Sunday, July 23, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 12

Day 12 of Olmert's killing campaign is in the books and still no military accomplishments to speak of. This is the point where you start making them up. These make believe scenarios have to be creative, captivating, and convincing. Recent examples of such practices can be seen in Bush's War on Terror. Remember when the CIA stopped a group of Haitians in Miami seconds before they punctured a Sears Tower voodoo doll? How about that junkie here in Clemenceau that was going to flood Manhattan in one of his LSD trips?

Ok, maybe make-believe war accomplishments don't have to be convincing but they must make for catchy headlines. So in an effort to help Olmert sell a "victory" to his people and so that he stops killing civilians left and right, I propose we compile a list of war trophy headlines that he can showcase in lieu of real accomplishments.

I'll get it started:

-Mossad Agents trim Nasrallah's Beard, Render him Powerless.
-Overdose of Eighties' War Songs Drive Lebanese Society Nuts.


versuspropaganda said...

Because there is no military to fight. If Lebanese army or Syrian army just blinked against Israel they would be wiped out. But there is no military force against Israel only thugs and terrorists who hiding themsevelves behind civilians.Thugs and terrorists do not report their casualties and keep hiding behind backs of loving them civilians. It is not a war it is a military operation to exterminate your territory from terrorists who infested your land with your permission: you refused to clean your land, Israel will.

Fearless said...

Where is your sovereignty- big mouth Jamal:

Aoun betrayed you so did Syria's agent Lahoud.
Nasrallah is an agent of the Mossad and soon you will find out. All this show to destroyv Lebanon from within.
By the way Nasrallas Mossad code name is "Bafoon" I wonder why?
Tonight Jamal the Mossad will call you to tell you what to wtite. They called the people of Tyre by phone. They have your phone too.
So beware my friend.

laila said...

fearless: ouuuu creepy...please stop scaring us please please

the rest of your comment is as astounding.

versuspropaganda: are you guys programmmed to type this stuff?

a h m a d said...
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Philip I said...

New Post: Spectator sport

a h m a d said...

Philip i: Trying to get some traffic??

a h m a d said...

Israeli Destructive Forces captures 2 Kalashnikov Rifles in Maroun El-Rass, a coffee thermos and a clay mug.

Achillea said...

Olmert doesn't need your childish efforts to pretend victories for him. Barely two days into the ground campaign and the IDF has already captured the high ground (including three towns -- so much for the 'mighty resistance') and is now punching northward.

Feel free to keep on believing Beirut Bob, broadcasting from his little hidey-hole, if you like. But eventually your denial bubble is going to collapse under the weight of reality ... and it's going to hurt like a bastard.

Abu Lanjri Al Farrân said...

Our Israeli friends are kind of tormented at the moment.
So many Lebanese children to slaughter...
So little time!

“Praise be to Yahweh God, the God of Israel, for he has shown us his marvelous loving kindness”

MaxZurich said...

looking from afar, it's astonishing that the one thing Lebanese people may do - request HA to stop the rockets - never comes up... after so many blogs I read, I'm telling myself that maybe some of them really believe in their own propaganda... but I'm still wondering about the others... Is Lebanon really so incapable? Reading the HA gave the permission to Lebanon's PM to negotiate - seems absurd, but so it is - may indicate that yes, Lebanon isn't a real political entity, certainly not a democracy...
No, I'm sure it's different. Such ridiculous views can only be shared by a minority, I can't believe that the great Lebanese people are all like this!

Ronen said...

To all of the people living in Tyre. Since HA attacked Israel with tens of rockets from the area of the city and since your impotent government is doing nothing expect to get a message from IDF in the next couple of days calling you to leave the city A.S.A.P

My bet is that targets in Tyre is going to be heavily bombarded from the sea and air starting this weekend

Lazarus said...

dear maxzurich,

it HAS come up, on quite a few blogs. maybe you should read back to when this conflict first started.

however, currently, the almost 400 civilians killed and the 500,000+ displaced are slightly more important. but i guess you just don't see that.

Ronen said...

