Friday, July 14, 2006

Angry Olmert Day 3

So Olmert woke me up at 3 am, made my mom freak out, made my sister weep uncontrollably, made me take a cold shower with no water pressure this morning, and he expects me to support his effort to eradicate Hezbollah.

But let's talk about Peace.

I've noticed a high number of Israelis on Lebanese blogs these days claiming they want peace. They say we deserve what we are getting for supporting a violent group like Hezbollah.

Oh really! When was the last time the Israelis elected a non-violent government? When was the last time Israelis elected someone who is willing to make the necessary concessions for a FAIR peace deal? When was the last time they chose someone who's willing to stand against the numerous oppresive racist practices against the Palestinians?

You don't want peace. You want your own version of imposed peace on submissive dogs.

Show me an Israeli politician with a fair peace plan, someone who's not a racist oppressive pig, and I'll be first in line to shake his hand.

But as long as your are willing to to punish millions of civillians because someone is willing to stand up to your successive governments' injustices, you will never have peace. WE will never have peace.


Anonymous said...

Non-violent? As in come-on-keep-hitting-us-with-rockets-and-bombs-we-wont-do-anything-to-protect-ourselves? Not likely... The Israelis may be hard-handed, but with neighbours all around, whose favorite pass-time is to volley boms and rockets across the border at random, that's no surprise. Attacking in retaliation is not the same as attacking un-provoked.

I'll grant you that the orthodox jewsish settlers who demand the whole region for themselves are as bad as their opponents, but they are a minority and, unlike hizbollah and hamas, do not enjoy the support of their local population, as far as I'm aware of. I do wish the israeli government would stop kow-towing to this group - it would do wonders for the israeli image around the world and might even further the peaceproject ever so slightly...

Sorry, but nearly everyone wants peace... hopefully that goes for the arabs too, although it's hard to tell.

In any case, you can stuff your comments about racism - I've lived around the world, including 4 years in the middle east and nowhere have i seen a people as prone to racism as the arabs. Imagine a well-educated indian doctor in a saudi hospital... total rejection . Try a black, african doctor then... Ouch!!! I repeat, arabs yelling about racism are just about the most hypocritical thing imaginable!

The millions of civilians are the ones who elected the parties responsible for the invasion, both of Gaza and of Lebanon. They are the ones celebrating in the streets when american buildings collapse or israeli soldiers are kidnapped and tortured to death. Sure, it's a pity that ordinary people have to die in such a nonsensical way, but maybe, just maybe, it's time you relized you have a responsibility for your own situation. Maybe Israel would go easier on you if you ordinary people didn't take every opportunity to support hizbollah, hamas, etc. in their quest to eradicate the jews from the face of the earth!?!

Sorry for being so harsh on you, but someone has to tell you that you're digging your own grave and blaming someone else won't do any good...

Neither Jew nor Arab said...

Show me an Israeli politician with a fair peace plan, someone who's not a racist oppressive pig, and I'll be first in line to shake his hand.

Ummmm . .

The Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David of July 2000 between United States President Bill Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

The failure to come to an agreement was widely attributed to Yasser Arafat, as he walked away from the table without making a counter-offer. Clinton later stated "I regret that in 2000 Arafat missed the opportunity to bring that nation into being and pray for the day when the dreams of the Palestinian people for a state and a better life will be realized in a just and lasting peace." Arafat was also accused of scuttling the talks by Nabil Amr, a former minister in the Palestinian Authority.

ghassan karam said...

I can totally understand your opposition to the Israeli invasion but you seem to have a very selective memory: We are the ones who have conspired to be invaded by not taking our duties as a sovereign country seriously enough. If our actions unleach an avalanche then we must be held totally responsible for what we have caused. That is the major issue. We must speak clearly and unambiguously by expressing our total disgust with the behaviour of HA and yet simultaneously express our rejection of the Israeli invasion. We must however be realistic, we cannot just oppose the Israeli invasion when we provide a clear rationale for such an invasion. Yes we can be opposed to both HA and israeli actions but I am not willing for a second to support the dastardly deeds of HA.

bashir said...

Great as usual ya Jamal.

Anonymous said...

Tribe trumps brain, huh Jamal? The dirty Kufir is attacking, (unprovoked! because they're racists!) so instantly your memory disappears and you're just another chest-thumping arab yodeler.

Jews are racists? How many Jews are left in Lebanon? In Iraq? In Persia? And yet Israel allows Israeli arabs to vote and there are arab members of it's government.

