.
I believe a small minority in Israel really think they are better. What is true, is that we are at war with the arabs. So any discrimination to the arab public inside Israel is because of that war, and not because we think they are inferior .A lot of voices in the arab world call for our destruction so the animocity and hatred between us is the reason for discrimination, not the notion that we are better. We do believe that the land of Israel belongs to us (and we are willing to share it with the arabs, the arabs are not willing to share it with us). but we believe that the land belongs to us not because we are better but for other reasons (be it god's promise if you are religious, or simply the fact that we once had a soverign state here that was destroyed) - but that opens another debate.

R Paul said...

"Why do you say Israel is a racist country?"

You don't know that your beloved country is RIGHT NOW conducting ethnic cleansing in GAZA? They've used flimsy excuses to bomb electric, water, and other essential infrastructures. They've blockaded medical supplies. They've emprisoned thousands and thousands of Human Beings as if they were animals in a zoo, while pretending to be searching for Peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel thrives on war with its neighbors. Zionism is racism, pure and simple.

Nightstudies said...

Let's make the masquerade of sionism over!

The funny thing is that he spelled "masquerade" right.

What is "Occupation" said...

R Paul said...
"Why do you say Israel is a racist country?"

You don't know that your beloved country is RIGHT NOW conducting ethnic cleansing in GAZA?

Actually Gaza is 100% muslim. All of the christian and jews are gone, whereas in israel there is a 25% population of non-jews. Please list any arab country that has even close to that 25% non-muslim population and as full citizens.

R Paul: They've used flimsy excuses to bomb electric, water, and other essential infrastructures.

actually they bombed the power transformers at the only gazan power plant, this provides 43% of the strips power, the other 57% of electricty comes from israel, and israel actually has stepped up this power to provide to needed hospitals, not quite your fictional statement, but closer to the truth.

r paul: They've blockaded medical supplies.

actually no, not true

rpaul: They've emprisoned thousands and thousands of Human Beings as if they were animals in a zoo,

actually they have arrested and imprisioned thousands, they live in quite nice CELLS, they go to school and college while in PRISON, they have international red cesent visits, they have cell phones, cable and even COOK their own food, they get visits from relatives, they have appeals to the israeli court system, are provided israeli lawyers to represent them in COURT... hardly a zoo... but in comparision no jew ever held in arab prisions have EVER had any such treatment.

rpaul: while pretending to be searching for Peace.

israel accepted the UN in 1948, 2 state solution, after the UN REDUCED the League of Nations Plan of a Historic Jewish Palestine, this in 1920 was the plan, all of the east and west bank to be Israel, and Israel did offer in 1967 to return the west bank, gaza and east jerusalem and it was turned down by the arab league, they at taba, barat offered 100% of gaza, 97% of west bank and 1/2 of jerusalem and this too was turned down...

jpaul: Israel thrives on war with its neighbors. 6 million jews with the land mass of 1 /100th of the arab world and it's 300 MILLIOn people and 1/2 the world's oil THRIVES on kicking the crap out of the arab world

Jpaul: Zionism is racism, pure and simple.

actually you are "projecting", maybe because no arab country is NOT racist? maybe because in ALL ARAB countries jews cannot even OWN LAND?

jpaul, please i'd love to learn from you and your humilation, however you are just posting garbage...

9:46 AM

True said...

I should open by saying that I am an Israeli citizen, though not currently living in Israel. As an Israeli it would be dishonest of me to pretend that my sympathies lie with the Lebanese’s cause as strongly as they do with my own people’s, but I do stress that the situation causes me and many other Israelis great grief. We never wished for such a war. Every Lebanese casualty reported in Israel is met with pain, not celebration. We do not grieve them as we do our own, but we hope with all our might that we never hear of another casualty again. At our most cynical, it is because it is bad for the Israeli cause, especially in terms of the world’s eyes. At our most human, it is because the loss of innocent life is unbearable.

I would like to try and respond to a notion brought up in your post and, somewhat less eloquently, in the comments here, that Israel is a racist entity. First off, to r paul, who writes “Israel thrives on war with its neighbors. Zionism is racism, pure and simple.”, well, the former part couldn’t be farther from the truth. As frightening as it is for me to admit it, war with its neighbors is catastrophic for Israel. This is precisely why Nasralla pushes Israel into it. Israel gains nothing from wars and has everything to lose: its economy, tourism and quality of life plummet. Israeli citizens thrive on having missiles fall onto them for the sky?

Equating Zionism to racism is about as accurate as equating a shelter for battered and raped women to a whites-only country club. Zionism is about securing a tiny spot on the face of the planet for a people who have nowhere else to go. This latter statement has more implications than the world usually gives thought to. For one thing, consider the Hebrew language. There is only one place in this world where one can truly live in a Hebrew culture, and that is Israel. Sure, you can go to Hebrew school in America, but is that the same thing as living in a country where the street signs are in Hebrew, television and newspapers and books and life is in Hebrew? We are a tiny and battered minority who only wish to live our lives in our ancient homeland. We have nowhere else to go. To leave Israel is to abandon our identity in a way incomprehensible to other minorities. For Israel it is not only about land, it is about it being the only place on earth where this culture lives. Without it we lose everything we have in a way that, and I truly sorry if this strikes anybody as insensitive, a Palestinian forced to live in Jordan for example wouldn’t. Israel’s agenda is the preservation and thriving of a culture, not the destruction of any other.

I hope this doesn’t go completely dismissed by readers who have only considered Israel to be a racist killing machine. It is simply a distortion of the truth.

Thank you for your time.