Mulsimnazi lebanese killing inocent civilians and not by mistake - Dont cry like a baby when your country will realy start to burn since you are a bunch of cowers that want to leave foreve as the pawns of Iran and Syria.

More than 70 people injured by scores more which landed on Israel’s northern towns, villages and farms. In Carmiel, 2 children were injured. Rockets seriously injured one person in Acre. Kiryat Shemona suffers serious damage.

Ronen said...


Do you know how your contry can stop the madness? How to get the refugees back home? how to stop IDF from throwing bombs at HA bases spread all over your country?

take a guess.

Erick said...

"Civilian" is such a meaningless word. It has been rendered totally meaningless by the middle east.

Every member of Hezbollah is a "civilian" so yes, Israel is going to be civilians. If you don't want Israel to kill "civilians", then perhaps your "civilians" should stop launching rockets into Israel.

If you want to see less dead babies, then perhaps you should stop having "civilian" fathers hide rockets in their closet.

There is a huge difference between a "civilian" who attends Hezbollah rallies, preaches hate against Israel, hides rockets in his basement, and fires rockets into Israel versus a civilian who is non-political and just wants to go to the beach.

When will the world recognize this difference and stop the incessant whining?

MaxZurich said...

Lazarus, maybe I missed... but no, I don't see that "more important"... I think that war is terrible, and I think that war will stop when the sides feel they have credible propositions. I don't think there's a big difference in concept & intention between the 100 HA rockets per day and the Israeli bombing, apart from what seems to be a slight bias of HA towards only civilian targets...
I do not say that I understand the logic of WHAT Israel is doing - I don't, but I sure understand the WHY. And if you don't want to wait until the dead are so numerous that Israel will have to stop, it seems like you should come up with such a credible proposal! I have NOT read anywhere - though I may have missed - such a proposal!
BTW, what were your grievances with Israel before the bombings?

jooj said...

luv the Israeli comments on this blog. If you really have somethign useful to say then post it on your own blogs. Chances are it will be read by more. More google spiders will catch it instead of it getting hidden in Jamal's comments.

Nothing useful eh? thought so!

luuuvvvvvvvvvvvv it

What is "Occupation" said...

BBC Admits Many Lebanese Casualties are Terrorists
The British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) has admitted that many of the victims of Israeli retaliation in Lebanon are terrorists and not innocent civilians. A BBC reporter said he saw Hizbullah terrorists using a private home and added, "It is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian."

Media reports have emphasized that Israeli air strikes have killed more than 350 Lebanese civilians, prompting accusations that the IDF is carrying out "collective punishment" on the country.

What is "Occupation" said...

Khaleej Times Online >> News >> MIDDLE EAST

Captured Israeli soldiers safe: Lebanon’s foreign minister
BEIRUT - The two Israeli soldiers abducted by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah on July 12 are “in good health,” Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh said on Sunday.
“The Israeli soldiers are in good health and in a safe place,” Salkhoud told reporters, and called for a third party or friendly country to engage in mediation.

So the Government of Lebanon now states that it has the two kidnapped soldiers, thus all of lebanon is now a target..

Lazarus said...


"what seems to be a slight bias of HA towards only civilian targets" ...

sources please on that. all the news sources i've read; ap, afp, reuters, and lately even CNN, have pointed otherwise.

and what do my grievances have to do with anything. bottom line is, israel is killing people that had nothing to do with what hezbollah did. and the ideological ramifications of such attacks are yet to be seen.

MaxZurich said...

None of the HA rockets targeted military bases, only civilians, and a few Arabs for that matter...
Israel seems to be targeting HA strongholds, and also killing innocents, which always happens in wars, which is one more reason to avoid them, if you can...
The way I understand it, from Israel it seems like stopping now will bring back the previous situation, and from their point of view it means signing the death sentence for some innocent person in Heifa or wherever...
It's also not very fair (whatever this word means) to refer to HA as "another entity": it's your country and your countrymen!
As for the ramifications... try to tell an Israeli that it'll get worse...
Again, I don't understand what Israel is doing but I wouldn't know what else they could do... this is what I'm looking for here... this is why I asked you about your grievance: I fully understand (though not necessarily agree with) what Israel wants and I wanted to understand what would you need from your side, or was everything ok a couple of weeks ago?