I'd call you a hypocrite, but you're not really. Hypocrisy is a western concept. It's just that tribe trumps everything in the end, doesn’t it Jamal? "We are all Hezbollah now", yeah, you are, now.

Congratulations. Hezbollah are very smart and have lots of good ideas and they only want Lebanon to be happy. You're gonna love it, Jamal. Welcome to Hezbollahstan.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli ego has been hit. This time it was not a soldier or even 2 who stranded away from their quarters. it was a whole batallion being hit. The Israeli army could not handle the losses, which obviously do not mean in numbers, but in morality and most importantly in reputation.
Let us not change history, Hizbullah did not start this war. Hizbullah went for military action again military targets from the Israeli side. their message was clear, we just want our prisoners back. It is Israel who decided to retaliate and decided war against civilians, hospitals, Lebanon's active ports, & the list goes on..

anon said...

The Israelis have the long term goal of peaceful borders. HA and Hamas have the long term goal of total, violent destruction of Israel. How exactly is Israel supposed to be peaceful in this situation.

It is a tragedy that Lebanon has allowed Hezbollah to get so large without asking for international help to remove them, but the fact is, they now control Souther Lebanon and claim to have thousands of missiles pointed at Israel. Israel had to respond. The only question was when.

hillz said...

and jamal what about the lbf?
do we just leave them like that INVADE the site??

ansd sorry to say that, the worse than isrealis are the lebanese voices i' hearning since this morning.. what the hell??
people.. read.. as if they know no hitory!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Olmet expects you to support his effort to eradicate Hezbollah. You had years to do that and you didn't, so your support is worth what exactly?

I think maybe the Israelis will send their steel and armor to smash Hezbollah, and maybe they will just have to do it without your very, very valuable support.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"When was the last time the Israelis elected a non-violent government?"

When was the last time the Lebanese stopped the Hezbollah from attacking Israel?

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I second the first anonymous.

the perpetual refugee said...

People who attack you in your time of anger probably don't have mothers freaking out and sisters crying hysterically beside them.

We as a country. As a PEOPLE are being COLLECTIVELY PUNISHED.

Ghassan, let us not forget that the way the government was dealing with Hizbullah was NOT TO REPEAT THE SECTARIAN STRIFE OF THE PAST.

I don't support Hizbullah. But this action by Israel goes well beyond any reason. It is our HOLOCAUST. They are killing us by the hour.

While Hizbullah has barely even been touched.

Olmert, Nasrallah, Al Assad and Peretz can all rot in Hell. As can their followers.

BOB said...

My friend Jamal

I will not argue if any Israeli government was really with peace all I will say that as long as there is 1 person is Israel who genuine call for peace then you have not right to say what you have said.
And before blaming them start by us. Did we ever truly tried to make peace with them? Ask the same question you did but reversed… Is any Lebanese Palestinian government truly wanted peace…


Anonymous said...

Jamal, I agree withyou. The cycle starts, as always, with Israel. It started when the Israelis murdered a family on a beach in Gaza, the cutting of funds to Hamas, and the disastrous conditions Palestinians are living under. Hamas then took a legitimate target, an Israeli soldier, hostage as a bargaining chip. The Israelis then ignored any chance of talk or discussion and implemented a process of collective punishment on the Palestinians. As all Arab governments, with no exception, are powerless in the face of economic and political US-led imperialism, did nothing to condemn or bring Israel to heel for this, well, utter barbarity that is in no way proportional in comparison to what Hamas did, Hizbullah did something that has shocked big bully Israel - hit back by taking two soldiers hostage. Hizbullah claims this is to release the thousands of prisoners in Israeli jails, along with hundreds of women and children, many under 12 years of old; this is true, but through this act Hizbullah has gained the support of millions around the Arab world for actually doing something. Lebanon is now paying that price, but the world is also seeing the true face of the State of Israel. Hizbullah have also said they are willing to negotiate - now who is the supposed terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Jamal, what's the matter with you? You really think this is about us? Forget the Israeli politicians.

Get yourself a politician who will represent ALL OF LEBANON. Then tell him what you want. You want war? Fine. You want peace? Fine. You'd rather have monkeys with AK 47s running around and claiming to represent you? Okay, duck, motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

if u still have internet connection pass this along it is a poll on cnn asking wether the israeli response is justified..the answer so far is yes!!!!

I hope ur family is safe

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 3 steps back:

The cycle starts with Israel?

Tell me something... Is it not true that Hamas' goal is the eradication of Israel? Is it not true that Hizbollahs goal is the eradication of Israel? Now, honestly, tell me... what would be the gain in negotiating with these groups? The only message they would be sending would be "please take more hostages, you can see that it works!".