MaxZurich said...

Lazarus, just assume you have an enemy who loves life as much as you do and dis/likes you as much as you do him... see where it gets you!

Maxwell said...

My Israeli friends:

Today I am going to adopt a polite and cordial tone, because I really wish I could make you understand what the rest of the world is seeing. I don't know if you are seeing it or not. Even in the US, we have pictures of whole neighborhoods destroyed. Even on our corporate news, we hear of one atrocity here, another there. According to a cnn poll, the people of America (not our government) may be sympathetic towards Israel, but they are very uncomfortable with what is going on.

And I know you probably can't see this either, but it truly looks like from here you have lost the war already. There is no military objective you can accomplish without a cease-fire. You certainly have lost the propagand war. Our sleeping American left is getting more and more troubled. There is more talk of ways to isolate Israel, in the same way South Africa was in the 80s. And you what? We have a far right, sort of Libertarian Conservative faction in the US that has been pushing this idea that American policy is dictated from Tel-aviv for a long time. This reached into your American support base in the ruling Republican party, that doesn't care as much about AIPAC because American Jews mainly have voted Democratic. So please, cease-fire. It is the only answer. You are only making it worse for yourselves, and more so for the Lebanese by continuing. Look, you basically attacked a pro-US government for the crimes of a faction. That faction will become part of the opposition parties in Lebanon. Right now you are uniting most of the Lebabese, despite the propaganda you are likely fed in Israel.

And I don't know if you are aware of your losses or not. It was astounding for me toread the accounts, right in the Washington Post, of the battles near the border. Tanks have been blown up. One of your ships was sunk, and then made propaganda out of by Hezzbollah.

I know some of you are saying, "well what else can we do?" Someone has to be the first to stop shooting. It should be the 5th (or is the 4th) most powerful military on earth. Not the small weak nation of Lebanon.

War is not the answer.

What could be used to sell the peace, Jamal? How about "our conscience won't let us kill more innocents."

MaxZurich said...

Words with merit, but I doubt that frightening people is a good way to influence...
And for the record: the HA is already a part of the government, not the opposition...

akela said...


I wonder, does it hurt to have such a small head with nothing inside?

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Trasnlation for especially slow (like you) : people who use civillians as human shields, and who deliberately kill civillians to create terror, not to achieve any military purpose.

What military purpose did Hezbollah achieve by launching Katyushas?

Do you not agree that it is Israeli government's duty to protect its civillian population from unprovoked slaughter by Hezbollah rockets?

Do you not agree that because Hezbollah hides among civillians, it is impossible to stop Hezbollah without civillian losses in Lebanon?

How would you suggest Israelis protect themselves? Should they make Hezbollah's job easier by committing mass suicide?

Enlighten me, my mentally-challenged friend.

tarmilai said...

I do agree that the IDF uses excessive force in Lebanon, and that Israel can't wipe out the Hizbullah completely yet, it would be wrong to say that there are no military accomplishements in this campign. The issue here, isn't whether Israel has the right to defend herself, the issue is the killing of innocent civilians while doing so - and that's what I, as an Israeli citizen who believes that citizens should be kept out of the war, strongly oppose.

Maxwell said...

"part of the government, not opposition." Ok, if you prefer to see it that way. what I meant is it will be a party that holds some of the seats in government, but probably not the ruling party. But thanks for at least considering what I'm saying. Look, at this point I actually have more hope that some combination of the Europeans and your government will realize the cost to the common people in Lebanon, and I hoping for compassion. I know your feeling as though the threat is great, and this justifies what has happened, but I widh I could make you see that the human cost is too high.

And now we hear reports of the more pro-western, more educated, sort of middle-class to affluent are leaving Lebanon. This can't be a good thing for Lebanon or Israel, as far as I can tell.

Why can't there be a prisoner exchange? Why can't the claims of water being diverted at least be addressed? And most importantly, and the hardest to do - the people of Gaza and West bank given a just deal. We are also getting reports about the conditions in gaza. Do you think this might be a reason Hezzballah decided to act? Some have suggested it.

Anyway, I implore Israelis to stop this. The west (paricularly Europe) is astounded by what has been done to Lebanon.

versuspropaganda said...

What is interesting with you guys is that when you have no answers, you are hiding, either behind insults like “you are programmed to right what you right” or behind demagoguery like “Someone has to be the first to stop shooting.” Why this someone has to be Israel but not those who started it and who do not recognize right of Israel to exist.? What other country is denied by its neighbors the very right to exist? We all do not like what is happening in Lebanon but to stop it first of all you have to make an effort and think clearly without demagoguery and propaganda.
Let us go point by point :
1. recognition of right to exist is a guarantee of the peace, it is proven with Jordan and Egypt, but you want to reserve right to deny to entire nation and to entire country the right to exist and in the same time you expect that it will negotiate with those who declared as a goal them dead? This the worst possible case or racism which no other country experiences at least in this century.
2. you , who was oblige to by UN 1559 resolution and who accepted responsibility to disarm HEZ and to protect piece on Israeli border did everything you could in opposite direction and today Israel is facing (firing rockets on daily basis and aggression from Lebanese territory) and you accept no responsibility whatsoever blaming only Israel . This is amazing. Are you really think that Israel bombing you for fun of it? Think responsibly, take at least partial responsibility for what is happening. Where is your army? Why your army is not disarming HEZ and not patrolling borders like it would be in any normal state? When it goes to responsibility you are crying “we are gentle and fragile” when it is going to your rights your are screaming “we are sovereign state”. Guess what, it cannot be both ways . Choose for yourself one identity and stick with that. If you are state , then accept responsibilities. If you are not, let others do dirty job for you. You harvested biggest strongest most powerful terrorist organization in the world . This is what you accomplished. Why Israel has to pay price for your indulgence to terrorists?
3. Maxwell, you are happy that IDF took casualties? How ironic Israelis fighting biggest terrorist organization which Lebanese army cowardly afraid even to look at and you are happy that Israeli solders taking bullets instead of Lebanese cowards? Guess what, first of all it is too early to be happy sooner or later Israel will exterminate those rats. Israelis will pay a price but they are not afraid like Lebanese army. They will go, they will fight, they will die, if it is necessary, you will be amused in the beginning watching them dying, but by the end of the day they will do what they must do, unlike Lebanese. Second of all Let even say for argument sake that HEZ militarily better, does it make them right? They managed to hit ship and to kill soldiers, does it prove their moral stand, or that they have right to do what they do? It proves nothing but that they are very good in what they are doing in terror, nothing more.

SO PLEASE, CEASE-FIRE. IT IS THE ONLY ANSWER. Answer? What was a question?
P.S. By the way I am not Israeli I am American and I do not like Israel and I see that it has a lot of negative sides and I do not like many things they are doing , including what is going on now . But I am asking again a simple question , if state is not good and we do not like this state does it justify racist demand to eliminate state of Israel ? If you are answering “yes” then , we are done talking , because in this case no matter what, Jews in your view, have to be killed and Israel destroyed and I do not think Israel will accept it. If your answer is “no” you have to talk with your Lebanese friends convincing them that you cannot be Hezbollah and in the same time to expects to be treated as not a Hezbollah.

FGA said...

Jamal, awesome!
I admire a man who retains his sense of humour at a time like this!


hashem said...

Jamal- go on man....continue your good work, and let some stupid continue posting and showing their stupidity....
do they know what do we think of them?
mahdoumeen ekhwet el.....hehe

versuspropaganda said...

Guys if I am wrong prove me wrong and answer my questions otherwise just admit that you have nothing to say.

Foxbat said...

Maxwell - I understand your argument that perhaps the human cost of conflict in Lebanon is too high. Every innocent civillian dead is a tragedy.

However, what about Israeli human cost? Is it too high, or is it comparable, in your view? What proportion of human cost would be appropriate, so to speak (if any)?