Cutting funds to Hamas? Of course! What would you have them do? Give them the money saying "here you go - a bunch of money you can use to buy missiles you can send back to us!"? You have got to be kidding!!!

Legitimate target? Threatening to kill a hostage? You've never heard of the Geneva convention, have you? Let alone normal human behaviour?

Collective punishment? Yes, of those who have elected a government knowing full well that said government wants the destruction of it's neighbour. Sorry, but you have to take responsibility for your actions!

US imperialism? Where, exactly? The only ones I can see trying to conquer and annex their neighbours are the arabs themselves, but that is obviously allright, isn't it? I mean, it certainly wasn't the arab world that came to the rescue of Kuwait when Iraq decided they wanted a new back garden...

Freeing prisoners? Indescriminately? Tell me, wouldn't it be better to put them on trial, and all the innocent ones would be released as soon as possible. All you're doing is taking away focus and funds from the trials of these prisoners, prolonging their stay in israeli jails...

The world sees what it has seen for decades, and quite honestly, we're getting a bit indifferent - none of you seem anxious to stop the conflict, so why should we care?

Again, there is no negotiating with terrorists. Further up the thread, someone said "Hizbullah went for military action again military targets". This is not accurate, since Hizbollah are not a military force, but rather a terrorist group hiding behind your civilian populations. If I were you, I'd get rid of the scum as quickly as possible...

dirkthecow said...

"But as long as your are willing to to punish millions of civillians because someone is willing to stand up to your successive governments' injustices, you will never have peace."

Really Jamal? Do you really think that Hezbollah did all this to stand up to Israeli "injustices."

Interestingly enough I am watching BBC2 'Newsnight' and your foreign minister is on. Question from the interviewer, "So do you condemn the abductions of the soldiers." Answer - yes

I don't know if it's for Western consumption, but your man is not being very supportive of the movement that likes to call itself the "Lebanese resistance."

jooj said...

Whether one condemns the abduction of the soldiers or not ...

Does that give Israel the right to be as ruthless? If Israel truly cared about peace, it would at least try to be fair. This alleged retaliation is anything but fair.

What is next? phosphorus bombs as in 1982?

To all the bashers esp. the anonymous ones, SCREW YOU ALL for not appreciating someone like Jamal who is still trying to be sane and fair while being attacked.

Kodder said...

Excellent post Jamal.

Muwahhid said...

Oh quit whining. The Israelis were attacked and continue to be attacked many times by muslim arabs. If the Israelis wanted it you would all be dead and burnt to a crisp. You need to blame hizbullah and the palestinian scum they say they fight for. Your country was sane once when Christians dominated but now as we've seen when muslims take over it goes to shit. Your country is run by cowards who refuse to stand up to hizbullah. Aoun, Siniora, etc are all disgusting drek who don't give a damn about you or the average Lebanese.

God-willing the blood of every hizbullah animal and their supporters will run in the streets. Only then will Lebanon be free and finally a real nation.

btw- Hizbullah is doing a good job of bombing druze villages in northern Israel. So much for standing up for arab honor. One of the soldiers kidnapped by the savages was a druze.

E. Nough said...

"Does that give Israel the right to be as ruthless? If Israel truly cared about peace, it would at least try to be fair. This alleged retaliation is anything but fair."

I don't think it's a "retaliation" as much as a demonstration that not standing up to Hezbollah is not going to come without cost.

As an aside, this nonsense about "fair" and "proportional" is beginning to annoy me. Would either the Lebanese or the world community truly be happier if the Israelis contented themselves with random rocket attacks on Lebanese villages and the kidnapping of Lebanese citizens? (Or, in the West Bank and Gaza, random bombings of Palestinian buses and cafes?) After all, that would be very proportional response. Equivalent, in fact.

Finally -- I don't think there's any argument that an Israeli army base is a legitimate military target. But attacking it is still an act of war.

Human said...

The Bush Regime's and the Sharonists intent is to set the world afire so they can attain their aims.

Besides the objectives of power, profit and thirst for bloodlust both the Bush Regime and the Shaaronists want to destroy the Al Asqa Mosque Complex For prophecy to be fulfilled(as these sick sob's see it)the cornerstone of the Temple must be laid this year(Hebrew). It's not whether you or I believe it, they do. Only by a world afire can they attain their aims.

Things not mentioned by the MSM(for years) - Daily kidnappings of Palestinians by the Israelis.