Can't Muslims adopt some other way of expressing their frustrations, besides murdering innocent bystanders with rockets?

These a difficult, uncomfortable questions. Please help me find the answer.

Maxwell said...

OK. Fine. And I know that many Americans are very supportive of Israel, and some of them don't like what they are doing now. This is even better, because as Americans we bear a greater responsibility to stop this, because we have in part caused it. We supply the bombs that are killing Lebanese. We are doing that now, in fact.

No, I think Israel has a right to exist , in as much as nation-states have a right to exist at all. I also believe Lebanon has a right to exist. I see that right threatened far more than Israel's right now. Israel is the most powerful country in the region. You're probably going to slam me for this, but I feel they have the luxury of being compassionate if they choose.

I don't regard Hezzballah as much of a threat to Israel's existence. And I still believe if the United States would really want to solve the issue of Gaza and West Bank in a fair way, Israel would be accepted. That is the main issue driving all of this from the Arab world side.

Look, Egypt and Sausi Arabia, and many others have been able to acoid all out war with Israel, to live along side Israel. Your going to argue that they don't accept their existence. OK. Maybe, But they have apparently accepted that they can't do anything about its existence. And many have suggested that the Saudis also wanted the Hezzballah sort of taken out - for lack of a better term. So, this would infer that they pretty much accept their existence.

At any rate, if you truly are troubled by what is being done to the Lebanese, I hope you act on that. i really do.

Another reason is that I see this as a prelude to a larger war - Iran and Syria are the targets. You probably are going to tell me that Iran needs to be dealt with. Fine. We could differ. But in the meantime, a country that was an ally of the US (still is?) is suffering. There shouldn't be proxy wars forcing others to suffer, too

I still think Jamal's point is valid. Olmert has seemingly gone on a rampage, probably because Bush wanted to test more of his neocon theories(which I think have failed miserably), and see how possible it would be to weaken Iran. And I believe it has been a dismal disaster for them. But we'll see in the months ahead. Also, will the Russians and the Chinese sit by if the US attacks Iran? I don't know. Maybe Israel will attack Iran. From even a tactical point of view(which I admit I don't care to know much about), it seems self-destructive to do any of this. But I believe our President isn't all there, anyway.

quantum said...

Why in the world would you think that "military objectives" need to be achieved in 13 Days? When have wars only lasted 13 days? Hezbulloh has not surrendered and is not likely to break, especially with the support of Syria and Iran. Israel cannot allow Hezbollah to sit on its border waiting to rain down rockets. This war/conflict will last a lot longer than 13 days.

Poul said...

it is not over until the fat lady sings. and she's jsut clearing her throat.

israel reduced hizballah mobility, leadership and weapon stocks significantly. now it's entering the lebanese ground and destroying all hezballah targets that cannot be destroyed from air.

looks like pretty good strategy.

as a bonus, south lebanese civilians are fleeting, so israel can hold on south lebanon as long as she wants, pound hizballah to the ground, and keep this territory until lebanon offers peace to israel.

see the point yet?

Maxwell said...

Why would I think that? Because they beat Egypt in 6 days. Right? And I believe Egypt even had help. But this is "assymetrical" war.

Well,and that's my point. As for me, I am anti-war, but really more anti-imperialist. I see this as another part of the Bush plan for the world, which I don't like very much. So, I intend to oppose the war through non-violent demonstration and whatever other non-violent means the anti-war movement can muster. Will we be successful? Who knows. I just know I can't sit by and watch this go on. I also think it should be linked to the war in Iraq.

As to the tactics, I've been doing some reading. Hezzballah exists as a result of Israel's first attempt to take and hold Lebanese land. I really don't want to get into a discussion about what I think of that, You probably can guess.

During that time, Hezzballah kicked Israel out of the country(although I know some will portray it differently.) This is why even their opponents see them as a Resistance, not really terrorists.

Tactically, what are they going to accomplish now (without mass genocide of the Shiite Lebanese) that they couldn't then. There is apart of me that believes the reason they are destroying Shiite neighborhoods is to displace large numbers of Shiite on purpose. If that is the case, I see that as a form of ethnic cleansing. Won't work, because I'm convinced the other part of Hezzballah is political organizing, and frankly providing services for the people. Someone wrote recently, "They could be living in tents and have great influence on Lebanon." And now the affluent are trying to leave. Very Katrina like.

So, you're left more excessive force, which even the British have become uneasy with - thus further isolating the US, by the way(and Israel) And I choose to be an actor as much as possible to pressure the bombings to stop, which there isn't really much support for even in the US. I think our congress misjudged there. This could be the end of the two-party system in the US in the longer term..but that is another discussion.

NassurDinHoga said...

*Gee*, so many ultra serious comments... You had better coppaist them to the freeLebanon thingy.

Personally I'd like to send my regards to those here who care to stop the war. I wish you luck!

And to my Lebanease friends abroad - do us Israeli a favour and kick the bad guys out of there, skiing in Andora is too expensive!

What is "Occupation" said...

notice the comments that israel has LOST the war, because the arab street is not happy?

notice the idea of a cease fire? not a peace treaty?

how about this..

Israel will accept the unconditional surrender of the leader of Hezbollah, he/they will be put on trial for war crimes against humanity and will be executed.

Israel will accept nothing short of unconditional surrender, otherwise lebanon will be destroyed.

how is that for "terms"

What is "Occupation" said...

amazing, the total number of israeli "kills" in lebanon is less than one typical week in iraq's shia and sunni killing of each other..

350 lebanese dead and the world screams, moslems in darfur murder 450,000 and the world cant locate it on a map

versuspropaganda said...

to maxwell:
You are absolutely right ,they have this luxury but it is up to tem, you cannot demand compassion you have to deserve it, and if you are looking for compassion do not tell that you are all Hezbollah . Why, anybody has to be compassionate to those who want to kill you?

You right again, and problem is to do not allow it became a threat, because it will be too late. It is enough that theywant to be a threat


Please , do yourself a favor, learn the subject Egypt did accept Israel Saudi Arabia not.

You are again correct , they understood that and Iran and HEZ not ( not yet)

Doing what? “Occupation” is right if you are sincere for piece why you asking for a ceasefire not for peace? And if you are going to ask for peace why you need terrorist organizational your land that do not recognize right of Israel to exist? preaching ceasefire when opposite side even do not take any responsibility for all this mess proudly declaring that “ we all hezbollah”?
This is beautiful logic very elegant. They are targets? They are sponsoring HEZ which there proxy, which firing rockets on Israel and they are target? I did not get that part. Today is Israel is a target of iran not iran a target of Israel. They are reason of al this mess and they should be a target , eventually they will be a target, but only because they choose to be a sponsor of aggression.

Who is that? If you meant Lebanon I do not get how ally can harbor organization that killed so many Americans.

You again right, just tell about that to Iran , Syria and HEZ they started this war not Israel not USA

What point is that? I do not see any point here. Only PROPAGANDA. No facts , no logic, no slight attempt to understanding what is going on.
Bush as guilty as Clinton who brought thug Arafat from exile and caused, eventually, intifada that took a lot lives. Guilty as Reagan who withdrew form Lebanon when Lebanese killed our marines and list go on. So bush want to weaken Iran, what do you want? strengthen Iran? Iran that want Israel and America dead?

Foxbat said...


"During that time, Hezzballah kicked Israel out of the country(although I know some will portray it differently.) This is why even their opponents see them as a Resistance, not really terrorists."
Would you care to explain, how launching a salvo of Katyushas on a purely civillian target for no military purpose does not make Hezbollah terrorist?
Also, what exactly did Hezbollah oppose for the past 6 years? Israeli occupation of Haifa? Israel vacated all of Lebanon in 2000.

"So, I intend to oppose the war through non-violent demonstration and whatever other non-violent means the anti-war movement can muster."
Are you opposed to terrorism? Do you do any non-violent demonstrations to protest barbaric acts of horrific murder of civillians in USA, Israel, Spain, England, Iraq, Israel? Or these victims are not worthy of your attention? Why? Because Arabs wearing suicide vests are more likeable than their victims?