Torture of Palestinians by the Israeli's.

Collective punishment of the Palestinians by the Israelis. Examples include razing whole neighborhoods, bulldozing Olive groves that have been there for hundreds of years, poisoning wells and bombing infrastructure targets.

Apartheid Laws - Like the one banning marriage between Moslems and Hebrews.

The fact that Israel is a religious state and not a Democracy.

The toll or personalization of the Palestinian civilians as compared to Israeli losses. How many times have the MSM shown the face of the Israeli taken prisoner as compared to any Palestinian kidnapped by the Israelis? None.

The Bush Regime and the Sharonists wanted all out War and now they have it. The lines have been drawn. I have no sympathy or empathy for the Israelis any more. It would be crazy for the Iranians not to want to acquire Nukes now.

Peace is possible. But not with these sick bastards in Power.

Anarchistian said...

I agree 100% with you Jamal.

Be safe. And keep up the good work.

al said...

"When was the last time the Israelis elected a non-violent government?"

Israel never elected anybody who did not recognize other countries right to exist, did they?

Anonymous said...

Cowards die... Lebanon will be plowed over if they can't get off their asses and fight.

Josh Scholar said...

You left out a few phrases, Jamal, let me help:

But as long as your are willing to to punish millions of civillians because someone is willing to stand up [by bombing innocent people on buses, bombing old men having a dinner in a hotel, bombing kids at a pizza parlor, bombing kids at a dance spot, bombing people at a coffee or falafel shop, or bombin families on the bus from temple] to your successive governments' injustices, you will never have peace. WE will never have peace.

I know, Jews are supposed to love being blown up. Don't they know that the blood of martyrs and jews makes Allah smile?

Don't let the fact that you're a monster get you down, Jamal.

Daryl Herbert said...

You don't want peace. You want your own version of imposed peace on submissive dogs.

Submit to the terrible blue line of oppression!

Woe, to those who suffer under the terrible lash of international borders!

Submit to staying on your side of the border, by which we mean: not firing rockets, guided missiles, sending raiders, kidnappers, drone spy planes, drone bomb planes, hang glider infiltration units, etc. into Israel.

Daryl Herbert said...

"Apartheid Laws - Like the one banning marriage between Moslems and Hebrews."

Yes, they have to catch a plane to Cypress to tie the knot. Or send something in the mail to Agentina* to get their marriage license. You do know the word "apartheid" means "apart-ness," not "inconvenience," right?

It's a holdover law from the Ottoman Empire that the Israelis have not yet gotten rid of (and as long as Arabs are at war with it, they have more important things to worry about)

While we're on the subject of outdated holdovers from the Ottoman Empire era.... how about EVERYTHING that's wrong with Arab countries?

(* if it's not Argentina, then it's a different country in Latin America that does mail-order marriage certificates for Israelis; all legitimate foreign marriage certificates are recognized as legally binding by the Israeli government; Iranian marriages of adult men to 12-year-old girls are not recognized!)

Daryl Herbert said...

Angry Olmert
The Israeli ego has been hit.

Repeat after me: Jews aren't Arabs.

Jews actually care about the three missing Israeli soldiers.

We don't want to see them end up on propaganda videos with a knife across their necks and torture wounds on their bodies.

We will probably fail in saving them (I am a cynic and a pessimist)

But you bastards will pay a terrible price for it.

We can't save every Jew, everywhere. But we can make you wish we could!

But this action by Israel goes well beyond any reason. It is our HOLOCAUST. They are killing us by the hour.

Fifty dead, over fifty hours, is one person per hour. More babies were born in Lebanese hospitals during that time. And you call it a "holocaust." You BITCH.

Eve said...

well said Jamal, post this on LBF!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the ME, Jamal. That's how people of Kiryat-Shmone lived for 20 years, and many other Israeli towns near Lebanese border.
Did you listen to their complaints then? Should they listen to your complaints now?

And about millions of civilians, how about 400 live Lebanonese for 3 dead Israelis? This is the ratio Lebanon required long time ago. It is just returning to you.

I'm flaming here only because
I'm sure that (as long as you do not share the building with some big Hezballah freaks) you are safe, and will get nothing more than sonic booms.

the enemy said...

well, enemy, you just proved that there is no one to talk to on the arab side.
you began this conversation by stating that if somone will show you and israeli leader "someone who's not a racist oppressive pig, and I'll be first in line to shake his hand"

i read the responces, and i'm convinced you have been showed, more then one. still you will not shake his hand.

his dick, however, is going to take a while to get out of your ass.

enjoy !