So long,

versuspropaganda said...

on more thing for maxwell, thank you foxbat for reminding :
Good pint I somehow overlooked that passage .
What is interesting here is that when Israel fight you are telling Israel is aggressor, when Israel is stopping fight and withdrawing you are first one who telling they were defeated.
So if they will accept your ceasefire will not you be a first one who will say they got defeated?
Resistance? Resistance to what? Israel occupied Lebanon because of the very same rocket attacks for Lebanon’s territory not for fun. Any way what HEZ resist today ?There no Israeli troops on Lebanon’s territory until all this started? Resistance to what? Be precise please. They resist Israel as a states and in their terms Israel is itself an occupation of what they called northern Palestine. You support that? Not e terrorists? Who are terrorists in your terms in this case? Give me an example of terrorists please Look, every terrorism has a reason. And you are deeply confused two logically different things reason and justification. Every thus on the street has a reason to be a thug , does it mean that he does not guilty of a crime? So what is ea terrorism s in your terms?

What is "Occupation" said...

Lebanese Meze said...

IDF succeeds in capturing Rass-Airy!

chakeeb said...

Fearless said: "Tonight Jamal the Mossad will call you to tell you what to wtite. They called the people of Tyre by phone. They have your phone too."

While your at it, you can also ask your impotent Mossad to add me in on its distribution list. I can be reached at +972-3-IDF-SORE-LOSERS. I can alse be reached at my email address

That's all for now. I look forward for the moronic instructions from your retarded "intelligence" service.

Thanks in advance.

NassurDinHoga said...

This is a very wierd post Mr. chakeeb...

If the HA guys in Israel are looking for me (why not? I was just recruited to reserves, I guess I do know something about what's going on), they can find me at:

+ 972 4 9230078
+ 972 523624434

Ronen said...

A video , dedicated to you

Maxwell said...

"And otherwise lebanon will be completely destroyed" Where have we heard talk like this before? Think hard. It was, er, maybe 1939 or a, i don't know, a plce called Germany. I give up. Now it is clear that Israel has become everything it claims to hate. You're calling for war crimes you idiot. Israel's entire government should stand trial for war crimes...oh never mind.

And still, what will be accomplished by your slaughter. Bush has already said he wants the current government in power in Lebanon. So, the policy that is being followed leads to the opposite of what is being claimed. How does this make any sense.

Let me help Jamal out a little. Day 13, and the mighty Israelis are bogged down in the South of Lebanon. Strategically, it doesn't matter. In the end result, the hezzbalah will be absorbed into the Lebanese government, and Israel will have to decide if it wants to be bogged down forever in an "Assymetrical" war.

But from a moral stand point, I'm appalled to read comments that sound like straight nazi propaganda.

Ronen said...

Maxwell you are so shallow in comparing the sitution to 1939. It is as if the jews in 1939 had their own country that attacked Germany time after time until the Germans decided that enough is enough and started throwing bombs at the jewish country killing 350 of them.

well this is not just it is it? but you don't care. you are just a propaganda parrot. well guess what, telling the same stupid thing over and over again doesn't make it smarter.

Foxbat said...

to: ronen

"It is as if the jews in 1939 had their own country that attacked Germany time after time until the Germans decided that enough is enough and started throwing bombs at the jewish country killing 350 of them."
Get your facts straight.
Israel did nothing to provoke this attack by Hezbollah. Just like Germans in 1933 started murdering their Jews for no reason, exactly the same modern-day Islamo-Fascists murder Jews for no apparent reason by launching unprovoked Katyusha salvos against civillian targets. Are you saying that just because Jews have their own country now, it is OK to kill them?

Foxbat said...

to maxwell

"Now it is clear that Israel has become everything it claims to hate. You're calling for war crimes you idiot. Israel's entire government should stand trial for war crimes...oh never mind."

1. Watch your language. When you have nothing to say, you start insulting people?
2. War crimes? What about war crime trial of Palestinian and Lebanese government/militias/terrorists? You are NOT calling for THAT trial. You blame Jews for things Arabs do every day!